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Weekly Check-in w/o 11/22

Estimated due date/ weeks + days:


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Re: Weekly Check-in w/o 11/22

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    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: Apr 13, 19+6. I can’t believe we’re already halfway! This pregnancy is going by so much faster than my first. 


    Team blue/pink/green: Pink!

    Upcoming appointments: Anatomy scan tomorrow!! 

    How are you feeling? Feeling good overall. I’ve started gaining weight though, so I think I need to start watching what I eat better. 

    Rants/raves: I’m psyched for thanksgiving. Best meal of the year! 

    Questions: natm 
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    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 4/28, 17+5


    Team blue/pink/green: 💚

    Upcoming appointments: ???? 

    How are you feeling? Hello, Braxton Hicks! 

    Rants/raves: We arrived at my parents’ house, and the OB office near us will NOT answer my calls. Looks like they bought an in-person visit from me! You’re welcome in advance, reception lady. I wish I could go with a CNM but the closest I could find is over an hour from here and they won’t let me bring DD6 with me, and I don’t have childcare. If I were planning on delivering here it would be different. Honestly, I’m just so relieved to have finally made it here that I don’t mind the hassle (for now). 

    Questions: Has anyone ever gotten a maternity support belt through insurance? Mine emailed me today saying I have to pay $150, which seems ridiculous since the one I was looking at online is $60. I may be reading the bill wrong but if that’s the case I’m just going to buy it myself.
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    @minnie_yoga_mama To me, it would depend on whether I had professional movers coming or if we were moving ourselves. We moved ourselves these past few weeks and I wouldn’t have been able to help at all if I had been more pregnant so I would prefer to do that with a newborn. They sleep so much that it would be easy to get a lot done while they’re resting, or you could wear them. There is a six-week period after delivery where we recommend not lifting anything heavy so that would make boxes difficult to manage, but if you had enough help you could easily unpack while others dealt with moving the boxes into the new house. If professional movers are coming I’d rather do it pregnant to get it over with. 
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    @monstera13 @shlecks @dinomeetsjedi Good luck at all of your ultrasounds tomorrow! It’s so incredible to see how much they’ve grown in such a short time!❤️ So excited to see all of our babies growing in the ultrasound thread!

    @aloha_mama Not sure if this will offer the same support you’re looking for, but I’ve used an SI belt that I got before becoming pregnant, when I first began having terrible SI joint dysfunction. It was only about $27 from Amazon and it’s held up great! Everything always seems more expensive when it’s charged through insurance, and my guess is you’d be able to find a pretty good quality one on Amazon that’ll last you a while. The one our pelvic floor therapist recommends is the Serola SI belt, which I think is around $50.

    @missa_lyssa Happy birthday! That cake sounds amazing and I might need to steal the recipe for my birthday this year!!

    @dinomeetsjedi So exciting that she’s starting to move so consistently! My anxiety levels have plummeted since I’ve started feeling him kick consistently. I feel like he’s just reassuring me, “I’m okay Mama!” It’s nice to have that piece of mind and so exciting to have that reminder that there’s an actual human growing in there!

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    @aloha_mama We’re actually building our house only a couple blocks away from our condo so we’re just having friends/family help us move everything in a few trips, maybe over a few days. So hopefully not too much strenuous work for me. I was hoping to get settled and just have it done before the baby arrives but now that it’s looking like the timeline’s getting pushed back, I’m hoping it’ll maybe be easier on me to move with a newborn than when pregnant anyway. Glad to hear you’re done with the traveling/moving and it went smoothly!
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    @Blondesweety444 I'll be thinking of you on Dec 8th!

    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: April 7, 20+5


    Team blue/pink/green: Blue

    Upcoming appointments: Had ultrasound today and everything looks great 💙, then next one is mid December. I'll do my glucose test around then too.

    How are you feeling? I'm on allll the meds for nausea, but haven't been needing to take Zofran as much lately which I'm happy about. Otherwise just tired. Got my booster today and chugged Gatorade so hopefully that does the trick and I don't feel yucky from that.

