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Weekly Check-In Week of 11/8

Estimated due date/ weeks + days:


Team blue/pink/green:

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Re: Weekly Check-In Week of 11/8

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  • @natashajn I just need to get into the habit of reminding everyone I see in the office that we don’t want to know! 
  • @minnie_yoga_mama you won't be able to tell if it's a head or a butt for quite some time, I don't think. They're constantly flipping at this gestation, and they're so skinny it could also be two feet, etc.

    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 19+2


    Team blue/pink/green: blue

    Upcoming appointments: anatomy the day before thanksgiving (which I realize now is like... pretty late... so hopefully nothing is wrong because I think our window to terminate is like, the next day...)

    How are you feeling? still nauseas every few days, still a lot of pain.

    Rants/raves: seeing the new PT today for the first time! She's also a certified pilates instructor, so I'm hoping that she can show me exercises I can do on my pilates tower. And I have acupuncture after, so I should feel good tonight. I usually have no nausea the rest of the day after acupuncture and I feel extremely relaxed. No real rant. DH is telling his office I'm pregnant today, so hopefully that goes well? I'm excited to find out how much paternity they'll give him. Hopefully 75% or more of the full amount since he'll have been there 9-10 months when I'm due, and the full amount is for 12+ months of employment.

    Questions: nope
  • @minnie_yoga_mama oh actually though, the lopsided thing is probably a braxton hicks. I got them all the time my first pregnancy, and I thought it was a butt or something until it happened at my OB's office and she was like oh you're having a braxton hicks. I get them even more this pregnancy.
  • @Ivorytower2, you made me LOL, $89 pillow case! This Black Friday I’ll be looking into baby boys clothes and kitchen stuff (we are going through a remodeling in Jan)

    @aloha_mama, I am always impressed by team green parents, I have never been able to hold off on finding out. I hope that nobody gives it away for your sake.

    @doxiemoxie212, I hope your DH conversation at work went well and you guys get what you hoped for paternity leave.

    Lots of anatomy scans coming up around thanksgiving! Wishing everyone the best!

    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: April 17/ 17w4d


    Team blue/pink/green: 💙💙💙

    Upcoming appointments: anatomy scan and 20 week appt on Dec 1st. 

    How are you feeling? Feeling better every day. Still get exhausted by end of the day, but I think it has to do more with having two littles than the pregnancy alone.

    Rants/raves: loving to feel this baby move around! Rant-back up care from work is not very reliable, with Covid they don’t have a lot of nannies available, so now we have to resort to family, not optimal.

    Questions: natm
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  • DH chickened out of telling work -_- 

    @Ivorytower2 um lol a better coffee setup for DH? Good to know about the Snoo though. Not sure I want to pull the trigger on it before finding out if the regular basinet will work again. I've been buying some stuff from Lou Lou & Co this week, though, because they're doing their black friday sales early (different item every day with a code at like 8am or something). Their swaddle blankets are my fav, they were created by a NICU nurse.

    @rbflei I can really only wear leggings from beyond yoga now. Or sweatpants. I need softness. I don't think I can go back to wearing jeans... like ever
  • @hoosiermamajayden Yes! I HATE how early it gets dark now!
  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 4/18 - 17ish weeks


    Team blue/pink/green: Blue

    Upcoming appointments: I scheduled my anatomy scan with the high risk OB and cannot, for the life of me, remember when it is.

    How are you feeling?
    Still nauseous and still don't want to eat but I know I have to. I love the hostess donuts that are like yellow on the inside and plasticky chocolate on the outside. They are like 70% air so when I eat them it doesn't make my stomach feel gross. Not healthy but it's one of the few things that I don't want to lay down 10 seconds after eating.

    Rants/raves: We finally did the big social media announcement and since we took awhile we were able to include it's a boy in the announcement. I'm happy everyone knows now.

    Questions: Nope
  • Estimated due date/weeks + days: Apr 19/17+2


    Team blue/pink/green: Don’t know yet!

    Upcoming appointments: Ultrasound on Tuesday! It’s our first one and we’re so excited to find out boy or girl! 

    How are you feeling? Mostly good, I just get tired and out of breath very quickly. Last day or two I’ve also had a bit of lower abdominal soreness (not like cramps or sharp pains, just like muscle aches). I think with the weight of my belly increasing, I’ve been unconsciously tensing those muscles a lot, so trying to relax more.

