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Weekly Check-In Week of 12/27

Cheers to the last week of 2021! 🎉 Big things happening in 2022!!

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Re: Weekly Check-In Week of 12/27

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  • @kiwi2628 I decided to order “The Fresh Test” which is a packet of 50g of powdered dextrose from tapioca (with lemon and mint) to add to 10 oz of water to replace the nasty glucola drink they give out. If mixed and taken correctly it works exactly the same!

    I’ll also echo @aloha_mama, warming your fingers with a heating pad or hot water should dilate your blood vessels to bring more blood flow to them, which might make it easier!

    @aloha_mama So happy to hear your in-law stress is over and you can just relax! Doing a little yoga or some yoga stretches should help with any tightness that might be left in your back from the stress tension!
  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: April 9 / 25 weeks + 2 days


    Team blue/pink/green: 💙💙💙

    Upcoming appointments: One week from today, Jan 3rd, for the glucose screening.

    How are you feeling? Holy heartburn!!!! 🥵🥵🥵 Yikes!! I don’t know if I can handle my insides scorching for a whole additional trimester! Besides that, I actually feel really great! I can see how this is the part of pregnancy mothers really enjoy— my belly is popping, my pre-pregnancy acne is completely cleared up, I have more and more energy, sleep has been consistent, and I’m feeling baby move all day long keeping me company as I go about my day! 🥰

    Rants/raves: Baby shower planning is in full swing! We’re sending out email invites this Saturday, and are planning to add final items to our registry by Friday so it’ll be ready to go! My mom is so excited to decorate! ☺️

    Also, hubby put his hand on my belly tonight and jiggled/shook it, and baby responded by kicking him! 😆 That’s the first definite response from an interaction we’ve gotten, besides him just moving out of the way when we poke the belly!

    Questions: Should we start a baby shower thread? I know some mamas may be a ways away before their shower but I’d love to hear some of your decoration/theme and invite ideas!

  • @minnie_yoga_mama Oh, don’t worry, I did allllllll the yoga at their place 😂 I thought maybe some of the tension was from my hips so every night I made sure to do some hip release poses before bed and it seemed to help. We’re not doing a baby shower but I think a thread would be helpful for others, if you want to start it!
  • @aloha_mama they want me to take my BG 4 times a day and I work so baths wouldn’t help. But I tried 20 times yesterday. I have no blood. So I’m going to try The Fresh Test - (like @minnie_yoga_mama) my midwife suggested it. So that’s the new plan
  • I hear ya. We had limited family over to our house for Christmas Eve and for some reason I became overwhelmed with emotions and ended up crying upstairs before being able to go downstairs to help hubby host. It's a wild ride and COVID is not helping
  • @kiwi2628 20 times??? Your poor fingers!!
  • @bluecampanula Omg yes, I’m so tired of the stupid gender questions. We are just so thrilled to be having another baby after waiting so long that I honestly DO NOT CARE what is between its legs. But we have so many people that are like, “I bet you hope it’s a boy so you can have one of each” (like we’re collecting sexual organs) or “I bet you hope it’s a girl because DD must want a sister.” She just wants a sibling but thanks. Or some dumb stuff about how DH must really want a boy to carry on the family name since he’s an only son of an only son (#smashthepatriarchy) and he must want someone to play football/soccer/hockey/etc with (like DD isn’t able to play sports and no little boys exist that don’t enjoy sports). So many nosy people with stupid opinions about how hard it must be to wait to find out what baby is and how they did it once and it wasn’t worth it and blah blah blah. Sorry, I’m a bit crabby about it, if you can’t tell. 

    @doxiemoxie212 I’m so sorry you have to cancel your trip, I know you must have all been so excited for it. It must have been such a hard and heartbreaking decision to make.
  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days:  April 8 / 25 +4


    Team blue/pink/green:  Pink

    Upcoming appointments:  Jan 13 - glucose screening etc, but I am also starting PT on Thursday of this week to try to help this pain/tingling/numbness in my leg.  (it's an ongoing problem even without pregnancy in the mix)

    How are you feeling?  Pretty good, I had the flu last week so I had to miss Christmas with my in-laws but I'm all better now and get to go back to work tomorrow.  Yay.  I got a lot of nesting and stuff done while I had the house to myself, but I also had a sick dog so I had to keep an eye on her and clean up messes.  Basically I'm looking forward to December being over.  

