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Bump migration poll


Re: Bump migration poll

  • @alylove11 I usually use my phone and never see where notifications are, just logged on from a desktop to find the private group and saw I had about 400 notifications  :o 

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  • I didn't see the invite as well (until I scrolled through notifications). I'll jump on over!
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  • I suck at the bump. I’d love to get to know all of you on fb like I have my other bmbs
  • @photographerwife I haven't seen a notification and I checked them all :(
  • @livingoffpbjs that makes perfect sense because I’m 99% on my phone, I rarely use the computer. 

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  • @chgilmore go under groups and request to join! I have you invited but I don’t know where the invites go! 
  • FWIW the app drives me crazy, and I actually primarily use the bump thru my browser. I just leave a tab open on my phone for my first bump’s private group. Way easier than the app.
  • @ninrms the app drives me crazy too. I don’t even have it on my phone. I use the mobile browser and my notepad to respond to several people, it makes it so much easier! And I keep my mains bookmarked on my safari! 
  • @photographerwife I'm not sure why my invitation hasn't been accepted since I recieved likes on my comment in this thread. Any insight? 
  • I finally logged into the computer to see notifications. I requested to join the group!

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  • @sarahrose1993 Hi Sarah, myself and other members of this group decided to decline your invitation for now. We were only allowing regular participants to come into the private group and onto Facebook. Based off of your activity in this group it looks like your last post, besides asking to join our private group was in August. You have also only had about 5-6 replies in this group the entire 7 months we have been here, and they have not really been directed at anyone and we’re more one off. It’s really nothing personal, but myself and other members decided that we were more comfortable accepting people that we had had regular communication with in the public fourm. We are not totally abandoning this public fourm, if you would like to participate more, we would love to get to know you better! 
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