Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

What to do

I thought I was ok. Today would have been my 1st appt had I not lost the pregnancy.  I have a 6 yr old and have been trying since. Honestly thought it was over so the excitement and shock of finding out I was preg and at the same time of yr as my first (my biggest fear was being in labor on my first bday) then a week later bleeding. I missed Christmas eve, Christmas, new years and mine and my husband's birthday during this. I am still bleeding too and the dr thought it'd be done by now and I could try again in a few days.  I just turned 37 but I feel the window closing. 


  • I am sorry to know your story. I recommend checking your ovarian reserve and genetics as they are might be an issue. Or consider doing RPR/PRP to improve your egg quality if  they are an issue. Best of luck on your journey
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