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Re: Weekly Randoms 11.1

  • I've started putting in pre-school applications for Samson for next year and this is literally going to kill me. The first place I sent one in wants me to send in a TWENTY MINUTE video of Samson doing a "suggested activity" that will absolutely not hold his attention for more than 30 seconds. Who has time for this??? I am sending him to preschool precisely because I do not have time for this shit  :D
  • @kaf1788 You have to send a video of an activity? Are they actually going to watch it? That is ridiculous. Other than the regular school readiness screening, we would’ve just had to send in our registration form with money to sign DS1 up for preschool this year. 
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  • @makingbacon Yea we don't have widely available public preschool or pre-K here and daycare spots with preschool aged spots can be really hard to find so a lot of the options are through private schools that take themselves WAY too seriously. Might as well be applying for college. This one served poptarts and twinkies at their Open House so I thought we were operating on the same wavelength but apparently not  :#. I would love to see what their grading rubric is for two year olds though lol. Pretty sure we've already failed.
  • @kaf1788 I thought that this was the stuff of myth and exaggeration. My goodness what a trip 🤣
  • @kaf1788 That is false advertisement lol. They can’t serve regular snacks to reel you in and then request a 20 minute video. 
  • @kaf1788 That's excessive! I can't believe that someone watches all of the videos. Strange world we live in.
  • @kaf1788 what kind of activity? I think I’d send a video of my child acting a fool and see what they say lol. I’ve never even seen all of the small preschool my daughter goes to, because of Covid no parents are allowed to tour or go past the front area, you can see a good amount of the rooms since it’s only a 3 class preschool but still weird I send my daughter there everyday and never toured it
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  • @livingoffpbjs they sent two options. We can either read the Three Little Pigs, have him build a pig house, and then test out whether it stays up with a hairdryer. Or we can have him test out whether various things sink or float, sort them into piles of what sank and what floated, and build a raft to make the quarter float. Maybe there are some not-yet-3-y/o’s in the world that would do this for 20 minutes, but my kid isn’t one of them 😂. The second he noticed me filming he would just steal the phone and beg to watch YouTube 
  • @kaf1788 send a video of him watching Blippis sink or float for 20 minutes 😆
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  • sorry I’ve been MIA. Remember how I said my hubs and I were going through a rough time in our marriage, but I wasn’t worried worried about it?

    well that changed this week. A lot happened and I really don’t want to get into it, but he was ready to move out 😶

    He ended up agreeing to not do anything until we saw a marriage counselor. We did, it went well. We’re kind of starting over-ish and working on our friendship and recommitting to each other. It’s just been…. Like the longest and hardest 2 weeks ever. 😔
  • @angelz429 I’m sorry you guys have been going through such a rough patch but I’m glad you’re both on board with working on it! Marriage is so hard and pregnancy sure doesn’t make it any easier 😫
  • @angelz429 Oh I had been thinking and wondering about you! I’m glad he’s willing to work on things and that you are too. Sending you love and strength—I can’t imagine how emotionally
    exhausting that must be right now.
  • @angelz429 I'm sorry 😞 Marriage can be so difficult.  Sending you guys strength and courage to work on your relationship.   <3
  • @angelz429 sorry y’all are having a hard time. Thinking about you. 💕
  • @angelz429 I'm sorry things have been so rough to say the least but glad to hear that it sounds like everything is taking a turn for the better. Marriage is definitely not easy ❤️
  • I'm so sorry @angelz429. I'm happy you were able to catch up on some sleep this weekend, and I hope things get better for you soon. 💗 
  • @angelz429 I am so very sorry. Dealing with this is hard enough on its own, I can’t imagine dealing with this while pregnant. Know that you are not alone, and you have a lot of mamas here for you! Sending hugs and love!!
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