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IF Testing and Treatment w/o 10.25


Re: IF Testing and Treatment w/o 10.25

  • @kiki047, I'm glad that you ended up with 2 more!  Ugh, not knowing test results until the end is so stressful. Did they offer any insight on why they batch the testing like that?

    @bumblebee0210, great news that the extra couple days of bumped up Estrace worked and you're officially scheduled! Out of curiosity, why 11am? I've always done mine at night (neither of my REs ever gave me a specific time).  How do they expect you to pull that off!?

    @optimistgardener, thank you!  <3

    @keikilove, with all of the hoops you have to jump through each cycle, I don't think I can send enough sympathy your way for that bad surprise.  FX the stars align so to speak next ER and the timing is perfect for you.  
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