    Rants/raves:  My big project in the coming days will be painting the 2 kids rooms.  They are kind of a beige color now, but it's a very drab beige and I want to brighten them up a bit.  I reallllllly hope it's a smooth operation, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.  

    Questions: None
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  • Ivorytower2Ivorytower2 member
    edited December 2021
    @bluecampanula Tonns of gender comments because we already have two girls. We are having a girl again and I am really happy about it because I have two sisters and I can’t imagine a better situation. I’ve just been cutting people off saying yes a girl and we are so happy! I know that’s impossible since you are team green though. 
    My FIL has a sour reaction to the gender and it really irked me because he is one of those macho I sit my ass on the couch and women cook and clean types. I’m honestly so glad not to have a son to be influenced by his archaic gender stereotypical ways- I can only imagine the fights we would have gotten into.

    @doxiemoxie212 that really sucks about the trip- I’m so sorry. I’m thinking of doing a trip the last week of maternity leave with my whole family if Covid is more chill. I know it’s not the same as a family trip pre-baby but as you know babies are pretty portable and  uneventful at that point so maybe an option?

    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 24+3


    Team blue/pink/green: team pink!

    Upcoming appointments: Glucose test in a few weeks. Yuck!

    How are you feeling? Great! Well I was feeling great since I got the green light to get off bedrest. It feels amazing!! I am still on pelvic rest and banned from exercise so I am compensating with tons of chocolate and the occasional glass of wine or beer.

    Covid is so rampant that DH and I are considering keeping our kids home for a few days once schools reopen to monitor the post-holiday Covid shakeout. Anyone considering anything similar? Several of my vaccinated family members recently had Covid and they were sick for a few days but basically ok. I just still worry about hospital staffing and treatment shortages when we are in a huge wave like this. 


  • @shlecks glad to hear you're feeling better. I lol'd at you "yay" for going back to work, but I know what you mean. 
    @bluecampanula yes the gender comments are so annoying. I get more annoyed with the "how are you feeling?" i don't know why, maybe bc if I am having issues I'm not telling you about it random person and if I weren't pregnant you would not care how I was feeling. maybe i'm just a grump. 
    @doxiemoxie212 I'm sorry your Hawaii trip is cancelled. that is so disappointing
    @kiwi2628 omg that sounds miserable, 20 times! I hope the alternative works for you. 
    @aloha_mama hope your scan goes/went well today

    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 4/3, 26+3


    Team blue/pink/green: Green

    Upcoming appointments: MFM next week and OB/GDM test in 2 weeks

    How are you feeling? achy. I really want to exercise and I'm hoping MFM gives me the green light to get back to it next week. 

    Rants/raves: I feel like I'm drowning is stuff and just want to purge everything. I know part of it is the post Christmas clutter and as much as I love decorating and the holidays, I'm now ready for it to all go back in the attic so I can get some normalcy back. (maybe it's part nesting? idk)

    Questions: any recommendations for getting protein in each meal when you don't really like meat? I have peanut butter as a snack and have had beans with a few meals but its getting repetitive. 

    TTC#1 10/2016
    TTC/IF:included medicated cycles, IUIs and 2 rounds of IVF with 1 embryo each. 
    BFP finally in 12/2018

    TTC#2 06/2021
    planning FET

    "Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks,
    some doors are open, some roads are blocked" 

  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: Apr 7 / 26 weeks but will be delivering around 37 weeks (early March)


    Team blue/pink/green: 💙

    Upcoming appointments: had an appointment today. All went well, nothing crazy. Have my glucose test and a growth check ultrasound on the 20th. 

    How are you feeling? Overall really good. I’ve been able to somewhat enjoy this pregnancy which is like night and day compared to DS5. At this point with him I was on bed rest to try and keep my BP down to a manageable level and going in for twice weekly NSTs and BPPs. 

    Rants/raves: glad that Christmas is over. It’s always a fun time but I end up exhausted afterwards. But now I’m in the depths of year end at work. Can’t wait for this to be over! 

    Questions: curious where everyone is feeling movement? Mine is still very much at my underwear line most of the time. There’s an occasional kick around my belly button but that’s rare. I had one dr mention my uterus is slightly tilted, and I wonder if that’s why?
  • @Avrilmai it's mostly just important to get protein throughout the day - it doesn't have to be at every meal, there's some protein in basically everything since everything has amino acids in it. If you eat a variety of foods you're probably getting enough protein, and then when you do eat "complete" proteins I would just prioritize those items on your plate. 