    Raves: We found out this week that my husband’s job just started offering paid paternity leave a couple months ago! We thought he was going to have to use vacation or take unpaid leave. Not sure yet how much time he’ll get, but hopefully we’ll find out soon!

    We were talking to my in-laws about our upcoming ultrasound and finding out the gender, and my MIL said, “The baby’s only 5 inches tall! Will they really be able to see those tiny genitals?!” And my FIL goes, “If it’s a Jones, they will!” (Fake last name.) He apologized for being crude, but we were laughing so hard. 🤣

    We also found a Bradley method class in our area that goes from Jan to Mar. I thought that seemed a little late for an April birth, but there aren’t many other options here and I’m excited enough about the method that I don’t mind too much.

    Questions: I feel like I had one but can’t remember. 😆

    @rbflei Leggings and jeans work for me, but I also bought a pair of maternity yoga pants that are nice and loose around the legs. Super comfy.
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  • This week totally got away from me!

    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 4/3, 19+4


    Team blue/pink/green: green 

    Upcoming appointments:  saw MFM this week/anatomy scan, baby looks great, I have a complete previa, so just hoping things move up as everything grows

    How are you feeling? tired, always. 

    Rants/raves: I've definitely "popped" and none of my regular clothes fit anymore. but I went to visit a friend who had her baby about a month ago and she gave me all of her maternity clothes.

    Questions: natm

    @Ivorytower2 thinking of getting DS the PB everywhere chair, and possibly a new roomba

    TTC#1 10/2016
    TTC/IF:included medicated cycles, IUIs and 2 rounds of IVF with 1 embryo each. 
    BFP finally in 12/2018

    TTC#2 06/2021
    planning FET

    "Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks,
    some doors are open, some roads are blocked" 

  • @hoosiermamajayden yay!! Good for you, I really need to make myself buy some new clothes.

    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: April 7 19w


    Team blue/pink/green: Green!

    Upcoming appointments: Nov 19 we have our anatomy scan. Excited and nervous!!

    How are you feeling? Overall good! I'm still having issues with plugged ears but I doubt it's going to go away. Been a bit anxious about my weight gain as I really haven't put much on and my tummy is still quite little. 

    Rants/raves: I started feeling the baby 4 days ago. I was laying in bed and felt 3 strong kicks to my hand, I was shocked. Since then I've been feeling baby move fairly regular and my mom even felt a kick yesterday! 

    Questions: Anyone else only put on a little weight so far (like 5lbs)?! I'm tall 5ft8 and naturally pretty thin. The midwives say so long as I'm adding an extra 500 calories a day, not to worry and that I'll likely just be someone who puts on less weight. Still makes me anxious though! I just keep focusing on the fact that baby is very active and that is a good thing :)
  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 15w4d


    Team blue/pink/green: Pink!

    Upcoming appointments: had a quick one yesterday. She found the HB right away. Otherwise, go for spina bifida blood test work only next week. Next appt and anatomy scan scheduled for 12/8

    How are you feeling? I thinkkkkk I can probably start weaning off unisom and b6. I haven't been gagging at all, which I was still doing multiple times per day with the medicine. Im nervous about it though so maybe next week just to be sure.

    Rants/raves: I really love my new OB office. I am a nervous nelly and my BP is alwayssss high at the doctor. Always. This landed me in L&D almost every week my last pregnancy. Ive been taking it at home and its been in the 100/60 range. At my appt this week it was 141/93, but she was just so chill about it bc my daily readings at home are good and I calibrated my machine with theirs. Ive met 2 of the 5 now and I love them both. Hopefully the next 3 are as awesome. I need chill doctors bc I have zero chill. Oh I also gained 10lbs in thr last 5 weeks and she didnt mention it so she gets an extra gold star. It should level out now that I don't have to munch on carbs day and night. 

    @hoosiermamajayden not it on the jackpot. I just ordered my next size up in leggings bc even my calves feel crammed in these babies. 