    Rants/raves: I'm super excited to see family this weekend and have DD join her first family holiday! So crazy that we haven't done an extended family holiday since before she was born. Makes sense, but still wild.

    Questions: STM+ do you have a favorite wrap? I have the ergo baby embrace but didn't use it much, and looking to see if there are any Black Friday deals around.
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    @lemonlove86 I had the k'tan wrap and liked it. I didn't compare with any other wraps, but I was generally happy with it. Once DS5 got bigger we swapped to the Tula which I found much more comfortable and less complicated than the LilleBaby.
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    bluecampanulabluecampanula member
    edited November 2021
    @minnie_yoga_mama we moved with an almost 2 month old and a 2 yo. DH had to do pretty much all the packing while I took care of the kids. Our family was also able to help with the day of the move - loading and unloading since we only moved a couple hours away. Which definitely made it more manageable. 

    EDD/ weeks + days: April 16/ 19+2

    FTM/STM/TTM+: 4TM 

    Team blue/pink/green: 💚

    Upcoming appointments: anatomy scan next week!

    How are you feeling? Pretty good! Plenty of BHs but also some baby rolls - DH felt one last night. 

    Rants: this weekend has me so stressed. We’re doing the dinner with a couple other families and we’ve got so many food allergies/intolerances between us that even making mashed potatoes seems more complicated than it should be. And someone mentioned they usually cook the turkey in a bag dusted with flour - I never realized this was a thing! Please don’t kill my ability to absorb nutrients while I’m pregnant. 

    Raves: I’ve been addressing Christmas envelopes as my downtime activity and I think I’ve got all the family/friends ones done that need to be mailed. Just the work ones left, which can be delivered there. 

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    @doxiemoxie212 Which one do you have? I didn’t know insurance covered it either but when I mentioned to my OB I was already having hip and lower back pain she wrote me a prescription. But if it’s $165 like they quoted I’m not even going to bother and I’ll just get the one I want from Belly Bandit.
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    doxiemoxie212doxiemoxie212 member
    edited November 2021
    @aloha_mama this one. It's specifically for SI joint stability, but it helps with SPD as well. If you're just needing something to support your bump (like having lower back pain but higher up than your SI joint, if that makes sense) then I would look into Bao Bei products - developed by pelvic floor PTs.


    ETA: the key with this one is you need to keep it low enough, so it should sit across the middle of your butt and almost around your pubic bone in front.
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    @aloha_mama Ditto to @doxiemoxie212’s SI belt suggestion— this is the same exact one I use and it works great! I try to situate it low over my hips, kind of where my tailbone would be. So helpful, if anyone here is looking for relief from acute or sharp back pain in that area! If experiencing an acute bout of pain it’s typically recommended to wear it 24/7 until the sharpness of that pain subsides.
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    @robbenson 😂 I love the nickname Snack! When my mom was pregnant with me, my brother who was 5 or 6 at the time wanted to name me Ice Cream. I take it as a sign of affection that he wanted to name me after something he loved, lol.
    Me: 30 // Hubs: 31
    Married May 2019
    Baby #1 due April 19, 2022
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    @Avrilmai The email I got was from a DME company. I’m just going to buy the one I want lol I’m so sorry to hear about your scare last week, I hope you get the answers you need from your OB today so you can feel a little more peaceful.
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    @Avrilmai I’ll be thinking of you today and hope you get some reassurance at your appointment. So scary to have that kind of experience. ❤️
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    @Ivorytower2 happy baby, the OG - could use from birth to 2yo (wraps are really only until 3mo). Join the FB group - the resale value is insane. Wait for the next color season drop unless they're doing a black Friday deal, but they probably aren't because they're usually sold out.
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    @Ivorytower2 I think for the dress it depends on your body shape. Could you share a photo of you neck down in a dress? But I think generally black hides much more than other colors.
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