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I am new here. Feeling extremely defeated with trying to conceive. We are now 2 years into trying. Found out everything is okay with me but my partner has low sperm count. We are going to be giving IUI a try next month and I am curious if anyone has had a similar situation and IUI was successful the first time? It has been so hard emotionally for me and at times I become so angry with him feeling like it's his fault which I know is not right. Is that normal in this type of situation? 

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  • Hello! 

    We have been TTC since 2019, diagnosed with unexplained infertility last year and started IUI last fall. I'm currently in my TWW on IUI cycle #3, and have had lots of emotional and mental highs and lows with my first two cycles, resulting in us taking a couple months off to just be for the holidays.

    Your feelings are 100% valid. I sometimes wish we had a definitive reason as to why we're not getting pregnant and some days feel like I'm being punished, but the eternal optimist in me says we can't dwell on the what-ifs and my therapist says to feel the feels but don't reside in them.

    I'm wishing you the best of luck with your first (and hopefully only🤞🏾) IUI cycle!
  • Me and my DH have been trying for 3 years. Everything is fine with me but my DH has low motility so we did our first iui on 1/25.  I was given Fermara and ovidrel shot,I'm now 11dpiui and have been having all kinds of symptoms. I've just started some bleeding its brown as of now and I'm having some cramps not sure if it's my AF or implantation. I've tested out my trigger shot and have gotten a bfn the last 2 days. #we maybe goingfor round 2 iui. 
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  • Getting pregnant with IUI is completely possible, even with a low sperm count. Besides being totally dependent on female fertility and ovulation, IUI success is also highly dependent on the quality and quantity of sperm. Men with low sperm count or low sperm motility often experience lower success results with IUI. IUI is the hope for many couples who are suffering from a pregnancy issue by natural methods. But Trying to get pregnant for more than a year means low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. Opting for infertility treatments like IUI, and IVF brings new hope to the life of the couple. 

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    I’m so sorry you are going through this. I did not go through IUI for a bunch of circumstantial reasons but I wanted to address and validate your feelings of frustration and anger with your partner’s low sperm count because I too am in a similar situation. 

    What kept me from getting too angry and resentful was when my husband was engaging in behaviors to help improve his side of the problem. I hope your partner is making strides to work on improving his health and fertility such as refraining from alcohol, keeping his private areas from overheating (boxers not briefs), exercising regularly, visiting a urologist for an evaluation (sometimes Clomid can help if there is a hormonal imbalance), seeing a naturopath for supplement recommendations and reducing the toxic burden in the home with eliminating toxic personal products and household cleaning products. Is he doing everything in his power to improve the quality and quantity of his sperm count?

    I’m sorry you are going through this and I empathize with you.  Societally, the burden falls on the women and it’s sexist. I can’t tell you how pissed off I got with acquaintances who told me that I just need to have less stress in my life to have a baby naturally (where they going to say that to my husband too?) And when going through the process of artificial fertility treatments, the burden lands on women as well be cause he is the reason we are going through all of this and he doesn’t have to be the one dealing with shots and procedures. It’s not fair. But for the sake of the marriage and because I still dearly love him for so many other reasons, I continuously work on letting go of the resentment because over time it’s not good for my well-being nor our marriage to hold on to it. It’s ok to feel angry and frustrated right now.  Just don’t hold onto it for too long. <3 I wish you the very best on your fertility journey and your first IUI. 
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