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  • @inthewoods23 honestly!!! Sometimes it just seems like there is no good reason NOT to follow up. It boggles the mind. I’m a data scientist so I just never understand why they wouldn’t choose to have more information if it means the decisions may be different..?? And a blood test is such an easy test, in the grand scheme!

    @thegeekymom I’m glad you called! I know you are anxious. We are in the same boat (US scheduled for when I am 9+1 and last time bebe stopped growing around 8.5 weeks). I hope you hear nothing but good news!!
  • @thegeekymom i'm glad you called! i know my OB didnt' ask to recheck my progesterone which also seems weird, i'm going to talk to them about it at my appt on Fri
    @inthewoods23 totally agree with you.  LIke why not at least offer to have it rechecked
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  • Anyone here have a SCH? 

    Had my first US today and although things looked MUCH better than my first one in Aug, there were still a few could be fine/could not be fine things. The SCH for one. Although I got no restrictions so hoping it’s not a big deal category. HR was 114bpm which I thought was good for this stage and tech said was good, but OB said it was fine but he wished it was a little higher. Im 6+4 I’m measuring 3 days behind, which also isn’t a big deal at this stage and could just be ovulation a little off or normal variance. With my MMC baby never grew past 6/6+3 so I was so hoping to see hope beyond that marker today. 
    The upside is I get to go back in 2 weeks to check the SCH and make sure my little one is growing well. I felt really good after I left the US, like crying happy tears, but then got a little more worried talking to the OB
  • @runnergirl2018 I had one at exactly 12 weeks with my last pregnancy. Of course I freaked out because I didn’t know what was happening. I went to the ER and the ER doc was not very reassuring, but I had a follow up with the ob a few days later and they couldn’t even see it anymore, and honestly didn’t seemed concerned at all at that point. They said SCH is really common and because of improved US technology they can see them better now and can confirm what it is, vs in the past it was possibly overlooked or misdiagnosed. My little one is now almost two, so best of luck to you!!! Stay connected with the doc and express any and all concerns and ask questions!  
  • @jamidine thank you! That helps. He didn’t seem overly concerned about it and just said they want to check in a couple weeks. I’m glad I’ll get to see baby again and hopefully have closer track of good growth to help my worry. And doc said they want to help keep a close eye on things because of my recent loss 
    I’ve been seeing more of how common they can be and how rarely they cause problems - besides alarm if it’s a lot of blood!
  • @runnergirl2018 I had a SCH with my first daughter at 9 1/2 weeks and caused a ton of bleeding, enough for me to go to the ER. Everything ended up fine though. 
  • @thegeekymom thank you! part of me is glad to know there is something in there that if i do start bleeding, it's probalby just from that and fine (although I'll definitely go get checked if that happens!)
  • My progesterone is going up so slow, 13.9, but the nurse said that's good...I cried all night and morning thinking it was all over after the results came in at 9PM and the nurse calls and says "Numbers look great! Progesterone is working." In a perky voice. Apparently I'm a basket case. My HCG is at 75k. After talking to the nurse I finally feel emotionally stable enough to go to Thanksgiving without crying every 3 seconds and then my oldest came down with a cold this morning so we're staying home. 

    @runnergirl2018 Sorry you have to go through that SCH is such a scary thing to go through. The plus side is extra ultrasoundd! 

    First tri is always a sh*t show for me with my "healthy" pregnancies. 😂 SCH with my oldest and with my little one I was having pains on one side, a nurse told me to get my husband and go to the ER immediately thinking it was ectopic, it was a luteal cyst. The ER doctors were very confused why I was even in there. I ironically wish I had a big painful luteal cyst now, then I wouldn't have low progesterone. 
  • I had my first ultrasound last a couple weeks ago and found it we are having twins.  2 days later I started bleeding and diagnosed a SCH. I'm still having some brown spotting which I try to remind myself that it's ok and that means of blood but it is still a scary feeling. I have a appointment with a high risk Dr next week and hope to have a little more clarity and such! 2 babies!! Crazy!!
  • @edb687 Hugs to you! i haven't had any bleeding yet from my SCH but keep worrying about it everytime i feel a sensation down there
  • Been lurking this thread for awhile. I had my first ultrasound yesterday and I’m measuring 6w2d instead of 8w2d. I know my dates were probably off because I didn’t get a positive test until I was 5-6 days late. I had a miscarriage in August so I think my cycles were just totally wonky. I also got a tattoo in October so I wonder if the stress on the body made me ovulate later too. My doctor said everything looks great for 6 weeks and we saw the heartbeat. I go in next week for another ultrasound. I wish I felt relieved but being behind wasn’t what I wanted to hear. Especially with the nausea kicking my butt, I definitely wanted to be further along. I just want everything to be okay though. I went solo yesterday, but my husband will be coming with me next week. I was shaking and sweating the whole time she was doing the scan. 
  • @lilirunning34 that’s great news everything looks good for 6 weeks! What a relief! Hopefully the nausea eases up on you a bit. 
  • @edb687 Woah twins! That has to be so exciting! 

    @lilirunning34 With my last daughter I was measuring a week or so behind, but in the beginning they always say it's + or - 5 days since they're so little it's tough to get an accurate measurement. The rest of my ultrasounds she was way ahead in growth, and ended up being 9 pounds when I had her at 40 weeks, and now at 7 months she's a chubby little shorty. 😂

    I have my ultrasound today, I'm so nervous! Praying for a little heartbeat this time. I definitely have ultrasound PTSD. So naturally this morning has been pure chaos at home. MIL is meeting us there to watch the girls and I hope they're better behaved this afternoon. 
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