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  • Alcohol is overrated and I think beer stinks. I’d rather just have a coke. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Ha! I hate coke (and all other soft drinks) and would much rather have a beer! 
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  • I don’t like beer, but I LOVE sour beer. Man I really miss sour beer. 
  • @starkette if I’m going to have it, rum is my drink of choice. Enjoy that piña colada some day. :wink: Also, I love romance books. Fluffy, makes me feel good with a happy ending and fits my attention span with all these boys running around my house. Do you have any favorite authors or series??
  • @coco2787 I feel called out! Lol. I’m guilty only of the porch sign. I’ve never had a porch big enough to decorate so I’m all about it. The live laugh love signs make me cringe. Idk how I didn’t see the correlation. 

    @mdfarmchick I saw a sign that said “welcome (ish) depends on who you are and I chuckled bc that is more my speed vs the huge welcome sign I own lol
  • @and_peggy I don’t actually get why people are so invested in what the gender of my baby even is… like if my friend is all, we are going to wait to find out or we don’t want to share until later, it doesn’t bother me. But if I say that?? Everyone loses their mind. But we have to know. Why won’t you tell us?? MH and I have known and not told anyone for a minimum of 4 weeks with each kid and you would think that was a crime. I remember wondering what my SIL was having with her kids but I would never have harassed her. She’s gotten mad at us every time for knowing and not being ready to share. Anyway, I agree. I did a gender reveal with 2 & 3 just as cupcakes so my kids could find out in a fun way. But otherwise, it seems like you just want attention. 
  • @mdfarmchick I will totally do something for my kids. Cupcakes or something like that. But I can’t imagine having a party for it. So weird how people care so much.
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    Ok. I like signs lmao. But all of mine are in my house. I have a letter board I change frequently, currently it says “my favorite place to be is together”. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Also, I definitely had a gender reveal with my first. But I only had close family that actually cared. With my second we didn’t tell anyone he was a boy. This baby I’m likely going to be too excited to hold it in and ds1 wants a cake reveal but that will probably be just for my children. 
  • If we were finding out the sex, we’d probably just do something with my immediate family here in town, if anything. Basically just an excuse for cake. I hate being the center of attention.

    related to that, I don’t even want to have a baby shower. I’m sure my mom and sisters will want to do one but I’d rather just go to lunch with them or something. Luckily they won’t force it if I don’t want to! Still gonna make a registry and give it to people who ask but beyond that, we’ll just get what we need. I know my parents and siblings will buy plenty, which will be nice, but beyond that I feel weird expecting tons of people to buy things for our child. 
  • @and_peggy I feel the same about huge gender reveals! We had a small party for our first and did cupcakes with pink frosting in the middle (no video or anything, just close family) but for our second we just told our family over zoom and then posted a photo on facebook. I think the huge things that end up starting massive wildfires is ridiculous. 

    @mdfarmchick Yes! The fluff is exactly what I need to escape. I don't hate the spice, either. I love some of the big authors like Christina Lauren (The Honeymooners was my fav), *some* Colleen Hoover (sometimes her books can be TOO much trauma, but I love November 9), Emily Henry (beach read was so good), *some* Jasmine Gilory (she can be preachy though and sometimes her characters are too artificially perfect but I liked The Wedding Date), and then random ones like The Love Hypothesis, You Had Me at Hola, and It Happened One Summer. 
  • Totally agree that giant gender reveal parties are weird. Someone we know had a giant gender reveal party then 2 months later had a giant baby shower - just seems gift grabby to me 🤷‍♀️ 

    We are going to do something very small with just the grandparents and my daughter, MH wants either smoke bombs or darts at balloons (one filled with colored powder). 
  • @mdfarmchick YES! Alcohol is overrated (and soda) 🤣 I like some fruity/sweet ones sometimes, but I would almost always rather have juice or water.😂

