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Weekly Randoms 10/11


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  • ditto what pp said, @happynapper. I get mine November 18 (I was “late” to get the vax) … DH got his booster yesterday and his arm
    is already sore, they should really work on that lol. But I thought it was really sweet, he got it asap to protect me he said. 
  • @Bababatty I love that idea of “ending the day on a high note”! I am going to file that away 
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  • @tacosandtums you think you're late for the vax?? I wouldn't qualify for a booster until January or March, depending on if you go by 6 or 8 months 😂 
  • @pajamstagrams I mean getting it in late May was late compared to my husband, and other friends and family who got it in early April! So my booster won’t be for another month. 
    Related/ I plan to get a flu shot ASAP. Give me all the vaccines. 
  • @tacosandtums haha yeah I was definitely the last in my family too. But better late than never! 😉
  • I love that mentality of ending the day on a high note. I read something earlier that the first and then last 7 minutes set the tone for a child’s day and have made an effort to make those moments count the most.

    I think I’m up for booster in December but up for the flu shot first end of this month 
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