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millie moon diapers

Has anyone ever tried Millie Moon diapers? I’ve heard they’re like the Honest kind but better (and cuter) and when I was a nanny, the little girl used Millie Moon and mom really liked them. So what do y’all think?

Re: millie moon diapers

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    We’ve been happy with plain old Pampers! I think that as long as they’re keeping baby dry and not leaking then any diaper that fits will work. I like that it’s very easy to find pampers at almost any store, even some pharmacies and convince stores. And there is a Pampers app to earn rewards by scanning diaper packaging. 
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    I don't like millie moon, I bought them instead of pampers pure once but exchanged then after 5 or 6 tries. They're too thick and run really weird on sizes.
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    Love Millie Moon diapers!!  We tried a bunch of different brands (Pampers, Pampers Pure, Honest Company, Coterie) and Millie Moon is our favorite - they have good coverage and they feel really soft!
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