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Attending a friends Wedding 4 weeks after due date

Hello! I was hoping to get some advice! I am due Sept 10th. A good friend of ours is having a local wedding on October 8th (about 15 mins from house). Obviously I could go early or I could go late and if I go late I am not comfortable leaving my one week old. I just wanted to get a general feel from the community on the following 

1. if my baby is 3-4 weeks old would you go to a local Wedding 15 mins from house? I was thinking my mother in law could help and I could pump. Or would you not go? 

Any advice I would so appreciate! 

Re: Attending a friends Wedding 4 weeks after due date

  • I wouldn't because I wouldn't want to take my baby out around people yet (we are waiting until he is 2-3 months old so he has his first set of shots and a better immune system), and I wouldn't be able to leave him yet. I'm almost 6w pp and I can't fathom the thought of going somewhere without him yet because I want to be with him 24/7. But some people are more comfortable with alone time much earlier. I just have a lot of anxiety.
  • This all depends on you and your baby! Especially depending on the type of birth you will give and your recovery time. I am 2 weeks PP and had a successful natural birth. My husband and I went out to dinner already and I felt ready to walk with the baby a few days ago. If you’re having a c-section this could be a totally different story. If you’re breastfeeding, make sure to have a pump on-hand to prepare feedings in advance and buy pads for leaky breasts! Also, prepare to want to support if you go out that early with a newborn since she or he will be need cuddles every 2-3 hrs, your partner will appreciate it ;).
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