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The Name Debate!

Both my SO and I can be kindof headstrong in our opinions. So compromise for both of us is a "But it really needs to be this way"..
He said if we can't agree then we use neither names. 
Agreeing means one of us has to give in, basically. Neither are very keen on really liking the name the other really wants. 

I want my choice to be the first name only.  And he wants his choice as the first name only. 

Have you argued with your SO for the baby name? 
How did you settle the debate, if one occurred? 

Re: The Name Debate!

  • We had a bit of a quarrel when naming our second. I had my heart set on a name and he liked it enough to use it until his mother reminded him it was his alcoholic grandfathers name- who died before he was born. I saw no affiliation because mh never even met him and most of the other people who knew him are also dead. Anywho, he finally agreed to the name again when I told him he could pick the middle name and obviously the baby got his (our) last name as well. So I hate my sons middle name and never use it but it was worth it to get the first name. To be fair, the middle is a family name so my ds will probably appreciate it when he gets older. 
  • I would find a different name you can agree on. One of us wanted Sylvie, the other wanted Mabel. We each hated the other's choice. We settled on Amelia.
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  • Thank you both for your comments. The name debate continues for us as we shoot down each other's suggestions. I do get to use Theodore, the name I really want as the first name, as a middle name. But he only wants it as a middle name. 
    He wants Finnegan or Willem as the first name. Willem would be okay if I didn't hate some Wills I've met in my life. So the name irks me in the end. Finnegan is just not a good name, in my opinion. 

    I think just no name sticks out when there's one that is very much loved. If we do find one that can work as a first name I'd be ecstatic!! His preferences for names like Caspian, etc. we just don't mesh well on names at all. 
    I prefer names a bit more popular so he won't have to live like my sister whom always has her name mispronounced, or asked about. 

    I hope to have that moment of "This is Definitely the name" and he agrees and these few months of debate end. 

  • A more uncommon name could pair with Theodore, but I’d stick to names with fewer syllables than Theodore.

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