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Change Your Knottie Username

Stole this from the Oct 2020 BMB that had a really good explanation of this:

If your screen name begins with “Knottie” and ends with a bunch of random numbers that The Bump saddled you with because you previously used The Knot, OR if you’re still using a generic Bump profile picture, then please keep reading! We have a request for you! 

It's already tough to remember everyone's names, especially in the beginning. But is nearly impossible with folks still using the generic “Knottie” user name. We can't tell you apart from any of the other users with a similar name. So engaging with you, responding to you, and helping you will be more difficult for others (which I've found means your posts/replies are more likely to go unread). 

The same concept applies for your profile picture! We will remember you so much better, if we have a unique picture to associate with you!

We WANT to get to know you, so please take a quick minute to...

- Change your username to something unique! (We strongly suggest not using first or last name for privacy/security.)

- Change your profile picture! (It doesn’t have to be a picture of you! It can be anything! Your dog, or an orange heart, or even a generic pic of a flamingo that you got from google! Anything that is unique, that no one else on here has!)

Please note: Once you change your username it generally takes 24 hours to update. You can also try logging out (on all devices) and logging back in to try to get the new one to take effect!

Re: Change Your Knottie Username

  • Here's how to change your username in step by step instructions:

    1) Login to your account via theknot.com
    2) In the upper right hand corner, there is a little person icon with "Your Account" listed next to it. Hover over that, and a drop down menu will appear.
    3) Click on Your Profile in the drop-down menu
    4) In Your Profile info, on the second line is your Username. Change it to something you like.
    5) Log out
    6) Log back into The Bump (it may take up to 24 hours for your new username to appear, but it may be instantaneous).

    @BumpAdmin please sticky, thanks!
  • EmilyE13EmilyE13 member
    edited February 2022
    @BumpAdmin please sticky this! Thank you!
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