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FFFC 10/29

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  • @fireflyz_56 I understand 100%!!! Looks like we both have some very determined babies on the way!! You know what’s funny, about 2 months ago, literally probably RIGHT around the time I got pregnant, I called my OB to tell him I wanted to make an appt when we all returned back home from Hurricane Ida to see if I was a candidate for an IUD!!! And now here we are…. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
  • @And846 me too. This pregnancy was planned (though happened sooner than I thought given how long it took to conceive dd) and is so different from the first time around. Didn’t have any issues until I was after my due date and developed pre eclampsia but with this one the nausea is crazy, have a sch and a uti, along with anxiety things just seem to be piling on. 
  • @addsprinkles521 hugs! It’s hard to feel this bad when this was a desired event. 
  • bnichole404bnichole404 member
    edited October 2021
    Same here momma!  I’m 39 and a gma to a 6month old. My oldest is 21 and youngest is 8.  This will be my 5th baby also unexpected… I’m trying to get excited, im sure I will be eventually, but im just not there yet.. 
  • @happynapper that’s a lot to have going on condensed into a short period of time! We are here for you. 💜💜 
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