    As a veg, our main protein is tofu, peanut butter, hemp hearts, beans, wheat-based fake meat products, etc. You can do things like bake lentils into apple or banana muffins. Skyr "yogurt" (I think it's technically cheese?) has more protein than greek yogurt. Protein powder in smoothies. Nuts in smoothies. 
  • @kiwi2628 I bet it feels good to have the nursery almost done!

    @aloha_mama so glad to hear that the stress is lessened now that you're away from your ILs. Hope everything went ok at your appt today!

    @minnie_yoga_mama I had a stretch of terrible heartburn a couple of weeks back too but it seems to have lessened now, hopefully yours eases a bit. I'm jealous your acne has cleared, I just seem to be getting more pimples, ha. Also to follow up from last week (I just lurked) we are not doing a nursery. Baby will be with us for likely a year, the nursery will be on a different floor from us so that's just too far away right now.

    @robbenson ugh, broken toe sounds pretty annoying. Hope it gets better soon so you can walk normally again.

    @SmashJam glad to hear the public symphysis is doing better!

    @winterviolethope I would be annoyed by your MIL's gift too. I totally get feeling hormonal on Christmas... the holidays are so stressful, we had family at my IL's the entire week and I felt like crying having to go over there os much to hang out with them. Definitely much more hormonal than I normally would have been.

    @mamawicks22 love feeling the baby move more!

    @bluecampanula That's really annoying. This is our first so our comments are not the same, but my some of my family members were annoyed that we were going to be team green and they're often bombarding me with comments about how they know it's a boy. Ugh to your neighbor.. like leave us alone just be happy for us! Anyways, happy belated birthday!

    @monstera13 lol happy you are loving your snow. We have hardly had any (usually get a lot in Jan/Feb) but for the most part I could do without it!

    @doxiemoxie212 really sorry to hear that you had to cancel your vacation. I know that must have been a really hard decision to make.

    @shlecks so sorry to hear you had to miss Christmas but glad you are feeling better!

    @Ivorytower2 so glad to hear you're off of bed rest! I don't blame you for wanting to keep the kids home... our state dept of education just announced a plan to get all teachers and staff home covid tests so they can test before going back... which is 4 days away. Lol thinking that all of the teachers and staff will get those tests in time.

    @Avrilmai I feel the same way after Christmas, I usually put everything away the day after but because we put out all our stuff so late this year I'm keeping it up for now. I am in the same boat as you for protein.. wish I had recommendations but I've yet to have found anything that help with my intake (other than eggs.. which have been a no-go for me this pregnancy).

    @Blondesweety444 That's exactly where I feel the most movement (underwear line) which was surprising to me since I was told I have a low-lying placenta. If I am laying on my side I can feel it more on the sides of my belly further up. But the movement is still a little inconsistent (anterior placenta).

  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: April 12 / 25+1


    Team blue/pink/green: Green

    Upcoming appointments: end of Jan.

    How are you feeling? Feeling good! Had an appointment this morning and all went well. Passed my glucose test! I actually did not find the drink to be all that bad (I had the fruit punch flavor and I made sure it was cold). Worst part was trying to get it down in 5 minutes, I tend to drink slowly haha.

    Rants/raves: Christmas was wonderful but I'm glad it's over and I have a little down time this week. My BIL and SIL were here from out of state with their two little boys and even though they stayed at my ILs it was a lot because we went to see them nearly every day. Unfortunately I seem to have picked up a cold from the littles (at least I hope it's just a cold). MH has to take an at-home test tomorrow because he was exposed at work on Monday (though it was outdoors so we are not too concerned) and if I feel any worse I might test too. Right now it's just a stuffy nose (could also be that I took multiple 5 mile walks in 32 degree weather in the last week... oops). Also finally finished my registry!! My cousin who is planning my shower was on me so that finally gave me the push to get it done. Exhausting to sit down and just get it done but I am relieved that it's finally finished. Can't believe it's almost 2022! Did anyone else see that the September BMB is already up! So crazy!

    Questions: natm
  • @shlecks painting is the sneakiest project. It always seems like a quick and straightforward project and then halfway through the prep you just question every decision you've ever made lol. I hope it goes smoothly for you!

