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March Symptoms

How is everyone feeling this month?? 

Re: March Symptoms

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  • @brittanynmorris I'm very sorry about the loss of the child in your community. Somewhat related and might make you feel better - Rita's just opened on March 1st here. Maybe your Dairy Queens are open now?
  • I LOVE Rita’s and I was near one the other day and googled to see if it was open, I was so disappointed that it wasn’t. Wow, I am so excited that you mentioned March 1 opening @wisewitch222 ! I see Rita’s in my future. 
  • Well. Threw up my entire breakfast AS I was eating it. Took a bite, chewed it halfway...then got that special feeling. I knew if I would all come up. I also knew if I spit it would all come up. *sigh* Thought I was past this! Argh. Luckily the trash can was nearby. DD2 was concerned. It was kind of adorable to see her be like "Mama?" with a furrowed brow. 

    I've snacked a bit since, but wonder what's going to set it off again. Was it the eggs? The toast? I don't know.
  • @starkette didn’t eat breakfast. Threw up anyway. I know EXACTLY what feeling you mean. 😕
  • I dry heaved this morning and threw up right before lunch today, which I haven’t done in like a week. Glad I’m at least not alone with still getting sick in 2nd tri 🤢
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  • @starkette @mdfarmchick @coco2787 Thank you all for sharing this. I'm right there alongside of you! I'm DONE with not feeling well. Today has not been a great day - nasueous as soon as I woke up, gagged, threw up, still nasueous, tried to stomach something before work, threw that up, still feel nasueous. Ugh. :( 
  • Serious SI joint pain today that comes and goes. Sometimes I'm fine sometimes I can barely walk.
  • @kbtt2022 oh no, I know that feeling all too well. My OB referred me to an orthopedic Dr so I can possibly get PT if I need it. Feel better! 
  • Thanks! I am a PT 🙊  I did some general pelvic resetting muscle energy techniques followed  by some stabilization exercises last night and woke up feeling  a little better today.  If it keeps occurring I'll have a coworker assess my position and  tell me which way I'm out so I can be specific.  It's always embarrassing to have patients see me limp and hard to teach exercises when my movement is limited!/
  • Ordered a sitz bath last night. Pregnancy sure is sexy
  • Tired, out of breath walking up steps, back killing me, boobs hurt, still wanting to eat everything in sight, definitely noticed my sex drive is way higher then it ever was. 
  • dry skin, tired, hungry all the time, crying over everything. Just spent 4 days trekking around universal studios. Every bone in my body was aching. thank the lord for warm baths and chiropractors 
  • My poor lower back. It's an absolute hot mess. I can barely walk at the end of the day.. Also I think the insomnia is back. We had a good 3 week run of good sleep lol
  • I’m 16 weeks and this is my first pregnancy. This week I’ve started to sink into a pretty deep depression. I have no motivation to get through my days, crying a lot, and can’t seem to get much joy out of anything. A little worried this is more than just a brief symptom. All my books and sisters keep talking about the superwoman stage of pregnancy and that everything is great after the first trimester but aside from the nausea going away that has not been my experience. Anyone else going through something similar?
  • I was feeling pretty low, tired, and no energy around 16 weeks as well. But, nearing the end of 19 weeks, I do feel like my mood has lifted and although I get tired easily, I feel like some of the energy is finally kicking in. I hope you are feeling better soon!!
  • You should both discuss this with your doctors. There are safe treatment options for while you’re pregnant. 
  • Just went out to lunch with my husband and then for a ride and just made him pull over so I could throw up.. Is this normal? 
  • @danielled100394 normal is a really relative word… it’s probably common but throwing up is never “normal”. You should call your doctor if you’re concerned but throwing up during pregnancy happens. 
  • My biggest issue is the constant need to pee! I’m almost at 18 weeks and haven’t fully popped so I think the little one is just sitting square on my bladder. Constantly up at night and always feel like I need to go (but no UTI). UGH!
  • @jennyscham yup. It really stinks when they sit or kick you in the bladder. They don’t even have to be born to make you crazy 🤪 

    @danielled100394 I have motion sickness to begin with and then pregnancy can make it worse for me. You can check with your OB but it may just be motion sickness, made worse by pregnancy. Or caused by it. 
  • @mdfarmchick this is like the second time this has ever happened so I’m wondering if it is motion sickness.. I have a message into my OB..
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  • @danielled100394 I agree it sounds like motion sickness especially if it was right after eating a meal. I would still mention it to the doctor.
  • I am 18 weeks and still dealing with significant fatigue. I’m not sure if it’s just from being older this pregnancy or if it is something else so I am getting some blood work done next week to see. 
  • @mrswin1207 I have a message in to my OB. Settled down about 15-20 minutes later for a bit. Now that I’m back home I’m fine. 

  • @and_peggy how do I find that 
  • @danielled100394 well that’s good! 
  • @danielled100394 you go into the community and click groups. It should populate there. But if not, search and request 822 regulars
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  • @and_peggy okay I’ll go see if I can find it 
  • Nausea is gone. (Yey!)
    But moodiness has taken control (poor hubby). Everything he does irritates me.

    Also, NIPS are on FIRE. and dry... and itchy... oh the itchiness is maddening.

    I've definitely noticed that I'm hungry more often, which may be just normal, since I'm no longer nauseous.
  • Same here. 19 weeks though. All I want is sleep.
  • @jennyscham I feel you on the constant having to go. I am in the bathroom every 20 minutes it seems. 

  • Have to pee every hour. Want to take a nap at 3pm every day. Early bedtime. General laziness. Itchy. Sleeping has gotten a little achier. Now feel my tummy when I bend over to tie shoes or something. 
  • Does anyone have puffy eyes/eyelids? I’ve seen an ophthalmologist just to make sure all was okay, and it is. Pregnancy hormones or allergies can be the reason I’m seeing this according to the doctor and my OB. My sinus/congestion seems to be getting better but no idea how to seek relief from
    Puffy eyelids/swollen . Any suggestions?
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