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The Great Big Name Thread

Can we start a name thread???  Here we can talk all things names, ask for suggestions, try things out on each other, etc. 


Re: The Great Big Name Thread

  • I I have the worst time with picking names! For DD1, we went to the hospital with 2 names and named her after the birth (we didn’t have her name “Juliana” on the list until about 3 days before I had her), with DD2, we went to the hospital with 2 names, decided we didn’t like either, called her “baby” for almost 48 hours before deciding to name her Annabeth, which had been the original pick for DD1. With DS, we had a handful of names we were fine with but didn’t love. About 18 hours after he was born, I looked at DH and was like “Let’s just call him Eli”. I’m literally dreading picking a fourth name 😂 so any ideas on more traditional/romantic girls names that go with Juliana, Annabeth, and Eli
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    I like uncommon names, DD is Ainsley, DS is Landry. I knew like immediately when we found out  boy/girl with each what their name would be. This girl, I have ZERO idea!! 😩
    We have thrown around the idea of keeping it an “A” or an “L” name, because that’s what the rest of us all are… AJ, Lala(Lauren), Ainsley, Landry - but I don’t know if that’s like, cheesy and weird or not. And we are from the south and incorporating a family name somehow is pretty popular, but we have already used the only family names I really wanted to use as middle names for the other two so I’m kindof out of ideas there too LOL. 
    Naming kids is way harder than it should be! 
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  • My girls are Ava and Mya. I think I’ve ruled out any other 3 letter names but I’m still wanting a short 2 syllable name, also ending with -ah sound. I’m a little worried about it being too cheesy? My top picks are Brea and Leah. My h has hesitantly okayed Brea. 

    So is it more weird to stick with the -ah ending names or to find one that doesn’t?
  • @happynapper I’m also wondering that bc a couple of the names on our list end in that long E sound/with a y. I sometimes wonder if my brain is subconsciously doing that bc they go along with the other two names as a sibset or not LOL.  
    I think either of your choices go great with your other girls’ names!! 
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    @skc040512 I have consulted Lala’s big book of a million baby names. I’ve had the book since my first pregnancy and dragged it back out the other day LOL!!! Here’s what it gives to go with your kids’ names:
    Isabelle or Isabella

  • @skc040512
  • Names are the hardest! I remember having a wish list of little girl names before we had DD and we went with a name now even on the lost: Olivia 

    this boy…all my wish list names just don’t sound right now that this is going to name a real baby.
  • @MrsLaLaBug
    i don’t think it’s cheesy at all to stick with an L or A name! 
  • @skc040512 I love my nieces name Vivienne and feel like it fits your criteria. 

    @MrsLaLaBug I like the idea of keeping an A or L. I think it'a fun! 

    @happynapper I don't think it's cheesy! I realized I like four letter Z names so if we have a girl the name will have that same style lol 

    My husband is Moroccan and really wanted to find an Arabic name we both liked, so we've landed on Zayn 💙
  • @skc040512 what about:

    @happynapper maybe Lila? 

  • What is the input on boy names that are classic but trendy. But not super trendy? 
  • @And846 I love classic names personally! My best friend named her daughter Elizabeth (Lizzie) and with as many Elizabeth’s as I grew up with, I barely see any now. I also love:
    I feel like classic names will always be “popular” to an extent, but with how many unique names are used now, it’s not the same as naming someone Lauren or Ashley in the 80’s
  • My current top names are Jack and Nora. Once we find out the sex we will discuss in more depth and finalize. But I love those options and feel relieved to have narrowed in on favorites so early 
  • Our top contenders at the moment for our girl are:
    Amielle (Ah-me-Elle)
    Laine (DH wants to veto)
    I’m probably the oddball here who likes the very uncommon names 😂 Both my other kids have “weird” names by other peoples standards I’m sure 😂
  • @And846 I really don’t think you can go wrong with a classic name! Trendy or not! 
    @skc040512 I’m DED 😂😂😂 bc I’m an 80’s baby and I’m a Lauren and it’s so true. There were a lot of us. And Ashley’s and Jessica’s and Tiffany’s. 😂😂😂
  • @MrsLaLaBug I feel like Laine fits well with your other kids names. 

    The struggle is real. with DS we didn’t have a problem he’s Wyatt and DD was supposed to be Adeline, but I kept calling her Addison which is what we named her. 

    This time we settled on our girls name pretty much when we found out we were pregnant-

    Nora Saige 

    But for a boys name my husband wants it to have his initials and middle name (cameron) so basically I’m limited to B names only for a boy. He like Braden, i don’t we have a high school, middle school and town around here “Braden River” and all I can hear is the kid being picked on for being named after a school lol.

    I like Barret (1 t same as my husband Bret), Brooks, Beau, and Benjamin. He said he’s coming around to Barret but won’t budge on the middle name. Now I love any name that’s not a B 

    We aren’t finding out the sex until birth so that gives me time to throw more names out there…  

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  • 80s kid here as well. Don’t forget about all the Jennifer’s. So many of them in each class! My name was what i used to refer to as an old fogie name but i grew to love it in high school. 

    @MrsLaLaBug i love Laine! 

    @skc040512 love Henry as well! So hard cause DH is vetoing all my suggestions. 
    AST pregnancy before we knew gender i suggested Sebastian and now he is like “what about Sebastian” and i no longer been like it. 
  • @itsagalsworls1024 love the name Brooks! 
    @And846 Jennifer’s yes! And Stephanies too lol
  • @itsagalsworls1024 I’ve always liked the name Bohdi!
  • As a Brittany…totally agree with this conversation 😆

    DD has a gender neutral-ish name (although I always associate it with girls anyway). The only names we’ve agreed on so far this time are Logan and Morgan. I like Logan more but DD’s name + Logan = a girl’s name from my gym
    and I have this weird complex that she’s going to think I’m obsessed with her lol 
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  • I'm a Jessica, can relate. 

