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  • I'm 4w5d and don't feel anything yet..just a missed period and positive test. This is baby #2 so I'm sure it's all going to hit me at once any day now!
  • Aside from fatigue, my lower back has definitely been aching. I have also felt a pressure/aching feeling, kind of like the feeling before you start cramping for your period. I havent had any spotting and the pain hasnt been unbearable, so I am assured that this is normal! I am 5w1d so I am reading everyones comments to prepare for whats to come!
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  • 6W5d, fatigue, insomnia & diarrea! So tired by mid afternoon, I fall asleep early but then I’m waking up at 3-5am unable to go back to sleep. I normally get up around 630 so this is crazy! Also diarrea off and on for two weeks. I’m wondering if it’s the hormones?!?!
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    Cannot believe I’m saying it, but for the first time in 3 pregnancies I’m experiencing an increase in libido. Neeeeever thought I’d be “one of those women” 🤣 however, nausea/exhaustion are usually at a peak by the time my kids are down and we have alone time. So that trumps everything else. But omg this is new for me. The previous 2 pregnancies It was like, no way. Don’t touch me. 

    I’ve always read about “those women” 🤣 here I am. 
  • 5weeks5days and I have very few symptoms. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really pregnant or still pregnant. I know the lack of symptoms is a blessing in its way, but I’m too stressed out to enjoy it! I think I felt more symptoms the months I wasn’t actually pregnant (but was symptom spotting and convincing myself I was) than I do now. Lol. 
  • @merostomata I'm with you and feeeeeling it. I'll be fine and then suddenly so nauseous and starting to feel a bit pickier about food. 8 weeks tomorrow and I remember with my first this was when food aversions really kicked in. I didn't have as much nausea with him though and I think I'm eating a bit less because I've actually lost weight since 5 weeks even though I haven't gotten sick. We just told my in-laws today and I was struggling to not blow the surprise early because I was exhausted. When we told them my MIL was like "that's why you look so tired!"
  • I am 4 weeks and 3 days and also have the insomnia. Im not sleeping super early at night but feel tired mid afternoon and sometimes nap for one hour. I keep waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and have a lot of trouble going back to sleep. For the past 3 days I started feeling weak cramps and lower back pain. Im also hungrier than normal. 👀
  • I feel like I can go right back to sleep after waking with my other two littles like windows 94 shut down status.
  • Anyone else cold? I know it’s February but man I can not warm up 🙈 also another odd symptoms is what I can only describe as lightening boob anyone else having like a sudden sharp shoot in the boobs?
  • @holly0810 yes and yes! Except for when I woke up in the middle of the night last night covered in sweat. That was a new one for me
  • Still just so nauseous and only 6 weeks in. Very nervous that this will get worse. I feel like I have to trick myself into eating anything, like if I make a last minute decision and just grab something I can eat it before my brain catches up and decides it's gross. Unfortunately that means I haven't been able to stand eating leftovers or cooking my own food since that means smelling it / thinking about it before eating it. Thank goodness my spouse is being so patient with me. Lots of snacks and take-out saved me this weekend.
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    holly0810 said:
    Anyone else cold? I know it’s February but man I can not warm up 🙈 also another odd symptoms is what I can only describe as lightening boob anyone else having like a sudden sharp shoot in the boobs?
    No lightning boobs here, but I definitely feel the cold. It's bizarre, sometimes I run hot, and sometimes I get chills and feel really cold, need a blanket or a hot pack. The hormones are really messing with my temperature regulation.
  • Sorry your both also feeling the chills but thankful I’m not the only one. I thought it was suppose to be the the other way round. @bows22 yep I was peeling of the many layers I’d wrapped myself up in at 3am sweating. @silverholly8 temperature regulation appears to be broken 🙈
  • holly0810 said:
    Anyone else cold? I know it’s February but man I can not warm up 🙈 also another odd symptoms is what I can only describe as lightening boob anyone else having like a sudden sharp shoot in the boobs?
    Yes 100% on the shooting pain in the boobs. It might be because I’m large chested, my smaller chested friends have not experienced this. Dr. Google assured me it was completely normal!
  • @mcclanna it’s really strange isn’t it! It had me a good ten times yesterday and then today nothing. I also googled 🙈
  • @holly0810 I’m with you on the cold feeling. I can’t seem to warm up no matter how many layers I put on. Anyone else having issues with a metallic taste? Everything tastes like metal to me lately. Definitely doesn’t help the nausea. 
  • @knottie5379b5b21bc9348d I've heard that can be from the higher blood volume making your mouth taste like iron
  • @krthouse I guess that would make sense. I hope it goes away soon. 
  • I have the metallic taste at all times!  It is driving me crazy and makes me so nauseous.

