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GTKY- Thanksgiving

Getting to know you, Thanksgiving edition! If you celebrate the holiday:

Favorite dish-

Least favorite dish- 

Do you prefer to eat earlier or later in the day-

Fun traditions-

Re: GTKY- Thanksgiving

  • Getting to know you, Thanksgiving edition! If you celebrate the holiday:

    Favorite dish-all the CARBS

    Least favorite dish-we never have a cranberry sauce, no desire 

    Do you prefer to eat earlier or later in the day-later

    Fun traditions-Not many, watch old home movies and play games usually. 
  • Favorite dish- Green bean casserole, my grandma’s yeast rolls, and stuffing (drooling)

    Least favorite dish- I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin or pecan pies. Or turkey lol

    Do you prefer to eat earlier or later in the day- Earlier, so I can take a nap and have seconds later

    Fun traditions- I make key lime pie for Thanksgiving. I love watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade while I prepare the food! 
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  • Favorite dish- my mom’s cranberry apple bake 

    Least favorite dish- mashed potatoes 

    Do you prefer to eat earlier or later in the day- earlier

    Fun traditions- Black Friday shopping with my mom and sisters! 
  • Favorite dish- it's actually the next day homemade sandwiches. We make home made oatmeal bread and then make a mini Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich toasted in a pan and everyone gets their sandwich with their favorites. So good!

    Least favorite- pumpkin anything. My husband likes pumpkin so we always have it. This year we already made pumpkin ice cream. I'm not a super fan of either thing so ok.

    When to eat- we aim for 3-4 pm. I don't shop after but we play cards and eat dessert at like 6 pm.

    Fun Traditions- We make Champagne Turkey a recipe from Vincent Price and we only make it once a year because it's so bad for you but delicious. Playing whist and cribbage. Black Friday is for making caramels.
  • Favorite dish- My cousin makes this dish out of collard greens topped with bacon and Parmesan. So good! 

    Least favorite dish- stuffing

    Do you prefer to eat earlier or later in the day- Earlier. Then we can have a late breakfast and I don’t have to choose between making lunch or starving, haha.

    Fun traditions- 🤷‍♀️ We get together with extended family that we only see a few times a year. Other than that some groups break off to play euchre or darts. I like to walk a bit (depending on where we are) and sit by the fire. 
  • Favorite dish- my moms stuffing

    Least favorite dish- the turkey.. hah

    Do you prefer to eat earlier or later in the day- earlier! Then seconds or desert for dinner. 

    Fun traditions- My mom used to host thanksgiving for our whole extended family. It was so much fun getting to see everyone. This past year she didn’t because of the pandemic, and this year she decided not to either. Also, my grandmother (her mom) is not doing well right now so it makes this holiday hard. But I’ll be holding onto those memories ❤️
  • Favorite dish- bread and Mac & Cheese

    Least favorite dish- almost all of it. I'm a texture eater and I don't like mushy/soupy/mixed textures. So that's most Thanksgiving food. 

    Do you prefer to eat earlier or later in the day- Earlier so I can eat Nirmal food for dinner and not be hungry 😂

    Fun traditions- my Dad's side always gets together to play football in the morning. There's 40-60 people that show up, teams of 5-7 people on modified fields. They started when my Dad was a kid and the only year it didn't happen was last year with covid.  I'm excited to watch them play and hang out with my cousins who I haven't seen in years now.
  • We call it fall festival or something now because DH can't stomach the idea of pretending Thanksgiving has a cheerful origin story lol. We're also mostly vegan so that kind of knocks the wind out of it. 

    Favorite dish- mashed potatoes

    Least favorite dish- like literally anything else traditionally thanksgiving-y

    Do you prefer to eat earlier or later in the day- I hated eating at 3pm when I was growing up, I thought it was so annoying that we spent all this time making all this food and then no one was hungry enough to eat any of it because everyone snacked through lunch and then had to eat like 5 hours earlier than they usually would? So we just do meals at the normal times we would now. 

    Fun traditions- We do a thankful turkey a la Busy Toddler with DD3, and that's pretty fun, but it's a whole November thing. 
  • Favorite dish- Ditto to the leftover sandwiches on fresh homemade bread!! 😋 I am also a cranberry person so I will slather cranberry sauce on everything so all of the food is cranberry something. For dessert I’m partial to pumpkin bread with a cup of homemade slow cooked apple cider, simmered using apples, oranges, and whole cinnamon sticks. 🥰

    Least favorite dish- It totally depends on the recipe and dish— any of these foods could be either really good or not so good. I guess apple pie would be my least favorite. I’d pick almost any dessert option over apple pie.

    Do you prefer to eat earlier or later in the day- Earlier always feels better, and will usually fill us up for the rest of the day! Our family will typically do a 1PM “dinner.”

    Fun traditions- My favorite part of Thanksgiving was always watching the dog show, since I’m an animal lover! 😍 My husband loves watching football so we always are sure to have that on too of course. Immediately following Thanksgiving dinner we will typically listen to Christmas music to officially switch our celebrations! The weekend after Thanksgiving is always the weekend we decorate the house and put up our Christmas tree while watching Christmas movies and cartoons! 🎄 

  • Favorite dish-  Sweet potato soufflé and stuffing 

    Least favorite dish- my husbands family makes “shelled beans” and well case in point…  

    Do you prefer to eat earlier or later in the day- Like 2/3 ish 

    Fun traditions- honestly I give my husband thanksgiving with his family so We can do Christmas with mine and his family is kind of boring :(

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  • Favorite dish- Day after turkey sandwiches with cream cheese, cranberry sauce and turkey.

    Least favorite dish- Turkey. We are skipping turkey entirely this year and smoking brisket and pork belly instead.