  • @covegirl100 I'm 5'8 and very skinny normally too, and with DD3 I didn't gain any weight beyond probably some boob before 20 weeks. And then I gained 45 lbs between 20-40 weeks lol. I wasn't, like, trying to or not trying to, that's just what happened. This time I didn't gain any weight until liiiike 16 weeks? And then I gained 10 lbs in one week. ONE WEEK! Not fun on my joints. Anyway, weight gain is an average across the whole of pregnancy, but it doesn't usually happen linearly for people. 
  • edited November 2021
    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: Apr 7 / 19+1


    Team blue/pink/green: Blue!

    Upcoming appointments: Dec 8th for a follow up ultrasound (details below) and checkup

    How are you feeling? Overall pretty good. Still feel just crummy enough in the evenings that its hard to eat dinner sometimes. I go between so hungry I'm shaking to so full I might puke very quickly. 

    We had our anatomy scan yesterday. I forgot how long and boring those can be. At one point I looked over at DH and he was almost falling asleep. It's always fun to see baby, but there's so many measurements of every single bone, kidneys, placenta, etc. that it takes so long. Especially when they tell you to come with a full bladder!
    Everything looked really good with our scan. He's on track and didn't see any areas for concern. They weren't able to get a good scan on his heart so I have to go in for another ultrasound next time. I won't complain at getting to see him again!!
    HOWEVER, this is playing out exactly like it did with DS5. 20 week scan went great, just missing one measurement due to positioning. Go back in for 24 week quick ultrasound and BOOM shit hits the fan and we realize that something is going very very wrong. So the fact that the exact same scenario is happening is giving me a little deja vu fears. The doctor seemed happy and reassured me that we're doing everything we possibly can to ensure a healthy baby. He ended the appt by saying "pregnancy is a natural bodily phenomenon, not a disease" LOL, such a weirdo!
    Rant is that they gave us 6 pictures total from the scan and all of them are total garbage. Most of them are blurry, the only one you can really see anything is of a foot. Gee thanks guys.

    Questions: Anyone else's vag feel weird? I don't know how to describe it, but its like pressure and little twinges. I don't know if its growing pains or something I should worry about? They measured my cervix yesterday and said it was fine at 3CM. 

    ETA: words are hard  :D
  • @Blondesweety444 there are a lot of reasons why that can happen, but it falls into the category of "common not normal." ie, go see a pelvic floor physical therapist! I could be tightness or atrophy or a variety of other things I am in no way qualified to know anything about, but they can all contribute to things like incontinence after pregnancy or pelvic girdle pain (all those muscles connect to our big ones and ligaments, etc) so it's good to get it looked at sooner than later! (I have similar feelings, and I see a pelvic floor PT)
  • @covegirl100 My first pregnancy I only gained 15lb total and barely showed, even up to my delivery (although DD6 was a preemie). This time I’m tracking about the same, I’m at 16 weeks and have maybe gained 2lb and am just now kind of sticking out. Everyone is different, everyone carries and shows differently, as long as you and baby are healthy and you aren’t changing your diet or exercise to have weight loss as your main focus, and as long as your OB/CNM is good with your progress, try not to worry! I know, I know, easier said than done in pregnancy, everything is cause for worry. 
  • @doxiemoxie212 & @aloha_mama thanks for sharing your experiences!! Makes me feel so much better. 😊😊
  • @covegirl100 Agreed that everyone (and every pregnancy) is different. With my first, I had gained 15-20 pounds by this point because I ate so many carbs and junk to deal with the morning sickness. This time I started about 15 lbs heavier, but lost some weight and have only gained 1 lb so far. Your doc will let you know if your weight gain is too fast or too slow! 
  • @covegirl100 I’ve only put on 5lbs so far also, and my doctor has no concerns (similarly I’m reasonably slim to begin with). In my first pregnancy I only put on 15lbs total and DD3 was a healthy weight at birth.

    EDD/weeks  + days: April 12. 18/3


    Team blue/pink/green: Blue!

    Upcoming appointments: Regular check up with OB yesterday, all looking good and baby was kicking so much in the car before I went in. Anatomy scan scheduled for the start of December. 

    How are you feeling?: Pretty good overall, just exhausted by evening time. Went for a swim last night and it was so hard! I wish it wasn’t so dark so I could walk at night instead. 

