WTF/Winning Wednesday 12/08 — The Bump
May 2022 Moms

WTF/Winning Wednesday 12/08

Any wins for the week? Any WTFs? 

Re: WTF/Winning Wednesday 12/08

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  • @DarkSerendipity ow that sounds awful!  Been there. 
  • @DarkSerendipity glad you’re ok! Also, bonus points for those descriptors 😂 A+ depiction of the event lol
  • @DarkSerendipity phew that you’re (mostly) okay and baby is 100%! Would those exterior stair grips help at all? Not the most attractive, but could be very practical while pregnant and/or with a newborn. 
  • Holy 💩 @DarkSerendipity so glad you’re ok!!!
  • @DarkSerendipity glad you're ok, sounds like it hurt!!  
    Also agree with @skc040512, fantastic storytelling skills...I could picture this in my head really well 😂
  • @annashaf We had some of the narrow strips on there, but they came off at some point. The bottom half of the ramp is covered with very grippy roofing shingles, but when it gets really frosty, even they get slick. I don't care about attractive at this point, safety is my number one concern. At some point we're replacing that stupid ramp with steps - so much safer than that ramp.

    @pajamstagrams LoL, thank you! That's what I do - I'm a writer, working on my first novels.  :D
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  • @DarkSerendipity oh yikes! Glad you are okay. 

    WTF - I’ve managed to get through 3 decades of live without a UTI…until today.
  • @DarkSerendipity
    Eek! So glad you and baby are okay.  That sounds so scary. 
  • @And846 ughhh the WORST 
  • @DarkSerendipity wow so scary!! happy you both are okay. 

    @And846 I've had one in college and I never want to experience it again. It was the worst!
  • WTF: my butt/hips are now going numb at work. (Yes I have sciatica) 

    Winning: I'm back at my sit/stand desk to easily remedy said numbness! 
  • @DarkSerendipity yikes!! So glad all is ok!
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