    Do you prefer to eat earlier or later in the day- When I was a kid we would always eat at like 8 pm because the turkey timing never worked out and I hated it because we didn't get to snack throughout the day. Now it is nice because we can do 2 Thanksgivings if we really want to because most people seem to eat around 2. Although I think my metabolism is getting too old for 2 Thanksgivings.

    Fun traditions- We never really had any "traditions" for any holiday growing up. We just kind of did the bare minimum for every holiday and most holidays left my parents grouchy and annoyed with us, so the most I can say is we made dinner on Thanksgiving. I'm really excited to be able to start my own traditions with the family I'm creating with this little one. It's one of the things that made me cry thinking about the other day.

    @Blondesweety444 I laughed so hard at the twice slapped turkey.
  • @dinomeetsjedi I have a snapchat saved of DH slapping our turkey. I'll have to share it some time once we all get to that point. Oh and I forgot they also stab it now too. So it has turned into "twice slapped once shanked turkey" Apparently we don't get out much  :D

    Also - I've been trying hard to create family traditions too. My mom was really good at this and it's why my family has continued to be so close as we got older. I'm sure you will be able to do the same with your sweet little family! <3 
  • Oops, started this and forgot to participate! 

    Favorite dish- Ooh it’s so hard to choose, so many favorites! I’d say the top for me are sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, and stuffing. Oh and the pies of course! Apple and pumpkin, every year. 

    Least favorite dish- Bleh to cranberry sauce! I also don’t like pecan pie. 

    Do you prefer to eat earlier or later in the day- Later. It’s so weird to me that people like to eat dinner in the afternoon on just that one day. 

    Fun traditions- Breaking the wish bone, doing a thankful Turkey with DS4 leading up to the holiday, and Black Friday shopping the next day. 
  • Favorite dish- probaably mashed potatoes.  This is the first year we are adding mac and cheese, but I'm sure it'll be a top contender

    Least favorite dish-green bean casserole 🤢 Also not a fan of cranberry sauce or any kind of pie.

    Do you prefer to eat earlier or later in the day- we usually eat twice 😆 Once on my moms side (early) and once on my dads (late), although since covid we've been skimping on all the holidays on my dads side since they are a large group

    Fun traditions- we dont really have any. I need to start some!

    @robbenson I'm a texture eater too so my food touching or gravy on stuff is a hard no for me. 
  • @amys614 I didn't know you also hate your food to touch!!! As a kid (and still sometimes now...) I ate all my food in separate bowls to eliminate the possibility lololol
  • @doxiemoxie212 😆😆😆 Totally! Chinet divided plates are a non negotiable for holidays at my house. No fancy dishes here. If I'm desperate, I will use Mateos Paw Patrol divided tiny plate if I have foods that may act up and move on a regular day.
  • I'll also eat my food in order: first-what doesn't taste as good if it gets cold, second-whatever foods that I don't want touched by the other foods/juices. Gotta keep em separate 
  • Favorite dish- If I had to pick just one, my mom’s dressing/stuffing.

    And unlike several people here, I like my food mixed together! If not mixed on the plate, I get a bit of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, etc. on my fork at once.

    Least favorite dish- Green bean casserole. For some reason I always ended up being the one to make it (probably because it was relatively easy and my mom was busy with more complicated things), but I would never eat it.

    Do you prefer to eat earlier or later in the day- Earlier, between 1 and 3 depending on who’s hosting.

    Fun traditions- When I was a kid, we would break the wishbone from the previous Thanksgiving.
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  • Favorite dish- my grandma's mashed potatoes (I'm sure there is an obscene amount of butter in them that makes them taste so good)

    Least favorite dish-  cranberry sauce. I don't think many people in my family like this...also, it's always the canned version. I also don't like Pumpkin Pie

    Do you prefer to eat earlier or later in the day- earlier

    Fun traditions- hoping to start some of our own in the next few years. but in the past we'd eat at noon and then in the afternoon play board games. I also like watching thanksgiving day/night football.

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  • @Avrilmai I’ve always been curious to try canned cranberry sauce! It looks like jello!

    I think my unpopular thanksgiving opinion is that I actually like cranberry sauce hahaha. That seems to be a winner for the “least favorite” on this thread.
  • Favorite dish- mashed potatoes 

    Least favorite dish- literally all of it. American thanksgiving foods are 1950’s bastard foods and they are grotesque. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows? Green beans smothered in gross cream of whatever with glorified funions on top? Gross. I prefer actual food foods. Give me a nice steak, or some tacos, or some ramen or legit anything that’s actually tasty and not repellant. 

    Do you prefer to eat earlier or later in the day- 4 PM

    Fun traditions- we go to my in laws and it’s a big, Italian, catholic family. It’s vaguely exhausting but fun
  • @hoosiermamajayden Me too on the cranberry sauce! We make our own by simmering whole cranberries with a cinnamon stick, orange peel and zest, and some sugar. The berries burst apart and it’s soooo delicious!
  • @doxiemoxie212 @amys614 I did not like my food touching as a kid but now I'm all like, "lets get the turkey, all the sides, and put it on a roll" and eat it. I do this with breakfast foods too, lol.

    Favorite dish- Green Bean casserole my whole life but now its tied with MIL's mashed potatoes covered in carmelized onions. She makes those mashed taters a lot though and there is never green bean casserole any other time but holidays.

    Least favorite dish- those sweet potatoes with the marshmallows. 

    Do you prefer to eat earlier or later in the day- I'm with all the early +Leftovers people! I hate that I'm not hosting this year, won't have any leftovers!

    Fun traditions- we used to do football games back in the day before i moved away, but my H's fam doesn't really do anything traditional. The foods are traditional for me, I guess. Now we get a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving because of how expensive they are..otherwise I feel like its a waste. So we do that every year. 
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