    Rants/raves: Rave: I ordered some maternity leggings and they’re perfect, they fit so well and don’t become transparent when I put them on. Simple pleasures. My last pair were a terrible fit and would bunch between my legs so I looked like MC Hammer by the end of the day. Rant: Work is getting so busy, I don’t know how I’ll train a replacement and try to get everything done.

    Questions: natm

  • @minnie_yoga_mama so exciting that your H can attend the next ultrasound! MH came to my appointment last week and he was totally in awe listening to the heartbeat.

    @aloha_mama good luck on the move! I imagine NC weather will be a rude awakening. It's so hard to decide what you really need when you're making a move, I don't know if you're like us but I swear we are total sentimentalists, MH and I always want to keep everything.

    @jessabelle05 congrats on finishing the move! I can totally sympathize with your conflicting feelings about MIL staying with. We had to live with our inlaws for a few months a couple of years ago when we were renovating our new home, and while it was nice to have dinner ready for us every night, we were definitely itching for our own space by the end. I think it's totally normal... you get used to living with one another, and then introducing someone else or others in the mix is such an adjustment.

    @Ivorytower2 omg you made me laugh with the $89 pillow case. I did something similar with an agenda a few years ago, ordering this like tiny pocket black book instead of a letter-size agenda. Hope the actual pillow finally came in!

    @rbflei I have not worn jeans since probably around 10 weeks... I only had one pair that fit and I have no idea where I've put them. Thankful all of my leggings are super stretchy (I hate tight clothing).

    @covegirl100 I've only put on about 6 lbs so far. OB did not mention anything about it at the last appt.

    @Blondesweety444 glad to hear everything is going well so far. Sending good vibes to you that the next few appts are totally uneventful <3
  • @covegirl100 I wouldn't worry too much. I know a girl who had severe HG and had lost 30 pounds by the end of her pregnancy and she was a very small girl to begin with. Her little dude is totally fine. Your dr will let you know if they are concerned at all! :) 
  • @teamama80 What kind of maternity leggings did you get?! I’ve been looking for some, but all the reviews are so mixed. I’d love a personal recommendation.

    If anyone is looking for a maternity jeans, I have the Jessica Simpson skinny jeans and they are super comfortable and awesome. They look like really cute designer jeans (cute in the butt!)

  • @Ivorytower2 Sure. I got ones from A Pea in the Pod, ‘Secret Fit Belly French Terry Maternity Leggings’. They seem to do reductions almost weekly so I wouldn’t pay full price. I just ordered a second pair on sale the other day. 

    I also had Seraphine ones but they were no use expect maybe under dresses, they were pretty see through on. 
  • That sounds very stressful @dinomeetsjedi! glad to hear that everything looks good at this point. Hoping that the cramps and bleeding resolve soon. Glad you had a good experience in the ER, I know that might not always be the case. I hope the next  1.5 weeks go fast so that you can get a good look at the anatomy scan!
  • @dinomeetsjedi That’s scary! Im glad to hear things seem to be okay though, and that the ER was so trauma informed. 
  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: April 29/ 16 weeks today!


    Team blue/pink/green: blue!!

    Upcoming appointments: Monday, just 16 week check in

    How are you feeling?
    Not great, mentally. I am also having a real hard time eating, which I think is affecting my
    mood bc I'm not eating enough. 

    Rants/raves: My co-worker I share an office with is going through a lot, and every teacher is going through a lot-which has led to less interaction with them.  And I was very busy this week and H is going through some stuff-anyway the lack of personal contact with my coworkers really took a toll on my while H was also struggling, and it made me feel super alone. I didn't realize how much I relied on coworker contact and how hard it was on my to have literally everyone not be there when I was super busy and stressed and needed support. Rave: the damn election for the library board is over tomorrow. This time tomorrow I'll know if I got re-elected. We have less than 50 votes to count, lol, so relatively painless. Also-totally feeling movement. Sweet little pulses when I lay down to sleep-not really any other time. 4th time around its still the best damn thing. :)

  • @doxiemoxie212 No way, Braxton Hicks totally wasn’t even on my radar yet!!! I had no idea I could be starting that this early! I’m planning to bring the pic of my contorted belly I took to my next OB appointment to see if she thinks it’s baby or Braxton Hicks!
  • @minnie_yoga_mama probably because this is my bajillionth pregnancy, but I’ve been noticing Braxton Hicks since at least like week 12. 😳
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