    Also, cold all day and then I wake up in the middle of the night soaked in sweat...
  • @sandy5693 I’m so sorry that’s happening to you too. I hope it passes soon. ❤️
  • @merostomata yes, I’ll be 7 weeks tomorrow and it hit full force this past weekend! I’m thankful and had a good two weeks before it kicked in, but I seem to be in deep now. Nausea / vomiting come in the afternoon, just about the same time I want (read: NEED) a nap. So basically, I’m useless after 1pm lol
  • My daughter is still nursing so I wasn't expecting so much boob pain. What is changing in them to do this to me?! I'm so dang tired.
    Also my daughter's clean diapers smell just like chemicals to me. What in the world is in pampers that I never smelled before? 

  • @runwmusic Same here with nursing! For me it’s my nipples that are extra sensitive and DD2 seems especially “chompy” lately when she latches. She is only nursing about 2x a day anymore, but I’m constantly telling her to be gentle. 
  • @EmilyE13 DS also has seemed extra choppy! Whyyyy?! 

    Lately I've been hitting an energy wall hard at the same time every morning and I'm wondering if it has something to do with when my body is digesting my vitamins. I hit that wall and am couch bound for a good hour, so tired, fending off nausea, then I'm fine. Anyone else crash about 30 minutes post vitamins?
  • OMG, the smells today! I can’t take it! My house smells like rotten broccoli… but my husband with the most sensitive nose doesn’t smell it. This is driving me bonkers! Definitely not helping with the nausea. 
  • @40yroldmommy Oh my gosh I was just coming here to say smells are even worse today! The dish rag, the cast iron, my dog's face. It's all awful
  • First pregnancy and everything has been tolerable until today. I'm 7 weeks today and dang it I woke up with morning sickness. Usually I'd feel it in the evenings but it would subside pretty quickly. Now even thinking about food makes me gag. Any advice? I had a mini bag of popcorn and ginger ale for breakfast lol even brushing my teeth is a struggle 
  • @40yroldmommy I hit a turning point today with smells- everything is making me feel sick. Went shopping today and had to leave the store as everything smelled too strong. At home, it was the toilet water that was getting me from sitting across the house. I hope it eases up soon because everything is just 🤮
  • The most consistent symptom I've had is fatigue, I took 3 naps yesterday and still didn't feel like enough! I haven't been nauseous, but I have been very food averse/feels like I have a pit in my stomach when I'm really hungry. Usually I'm okay once I convince myself to start eating, but it takes a lot of mental power to get to that point!
  • I’m 5w1d today. IVF FET 5AA embryo. I had strong symptoms leading up to week 4 blood test and our HGC levels have been high. Last week I was having hot flashes with nausea, smell aversion, breast lighting, lower back pain, acid reflux, tiredness, migraines and extreme hunger every 2 hours.

    Since 4w5d I’ve been experiencing less symptoms. Just lower back pain and some breast tenderness and lower back pain. I’ve had lots of early MC so I’m trying not to freak out. I’m on a bunch of progesterone and estrogen so some of my symptoms could be from the medication.

    Can someone reassure me that symptoms lessen then come back? I go in a week for my first ultrasound.
  • @allycatspike1 symptoms fluctuate throughout the first trimester, so that’s not uncommon at all. I know it’s really hard not to worry, though. I hope you get great news at your ultrasound! Given your MC history, the PGAL (pregnant after loss) weekly check-in thread on here is a very supportive spot if you’re wanting to vent/ask questions of others who’ve been through it. I’ve been there and know how hard it is. 
  • @allycatspike1 I felt like garbage the first couple of days after my positive test, and then since then I’ve only had symptoms off and on. I was worried too, but I had a great ultrasound yesterday so I think symptoms/lack thereof don’t really mean anything 
  • @allycatspike1 I also conceived via IVF and noticed a lot of symptoms in the TWW- some days my symptoms are minimum and i freak out as well but i have to remind myself that 1) having been on the estrogen and progesterone prior to the transfer and pregnancy I know my body has adapted and the symptoms those increases cause are much less pronounced and 2) hormones fluctuate and symptoms fluctuate and that is all normal. I hope your first u/s goes well. Mine is on Monday and it is definitely nerve wracking. 
  • I've had nausea everyday multiple times a day but today I actually threw up for the first time this pregnancy. I think I hadn't had a big enough breakfast before taking my vitamins. I felt so much better after though, like better than I've felt most mornings so far. You win some you lose some I guess!
  • @krthouse yes! I almost always feel better if I get sick than if I just stay nauseous. 

    @bows22 if it helps you feel better. Usually for me my symptoms never tended to start until the end of the first trimester. Just remember symptoms don’t equal healthy pregnancy.  You can zero symptoms have and have a sweet healthy baby in there ;) My mantra is remembering, “today you are pregnant,” and then repeating it over and over :)  
  • @hotmessexpress89 yes totally agree! 
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    @relizabethp Praying for you tomorrow! Fingers crossed all goes well for your US!
  • @krthouse Awww booo hope you get to feeling better! Are you taking gummy or pill vitamins? I feel like the smarty gummies are easier on my tummy.
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