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  • I’ve been dealing with prenatal depression, which will hopefully get better with the second tri. I really need to call the therapist my GP referred me to, but I’ve been too exhausted. I think it’s just hormones and mom guilt, combined with the loss of my usual mental health coping mechanisms (seeing friends, going on long runs, my antidepressant, working on projects). I have a hard time being unproductive.

    Also, the pregnancy rhinitis is in full force. 🤧 so many tissues!

    I’m just so tired and getting more nauseous. And I feel bad for being such a sad sack— it makes me feel more guilty and then I feel worse.

    Edit to say I’m 8 weeks now :) I am happy to get here, it feels like a mini milestone!

    I'm 8 weeks tomorrow and this week has CRAWLED by. I'm dealing with much the same symptoms as you: slammed with fatigue, increasing nausea (and smell sensitivity), and some mental/emotional difficulty focusing or feeling motivated.

    I've also had sneezing/stuffed nose -- no idea if it's a winter cold or pregnancy related!

    Anyhoo, you're not alone in the slog
  • @allycatspike1 I do a B12 gummy and pills for prenatal, DHA and D. Normally I have a big bowl of oatmeal or cereal and fruit beforehand but today all I wanted was peanut butter toast and half a banana. Not enough to support all those vitamins for sure
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  • Does anyone have really bad acne ? How are you handling it ? My face looks like im 16…im embarrassed to be seen in public 
  • @merostomata Here too. I made the decision to go off my meds cause I just didn’t feel enough research had been done to assure me anti anxiety meds weren’t a risk. Mornings are the hardest. Lots of tears. I convince myself that I’m alone and no one - especially my lovely partner - will understand. And then around 1 o’clock the cloud of doom lifts and things are manageable again. 🤷🏻‍♀️ So happy it’s not constant but the fluctuations are difficult. And I worry my mood shifts are gonna mess up my embryo’s developing brain.  

    Trying to find new coping skills. Going for long walks (weather is so nice today in Colorado!), listening audiobooks, drinking delicious tea, would like to start making some crafts…. 

    Nice to know we’re not alone though.  ♥️
  • @rin_dancing definitively talk to your provider on pregnancy safe options. I was on an SSRI for depression/anxiety with my second child. She’s the healthiest little 2 year old now & honestly she’s so content and easy to please 🤣 I always say it’s bc I was on Zoloft with her. LOL. 

    You might need something totally different then an SSRI but your provider should be able to make recommendations on meds that are well studied that can give you whatever effect your previous meds were giving you, if there are any. It’s worth asking bc your mental health freaking matters. They wont approve of anything that hasn’t been studied. 
  • @mckenzc Thanks!!! That’s really reassuring. ♥️
  • I've had breakouts too! I'm sure because of hormones going crazy
  • Anyone else getting frequent nosebleeds? Between the dry winter and increased blood volume I'm getting them a few times a week now 😭
  • 9 weeks + 3ish days.
    Vertigo when I’m tired. Suddenly the world is just wobbling all over. At least it’s by my “new tired” not my “old tired” because my “old tired” is my “new well-rested.” I’m never not tired anymore.

    Also sore boobs. Hugs have never been uncomfortable before. The nipple pain has mostly subsided. Still sensitive but not even close to being as painful as it was. Kind of looking forward to the natural chest increase. 
    Let’s see what else… the nausea isn’t bad at all for me. I produce enough gas to power a small country, though.
  • Sneezing! I don't have allergies and I know I'm not sick. I've been like this for at least 3-4 weeks. It's like my super sniffer is not only picking up on all these scents and aiding in food aversion but the intensity of sneezes that randomly come is crazy!
  • Gosh dang it! The hormone hair loss has begun ugh!!! I already shed a ton from my thick hair but this is crazy this time. 

    Also I go from ravenous to majorly food avoidant so fast. The exhaustion is kicking my butt!! Doesn’t help that my little buddy has a horrible cold and is cutting 3 molars so he isn’t sleeping either. 
  • Sneezing! I don't have allergies and I know I'm not sick. I've been like this for at least 3-4 weeks. It's like my super sniffer is not only picking up on all these scents and aiding in food aversion but the intensity of sneezes that randomly come is crazy!
    I thought it was my allergies, but maybe it could be the hormones! I’ve been sneezing at random since about a month!
  • tpecitpeci member
    Major fatigue here but hard to know between post COVID fatigue (thanks daycare...), working 50hr weeks (catch up from missing work due to COVID) or pregnancy related fatigue which one is really the cause of it. Probably a mix of all 3. The boobs are also killing it. The appetite is insane. Also the gas to power a country made me laugh; I feel ya.
    Otherwise I'm so thankful my nausea is significantly better than first time around (HG until week 14... Longest weeks of my life). 
    Keep strong everyone 😊
  • Oh man, I am totally on the sneezy/stuffy train. I get chills and jitters when I'm hungry. Snacking every 2 hours to keep that and the nausea at bay. 

    Anyone else feel hunger pangs/low blood sugar while also feeling full? The fullness I feel is all bloating -- gas? Fluids? -- but it's very uncomfortable
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