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GTKY (Getting To Know You): Passing the time

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There’s been a lot of talk about how time is moving like molasses for all of us. What are you doing to keep distracted while we wait for our first/next appointments?


Re: GTKY (Getting To Know You): Passing the time

  • Great thread idea! I'm a part-time student, work on weekends and have a toddler running around so there isn't a lot of me time, but today I had a friend date for the first time in a while (we were in semi-lockdown here in January) and the day flew comparatively so I think I need to carve out more friend time to help. Also I told her I'm pregnant and she fought herself so hard to not SCREAM in public  :D I also would love to binge a show but I'm usually too tired by the time I have time to myself so I nap instead lol
  • @krthouse I’m glad your friend time helped! I don’t know if that would do it for me but I might try to see if I can get some alone “me time” this weekend. 

    I’m really struggling with the wait. My ultrasound is on my mind constantly. It’s not so much that I’m worried that something is going to be wrong (even though I’m absolutely worried about that), it’s just the not knowing that is driving me bonkers. I’m trying to throw myself into work, it hasn’t been very successful, but I’ve found that doing easy but time consuming tasks helps the days go by faster. 
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  • @bows22 There's soooo much surrendering control in pregnancy. I'm right with you and love to know everything I can . Some of that's anxiety and some of that's excitement but either way waiting is so hard!
  • @krthouse IF is a mind f*ck too because it’s like I have a hard time believing this can actually be happening, and also if this pregnancy isn’t viable how long is it going to take to get pregnant again? My mind is a fun place to be right now 🙃

    but I took DD to Panera for breakfast before daycare and I didn’t think about it once so hopefully I can focus on having a really fun weekend and that will help me get through the next couple of days at least!
  • @bows22 If is totally a thought for me too, even though I don't have indicators that anything is wrong it's still an undercurrent of my thoughts, especially when I'm trying to wind down to sleep.
  • Being in waiting mode in the winter definitely seems to make the time move slower! I’m trying to stay as busy as my crushing fatigue will allow because like many of you, my mind goes to super angsty places when I have down time. Other than work and wrangling my two little girls (who have been hot messes simultaneously lately), I’ve been going to the gym several times a week because it’s a place I can just completely focus on the task at hand. It’s also nice knowing I’m doing something good for myself and the little nugget. 
  • pangolindromepangolindrome member
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    > @merostomata said:
    > The fatigue has been so rough! If I could I would hibernate through the whole first trimester.

    TRUTH! Have you been spying on me? Lol

    I teach high school English in a four-day school, and usually I tutor in the evenings. The fatigue has hit me so hard I can barely do anything but walk our dog. She really needs a lot of exercise, GSD/husky, so I aim for two miles before work and two after. We live in hilly forest, the Cascade Foothills southeast of Portland, OR.

    I stay busy, haha. Our lives are always kind of nuts and there’s always more to do - with no kid yet.

    My husband and I watch TV, anime, hang out and snuggle as much as I can handle… which sadly isn’t much. I’m basically laying down as of my post-walk shower after work. It’s a little maddening but I have no energy.
  • @krthouse I’m this. I’m only 5 weeks so first dating ultrasound is next week. When ever I think about it I get worried!  Think I need to see baby to know everything is ok. 
  • @Australian_girl_in_Paris I am in the US and my physician said that we should have our first prenatal visit between weeks 8-10 because there wasn’t much to see before then, so I am surprised and interested to hear that you are having one done in week six.
    I wonder why there is such a difference in practice.
  • @pangolindrome Practices definitely vary but also lots of things can be cause for wanting an earlier ultrasound. I had one in my 6th week to date the pregnancy and check for cause of spotting I was experiencing. My last period was November 14th, but I had negative tests until January 26th so they needed to date gestation from the ultrasound instead of from last period. Whenever someone has had struggles with infertility and done an IUI or IVF they often have earlier ultrasounds as well.
  • @krthouse Thank you for explaining! I really appreciate it!
  • @pangolindrome mine is a baby of IVF so I think there’s more US and check ups at the beginning. The clinic asks for one 10-14 days after the positive beta then another at 9 weeks then on to the regular schedule. 

    I’m sorry you have to wait so long. I try to think that it means there’s no reason why anything should be happening. There’s some research that says too many ultrasound can be bad. So maybe that’s sobering to hold on to. 
  • @pangolindrome with DD I had my first appointment between 8-10 weeks. I’m only getting an early ultrasound this time because we did IUI. 
  • @Australian_girl_in_Paris I’m fine with it, honestly. Also thank you for explaining! 

    @bows22 I am 100% struggling with all the abbreviations, but that makes sense!
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    This week is so bad for time crawling! I swear I hit 8 weeks 50 years ago, but it was 2 days ago. I've even seen some friends to pass the time but time's still a drag  :D
  • I think with this being a surprise baby time hasn’t slowed yet but I know it will when the summer heat hits!  Thankfully work is so crazy right now and having 3 other littles life is far from boring 😂. Hence the screen name haha 
  • @hotmessexpress89 I cracked up when I first read your screen name, I love it haha
  • @krthouse me too!! Do you know your EDD? I think we are the same☺️
  • My Little’s are keeping me busy. We had two birthdays recently (2/20 my daughter turned 4, and 2/27 my youngest son turned 2), so between cake baking/decorating and well visit appointments they’ve kept me mostly distracted. Of course their pediatrician is across the hall from my OB office, so I can’t help but think about the what-if’s when I pass it. 
    Work is pretty crazy as well. I haven’t told my boss yet, and I don’t think she’ll be thrilled, but she’s made do without me before. She herself is a mom of 4 grown daughters, so she mostly gets it. 

    The first few weeks are the worst because of even more unknowns. I always feel a bit better once I can feel baby moving. A little reassurance that all is going as it should. 
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