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Show us your Fur Babies

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Let's see pics of your pets!

How do you think they'll react to the new human sibling?

Are they treating you any differently while you're pregnant?


These are my fur babies, Calliope and Artemis. They're 6 year old Siamese sisters. 

So far, the only change in their behavior is to be even more snuggly with me -- I think because my body temp is higher.

We don't have any kids yet, but their previous owners had a baby and said they were 'suspicious and confused' about their baby. We'll see how they do with ours when the time comes!

I think the hardest part will be that they HATE closed doors, but we will need to close the baby's bedroom door. (Anyone had this problem?)

Re: Show us your Fur Babies

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    these are my two fur babies: Opie is 7 (left) and Amos is 1 1/2 (right). We are going to tell family by having them wear bandanas based on their personalities. Opie's will say Baby Security (in training) because he loves doing perimeter checks and barking at people who go by our house. He is also protective of his parents and brother. Amos's will say I thought I was the baby. He is my shadow and loves all the snuggles. He will probably love on the baby and want to snuggle with him. Only issues I see will be keeping him away from the baby and he does get jealous of others getting attention (he will cry and try to get attention, no aggression). 
    Omg I love the idea of having your pups be part of the announcement!!! What cuties!
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    @katiepillar131 that is a really cute idea with the bandanas!! 
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    Our 3 furry friends! Arashi is the first picture; half blind and fully deaf with some funky neuro condition. Gunner the fluff who loves snow & cold and in summer bathing in the river. And Teemo the hunter who we barely see in summer except when he brings us offerings... They've had the experience with the first so second one should be equally crazy! 
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