    @fameonmain2 I'm in the same boat of a slight cold. I took multiple rapid tests that were negative but I'm so paranoid. I got a PCR test today to be sure. But I go around identifying what I can smell as if loss of smell would be the main/only indicator of covid?!
  • We had our AS and everything was great, then I had what I hoped was my last cervical measurement. We were left waiting in the exam room afterwards for about 45 minutes. I should have known something was up but I was so tired it didn’t occur to me. Then an OB I’ve never met came busting in with zero warning and immediately proceeds to tell us my cervix is 0.1cm shorter than they like and I need to go to Duke next week to see a specialist. And do I want a cerclage? He asked me three or four times and it sounded like he was asking if I wanted it right then. So I kept telling him no, but I also don’t want a preemie, so if it needs to be done then whatever. He left and I burst into tears because as a NICU RN I’ve taken care of micropreemies myself, and my mind immediately went to what a 23-weeker looks like and all the lines, medications, tubes, poking, and prodding I’ve done to 23-weekers at work, and here comes the OB again with a PA. Now that we’re home and it’s been a few hours I feel a lot better about it, and a cerclage doesn’t sound so bad if that’s what we need to do, but DH was very upset with the complete lack of the OB’s bedside manners. We’re reassured by the lack of urgency from the OBs and the specialist at Duke (which I’m actually looking forward to seeing next week), and I have taken care of as early as 22 weeks before so I know baby is viable at this point, but it’s been a day to be sure. 
  • @aloha_mama That’s rough! Hopefully the specialist will have a much better manner and it’ll be an overall reassuring appointment!
  • @bluecampanula I sure hope so! It seems silly now to be so upset about literally 0.1cm difference but I was so surprised by the whole thing that it caught me completely off guard. I would hope the MFM has more experience talking this stuff over with patients than a DO and PA at a clinic. For now I’ll just use it as an excuse to be even lazier than I have been 😂
  • @aloha_mama I'm so sorry, that sounds truly awful. I hope you can be reassured with the other doctors and you don't go too crazy googling and comparing to your work experiences. 
  • @robbenson you’re smart to get the PCR test! I was just reading that the at-home tests are not as sensitive to omnicron so there’s been a lot more false negatives. I also read that loss of taste and smell is not happening as much with omnicron? Which is good that people aren’t losing their senses but bad in that I feel like that was the sure indicator that you knew it was covid and not a cold. I wish I could get a PCR, but places around here are booked until next week or you have to wait hours in line to get tested. I’ll just keep mask wearing and staying home as much as possible… 

    @aloha_mama that sounds absolutely horrible, and I’m so sorry you had to experience that. I really hope the specialist at Duke has a better bedside manner and that all goes well at that appointment! You’ve been through it just getting the appointments in NC set up in the first place, you deserve a break!!
  • @robbenson how are you feeling? Did your test come back?
  • @aloha_mama That sounds highly stressful. I’m being monitored for the same and the cutoff seems somewhat arbitrary. I Ammon the cuff but I’m almost 25 weeks so even if I shorten from here it would be too late for cerclage so o am just taking it easy and trying to prepare in the event of an early baby. 🤞🤞 you won’t need any intervention and can stay pregnant for a few more months. 
  • @fameonmain2 no results yet, just keep refreshing my email like a crazy person. I feel crappy so I'm thinking I have it. My husband is fine and my 3 year old has a runny nose but is good. Luckily my husband has always been a hands on Dad and the main house cleaner (based off me being the one who works all the time) so it has helped me to just be a bum and recover. 
    How are you feeling??
  • @robbenson that’s good that you have help and can rest! I was feeling fine until this afternoon, now I feel pretty bad and have a cough on top of the stuffy nose. I took another test but it’s negative. No way I’ll get a PCR appt this weekend so looks like it’s couch and fluids for me!
  • @Ivorytower2 Now that it’s been a few days and we’re able to look back at it I feel so much better about it— 0.1cm is kind of a ridiculous difference to be worrying about— but at the moment it was just so overwhelming and like my worst nightmare was playing out. Even if the specialist says I need a cerclage, since I’m 24 weeks next Thursday I just don’t know how much can be done. I think I’m most upset now about the uncertainty and I don’t know what’s safe for me to be doing or not doing. Like I’ve put my exercising on hold but it’s been my only stress-reliever. 
  • @fameonmain2 my test just came back negative. Just normal sick so...yay... relieved I'm not bringing my entire family down with me at least
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