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  • Haha @MrsLaLaBug I was donut yesterday! And we had chocolate donuts. 

    I like the idea of a cheap band or a silicone ring. 
  • @MrsLaLaBug  and @tacosandtums I've had a donut every single day this week from the Dunkin. My reusable coffee pod was a few days away from delivery. And you can’t go to Dunkin for just coffee 💁🏼‍♀️
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  • This daily fact makes absolutely no sense to me. Maybe it's pregnancy brain, but no freaking idea what they're trying to say here 🤣
  • @karisahamdi so like…you’re halfway between being *able* to find out you’re pregnant and your due date? That’s such a random mile marker lol

    Does anyone on here do Goodreads? I did a reading challenge this year to read 55 books and I’m 2 books behind schedule and now I’m kinda bummed because I doubt I’ll read another 7 books this year (I’ll probably get close but idk it seems like a stretch lol). It’s such a dumb thing to be bummed about but I always hit my goodreads goal and this will be the fewest books I’ve read in a few years lol. But it’s still more than a book a week so why am I sad?? 😂 anyway. If anyone has any short book recommendations, I’ll take them to squeeze them in 😂😬
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    I do good reads! Omg my goal is 20 books 😬 so you go girl. A few quick reads from my recents: the last thing he told me, such a fun age, local woman missing, beach read ….. none of them wow-factor worthy, but entertaining and quick! Edit to tag @skc040512
  • i just started watching The Wheel of Time. Wondering if it’s gonna live up to the GoT hype they are already giving it. 
  • skc040512skc040512 member
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    @MrsLaLaBug those books have been on my to be read list for freaking ever, but there’s like 14 or something of them and the last few in the series are written by Brandon Sanderson (original author passed away with the series unfinished), who thinks a short book is around 750 pages lol. Maybe the show will be a shortcut.

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  • @skc040512 i love your goal! I had a book goal this year as well and will be falling short by 4 this year. New year, new goal though! 

    Do you read hard copies or digital books? 
  • @skc040512 @tacosandtums @And846 I’m lucky if I can get through 4 a year now. I really wish I could get back into it. I just always feel like there is something else to do. If you have any good book recommendations would love to start a list of books to try.
  • @addsprinkles521 I would do audiobooks when things got hectic for me. I’m also a SAHM so I listen to things in the car or or I can get a few minutes to read during naptime. I also read really fast so that helps 😂

    @And846 I do both! I find ebooks easier when I’m running around with kids usually (and I’m almost exclusively ebook when I have a newborn lol…nursing and hardbacks don’t mix)
  • Also @addsprinkles521 - what genre do you like? I literally read almost anything fiction (super selective in my nonfiction reading though) and love giving recommendations lol
  • Announced to my MIL yesterday and she was very excited.  My mom today....my 4 year old told her, and she didn't believe her so just ignored it and didn't even ask us....then when we confirmed it was true, was kinda blah unimpressed about it.  So....that was.... cool.  I am going to txt 2 of my best friends tomorrow that I've been keeping quiet from too.  I think they will be a bit more excited but I just feel weird about announcing this pregnancy for whatever reason.

  • @third2022 mom’s can suck sometimes (not to self, don’t be a sucky mom to your adult children). My mom and I were having a “moment” and I said, “Maybe someday I’ll know what it’s like to balance 3 kids” and she said, “It’s hard. You’re better off sticking with 2”. I replied with “Too late!” and a glance towards my belly. She gave me another hug and said “Oh! Good luck balancing everyone’s needs!” Not really a congratulations…
  • I had a couple announcements this weekend. Stories completely different, which kinda makes me laugh. We went to visit my husband's cousins to celebrate chanukah with them. On the way there, DH was like, "don't say anything. I want them to have to ask." He can be quite the jokester sometimes.... So, I went like an hour without saying anything. DH even left, went to pick up donuts, which was our contribution to the meal (dessert) and came back. Once he got back, he mentioned how great one of his cousins looks. (She's been dieting and had lost a lot of weight.) She really does look great! I replied, "you do look gorgeous! Me in the other hand. I've just been gaining like crazy!" And then I told them that we're expecting. They apparently had been whispering among themselves to see if anyone knew whether I was pregnant because my stomach was visibly bigger than when they saw me in October. They didn't want to say anything because that would be rude but told me that I normally looked so small, so they were curious. Haha.

    Then, the next day, I went to visit one of my best friends from high school. I haven't seen her in almost a year and just to give you a little background, she's super blunt and asks me almost every time I see her whether I'm pregnant because she has 2 kids close together and wants me to have another one. So I ring the doorbell, and as I'm standing in the doorway she's just eyeing me up and down. She said, "are you..." She didn't say pregnant but I could tell she wanted to. I was like, "surprise! I'm pregnant!" And her husband didn't hear me (because he wasn't right at the door) so a few minutes into the conversation of asking all the basic questions, like how far along I am, how I've been feeling, etc, he asked, "am I missing something?" My friend was like, "she's pregnant!" And we all laughed. 
  • @skc040512 my guilty pleasure is like high school romance haha but I also love a good mystery. As long as it can keep my attention it doesn’t matter the genre.
  • @addsprinkles521 for mystery, I definitely recommend the Rockton series (the first book is City of the Lost). If you like a good clean romance, I have a friend who has been raving about Hot British Boyfriend, and I typically enjoy Kassie West books. If you like something a little spicier I also have recs for that 😂
  • @addsprinkles521 The One by John Marrs and No Exit by Taylor Adams were two that I read recently and finished within one day because I couldn't put them down! 
  • @addsprinkles521 then you’re gonna want to look up Abbi Glines lol. Much more spice but still sweet books. If you like more spice than sweet, Tijan, Penelope Douglass, LJ Shen and Rachel Van Dyken all have HS/college/young adult with varying levels of spice 
  • Thanks for suggesting the great books for reading/
    Can anyone also suggest one regarding kids gardening?
  • @sheikht what age kids? And are you looking for a story book or an informational book for kids?
  • @shiekh my son has been reading "Baby Botanist" since he turned 1 last year and really loves it. It talks about plants, water, seeds, sunlight, and how food comes from plants. 
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    ETA: now I just realized this was a post from NOVEMBER. 

  • Who let the trolls out????!
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  • Who let the trolls out????!
    This!!!!!! It’s like someone suddenly pushed the troll button and like released the kraken! 😂
  • What are ya’ll putting in your hospital bags? Should that be a separate thread? Or wait til the transition?? 
  • I think a hospital bag thread would be helpful! Also let’s get out of the November randoms thread lol
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    @annashaf I would love a hospital bag thread! Especially hearing from STM+ moms on what you brought that wasn't useful and what you felt you were missing. 

    Edited to say: didn't realize this was the Nov randoms thread 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thank you troll for the added confusion on my already barely functioning pregnancy brain. 
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