    I don’t really care how many friends or family people have at a gender reveal, but moreso how extra and tacky it is. Especially as some of my friends are closer than some family members and we have 20 fairly immediate family members that would be there anyway. Telling all the people you are closest to at once can save time, and if you like to get together and celebrate that’s cool, but making a car smoke pink or blue or things that are super messy and bad for the environment aren’t my cup of tea!🤦🏼‍♀️ We’re announcing the gender when we announce we’re pregnant, so it won’t be a group party. For my family, we’re telling some of them individually, so we’ll get them together the next day to do filled cupcakes or something so they find that out at the same time. For my husband’s family, we’re going to do a “group picture” (that is actually a video) to announce, so I’ll probably just be like “Surprise! we know the gender too” and grab cupcakes or something. So revealing the gender is just going to be part 2 of the announcement at each announcement. Organizing all those people to get together sounds like a lot of work.😅 Our parents live 5 hours from each other, and we have friends out of state etc.. 
  • I’ll also add, I told my family I didn’t want anything at the gender reveal. No gifts! Because that is gift grabby IMO too. It was just an excuse to have cake and a time to share with the people who actually cared and were invested as much as me. I definitely agree that huge reveals are weird. 
  • @starkette I am always looking for new authors. I’m going to check some of those out. 
  • @itsme215 I felt the exact same way with my first about showers. I ended up with one in England with all of our friends and one with my family at home. The truth is we got some truly precious things at both so I ended up not minding so much. Like hand made things and some bigger items that were pricier to purchase. 
  • Ooh was trying to find a good one and this came to mind-Unpopular Opinions about pizza!! Hawaiian pizza is THE best red sauce pizza. I don’t like deep dish-Ratios are important. If the crust isn’t good by itself, the pizza isn’t good. The bottom must be browned/semi stiff, not soft, floppy, or doughy. 

    (Tied for first favorite pizza is Greek White!😋)
  • Chicago style pizza is gross. But then again, I'm not a huge lover of red sauce, I always ask for light sauce. I'm neutral about pineapple but I'd prefer it not on my pizza. I pick it off. It's weird. I'm a traditional pepperoni and black olives kind of gal but can do a chicken bacon ranch, too. I like thicker crust, though, so NY style pizza is meh. 
  • Aha, it is a hot topic!🤣 We had a great pizza place growing up that had authentic Italian style pizza baked in stone pizza ovens and that will forever be my favorite!🥰
  • @paytonpedro I am happy to try some pizza from Buffalo! I like just about any pizza (except Chicago) and I've always wanted to try NY pizza in NY. Sadly, my Idaho town has mediocre pizza and coming from the Bay Area California it's very depressing. 
  • I really want to try some NY pizza now!🤣 Honestly experiencing new foods and culture is the best. That would be my #1 reason to go to Thailand or Greece. 

    @leahrmom I like signs and sayings a lot too!😅🥰
  • @Karissa764 such a small world!! I really think it’s the pepperoni that makes the pizza! Although the rest of the world can’t seem to get the dough right either. They say it’s the lake water lol. 

    @meagan822 We literally plan our vacations around the food we want to try lol, and historical locations. Our favorite part of vacation is eating things we can’t get at home. I always say if it looks good, and it smells good, I’ll try it! My cousin just went to France and she sent me a picture with her friends at dinner and her friend had a cheeseburger. IN FRANCE. Lol. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
  • I'm thinking it's a pizza night! That and I have a nasty headache, so if all my other methods fail, a greasy pizza should do the trick!
    I love Hawaiian pizza, but I prefer it with white sauce.  

  • @kbtt2022 I felt the same way but most people seriously enjoy baby showers. I had to keep buying more invites bc the women at my work ALLLLL wanted to go. I don’t think I’ll do a big shower this time since it’s my second baby but it is my SO’s first so maybe we might do a small one for his side 
  • @kbtt2022 I really love going to baby showers and buying baby stuff for other people, and I think a lot of people feel the same way. Especially moms who are done having kids. I think people genuinely want to buy stuff for you and baby lol. 
  • @fromfurmomtobabymom8-2 I tried that for our wedding but my coworkers through me a mini surprise shower. I also put no gifts on our invite and an if you must please donate to ..( a list of our favorite charities) and we still got gifts.

    @wigglyicecream and @paytonpedro I suppose that is true. I love buying things for other people! This is first grand baby on all my husband's sides ( broken families) and 2nd on my side of family.

  • starkettestarkette member
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    @kbtt2022 yea I felt the same BUT I loooove buying things for other people's baby's. People want to celebrate with you. 
  • @starkette we have very similar book taste!! I’ve read several books on your list and loved them 
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