    I'm glad we found out we are having a boy because boy names are SO hard for us. DS is named Leonard and we call him Lenny. 

    I've seen friends use family last names as first names so I kind of like Irvine (fits with our very grandpaesque theme lol) - but I'm not sure about nicknames, Vinny is not my fave. Other contenders:


    I had tossed "Ziggy" out as a name and DH was like "we cannot have one kid named Leonard and one named Ziggy, that's not fair" lol
  • @karisahamdi my husband is Pakistani, so similar name game happening here. Although, we don’t know gender yet and won’t until Christmas, so we haven’t given it much serious thought, these are the current contenders:


    Sophia or Safia

    Our other 2 girls are Nora and Lillian.
  • @annashaf Zara is our top girl name! I do also love the name Amena, but it's his sister's name and she's named after their dad's sister, so I feel like that would be too many Mena's lol
  • @annashaf I love the names you guys have picked so far. I knew a kid named Malik, and he was such a great kid, so good association there, and my neighbor's name is Safia, and she is so sweet!

    We have always had a girl's name, like even before we got married. It's Annalise (although I'm not 100% on how we'd spell it.) My husband's great aunt's name was Annalise and every time I've heard people talk about her, they say she was a saint. Also, I just love that name. She went by Analee and I think that's what we would call our little girl, too if the baby is in fact a girl.

    DS's names is Jeremiah and we had a very hard time coming up with that... I have no clue what we'll name this baby if it's a boy. In Judaism, we name after family members who have passed. Jeremiah is named after DH's grandfather, Jacob, and his middle name, Robert, is after my grandfather. Most recently, DH has lost his grandmother, whose name was Marjorie... Not really sure how we could use that. My grandmother passed a long time ago but I would be open to using her name, which was Beverly, and she went by Pepper, but I also have no clue how we would use that... If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears!

    We have a lot of Jacobs in our family, Roberts, and Davids, so I don't want to use any of those names. 
  • @runninginva Annaliese is on our short list too! Just different spelling! I think it’s so pretty. 
  • I keep coming here going through everyone’s lists hoping a name just finally jumps out at me haha. Girl
    names are so hard to me!!

    We like the names Reese and Laine as middle names but of course depending on the first name we decide on those may not work. So hard!!
  • @laketide Reese is on our list too! I’m really sad about DH pretty much vetoing Laine. I think it’s so pretty. 
  • We're going with Gunner James Grady - Gunner is a name we had initially picked out, and both James and Grady are family names. 
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  • Change of plans now that we are team Pink. Nora no longer in the running. Other options:
    Adaline (Addy)
    Rose (Rosie)

    Any feedback? I love classic and prefer Irish. 
  • @tacosandtums LOVE Rowan, Cora, and Shea from your list! Cora was my GGGrandmothers name and I feel like it’s classic yet romantic. But honestly all of them are pretty!! 
  • @tacosandtums I love Cora and I like Rose. I don’t know if this fits your vibe but I also love the names Ruby and Hazel (ironically both colors… not intentional hah) 
  • @tacosandtums do you feel comfortable sharing your other kids’ names? I love the names Cora, Shea, and Rowan from your list above. Rory is another suggestion 
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  • @b_1029 I have Declan and Lila 🙂
  • We already have a Jack, Eloise and Grace. Naming twins is so hard because they have to sound good together too. We are stumped at the moment. I like more modern or unisex names and my husband likes classic, feminine names. So finding two girl names we can agree on will be tricky.  My top choice right now is Maxwell.
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  • We are not good at picking names at all.  We didn't have names for birth certificates at the hospital until the day we were being discharged with either of our first.  We had a partial name for each from the getgo but couldn't decide on a first/middle combination.  This baby I bet we will end up down to the wire again  :D.  We have Leah and Hannah now.  I like the idea of keeping the same end sound with the next one.  Have to do some digging to see if there are family names we need to consider adding too.  In judiasm it's common to name babies after family that has passed.  Both the girls are partially named that way so we will need to figure out if there are names we need to honor that way too.  Leah was named after Leon and Hannah we used my grandmothers middle name. 
  • We are having such a hard time picking a name. DH had already said he wanted to name baby Tyson if it was a boy, BUT it's a girl and we can't seem to decide. We really liked Hadley, but baby's last name will be Lee so trying to stay away from names that end in -ly sound. He liked Harper for a while but have mostly moved on from that name at well. Right now our top name is Kora. She would have the same initials as DH (KL), but we can't seem come up with a good middle name to go with Kora Lee. 
  • @nikkimc8, I love the name Kora Lee! That goes together so well. That's probably why it's hard to come up with a middle name... Because you don't want separate those names. Is there anyone you want to name her after? Maybe use that as inspiration for a middle name. Just an idea... 
  • @tacosandtums Declan, Lila, and Shea has a nice ring to it to me! But I am not an expert on sibling names haha 
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  • I feel like this child is never gonna have a name and if I’m honest, its making me feel a little more disconnected than I have with my other two pregnancies where I just knew the names like immediately. I’m sure that’s probably just me being hormonal. I don’t know why it’s so hard committing  to a name this time around other than this was a complete shock and surprise pregnancy. 
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