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  • My sciatic nerve on my left side is going to be the death of me.  Any ideas on how to help alleviate some of the pain? I asked my doctor, and she pretty much told me delivery will fix it, but obviously that's going to be several (14) weeks from now.
  • @makingbacon I have done a few yoga routines on youtube for various pregnancy symptoms (back pain, constipation, etc.) I've seen them for sciatic pain too. Maybe that'll help?
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  • @makingbacon can you ask for a PT referral? I got one for my lower back pain and my OB mentioned they can help with sciatica as well. I’ve also heard of people who got relief from a chiropractor! 
  • @makingbacon I second what @kaf1788 and @lexilougolden have suggested! Yoga has been great for alleviating some of the regular aches and pains and PT is good for persisting pain that may be more structural 
  • @makingbacon I highly suggest a chiropractor! Mine specializes in pregnancy and during my last pregnancy she gave me a few different motions and stretches to do that helped me SO much! 
  • Hot flashes abound! Very grateful to live somewhere with seasons so that at least I'm not totally overwhelmed by heat and also glad that it's going to be winter soon
  • @chgilmore winter pregnancy is definitely the way to go! I never even had to dig out my winter coat last time around. I was always SO hot
  • I had mild cramping over the weekend, but I just attributed it to overdoing it last week and on Saturday. Tonight I’m having mild period-like cramps, and it’s starting to worry me. I called L&D, but they told me to just talk to my doctor tomorrow. So I’m just sitting over here trying not to panic about what it all could mean. They’re intermittent and seem to go away when I sit or lay down, but they start back up when I’m up and moving around. Anyone else have these?
  • @makingbacon I haven’t personally experienced this. I feel like an initially question is whether they’re rhythmic or increasingly painful? If L&D wasn’t initially concerned, I’d def talk to your doctor tomorrow, but would try not to worry too much. I think it’s likely good that they go away if you relax. :)
  • @makingbacon I had some minor cramping like you described that I talked to my ob about last week and she said that if they’re coming every few minutes to check in! She said to drink lots of water and make sure I’m hydrated too. And to rest of course. None of mine have been regular so hopefully yours are just from overdoing a bit! And jw if you know if it’s your sciatic or if it’s possibly your sacroiliac joint on the back of your hip? Relaxin will cause it to become unstable while your pregnant and feels very similar to sciatic pain. Rest usually helps me. I had to call out of work last weekend for the same pain. But my ob gave me some stretches to do that can help also. With my last pregnancy I saw a chiropractor for it and it helped a ton!! Delivery did help too... And I’ve actually seen some support bands for your hips lately for pregnancy too that might help. I just haven’t tried them! 
  • @photographerwife I’ve been drinking a lot of water tonight to hopefully help with anything. I actually have sciatic nerve pain, too, and this feels like period cramping across my lower belly. It’s more prominent when I’m moving around and lessens and disappears when I sit or lay down, so I’ve been trying to rest tonight vs running around doing all the things like I usually do. 

    @ninrms Pain-wise they’re about the same and don’t seem to follow a timing pattern. Some are close together and then it goes away for awhile. Definitely did a lot more resting tonight and will follow up with my doctor tomorrow. 
  • @makingbacon I felt that a little last night! Lower abdomen cramping (I mentioned to MH that it felt like period cramps) but it went away rather quickly. Could it be the uterus stretching still? I think I need to do more stretches to help out my expanding body!
  • My doctor got back to me this afternoon about the cramping.  She told me to rest and take it easy.  If I'm still cramping tomorrow, I earned myself a trip to labor and delivery for some monitoring.  So fingers crossed it resolves itself by then.
  • The nighttime back pain is finally here. 😩 Last pregnancy it almost killed me. I’m the middle of the night (and for the rest of the night) I get this searing pain at the small of my back. Last time I literally never figured out a solution. It started later this time (I think it must be weight related + belly), and it’s been a miserable few nights.
  • @ninrms I had some massive back pain from up to lower back I could not even talk. I usually do not take meds bc I don’t like it. But this time pain was too strong I could not take it, so I took 1g of tylenol which did help after an hour! Did you try it? 
    Also: warm/hot patches, massages? 
    I hope you feel better!!
  • @aganem thank you!! I haven’t thought about heat patches while I sleep! That’s the hard part—it hurts when I’m in bed, but I’m pretty much fine when I’m up and about for the day. And I’m VERY lucky that my husband rubs my back almost daily! 
  • @makingbacon How's the cramping? Did it go away?
    @ninrms I use a heating pad daily for my back. I was up all night because of my hips and not being able to sleep on them (I think my booster shot made me extra achy in my area of weakness).
  • @lexilougolden It's still sticking around.  I have an appointment today for an exam and lab work to see if they can pinpoint what is going on with everything.  The doctor doesn't think it's preterm labor or anything like that, but I finally pushed to be seen for either an ultrasound or an appointment.  So we'll see how it goes this afternoon.

    @ninrms I hope you find relief for your back pain soon!
  • @makingbacon I hope your appointment went well today <3
  • @chgilmore Thanks! I’m waiting on test results now. She did a fetal fibronectin test, urinalysis, and vaginal swab for infections. I’m dilated to 1 cm, but with delivering 2 babies vaginally already, I’m not putting too much stock in that for now. So fingers crossed everything comes back okay. 
  • @makingbacon thinking about you! Hope your results come back good!
  • @chgilmore Thanks! I’m waiting on test results now. She did a fetal fibronectin test, urinalysis, and vaginal swab for infections. I’m dilated to 1 cm, but with delivering 2 babies vaginally already, I’m not putting too much stock in that for now. So fingers crossed everything comes back okay. 
    I had something similar with my first - I was dilated 1-2 cm from about 30 weeks and had a bit of spotting right around that time . I don’t remember any specific cramping but I had really frequent Braxton Hicks. I ended up going to 40w5d and never dilated beyond that Until I was in labor. We never really figured out what caused the early dilation!  Fingers crossed that it’s all nothing! 
  • @photographerwife Right?! I practically cried the whole day (partly because I never sleep) :D
  • @lexilougolden oh man! I never really had trouble sleeping with dh, but I can see it coming! 
  • @photographerwife @lexilougolden oh man it was like a damn switch flipped!!! 
  • @chgilmore literally over night. 😅
  • I had to go to l&d last night because I am having tons of contractions. Not dilated. Seems like my body is pissed off at me for having a 4th baby. OB tomorrow to figure out what’s going on. 
  • @ThePax89 I hope everything turns out well! I’ve been having frequent Braxton Hicks and cramping for over a week now. So far the cause is unknown, so we’ve taken to just saying the baby is being dramatic. I hope everything turns out well for you, and you can figure out what is going on. 
  • @ThePax89 I had a friend who had frequent contractions and her doctor said she had an irritable uterus. That sounds so dumb, but I know it freaked her out a lot but also she had a full term, totally normal pregnancy. 
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