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TWW Fri-YAY 10/8

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Re: TWW Fri-YAY 10/8

  • Taking a sick day today so I’m posting early.

    Month/Cycle: 6/5

    CD/DPO: 24/5

    Timing: -4, -2, -1

    Typical LP length: 11

    Testing: Waiting for AF

    R/R: One of our dogs decided to make a commotion at 3:30 this morning and I never fell back asleep so I was quite grumpy this morning. So I guess today is half sick day, half mental health day. I feel pretty guilty but I also know I needed the break.

    CS/Q: No temp today since I laid in bed a couple hours before giving up on sleep. I was hoping to try melatonin since I’ve lost a lot of sleep this week from disrupted sleep but the internet suggests there isn’t enough research on the safety of it while pregnant. Blows my mind that for as long as people have been getting pregnant there can still be things where it’s like “Is this safe? 🤷‍♀️ Haven’t looked into that enough.”

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    @pinkkillersheep ugh your dogs. Weirdly enough I was also up around 3:30 for reasons unrelated to my dogs. I hope you can get some rest in today!

    Month/Cycle: 5/4AL

    CD/DPO: 22/10

    Timing: -2,-1,0

    Typical LP length: 10/11 days

    Testing: I caved and tested yesterday and it was stark white. So I probably won’t test again- maybe Monday or Tuesday if af doesn’t show up. But I’m spotting.

    R/R: rant. **Tw mentions the possibility of future pregnancy in a conversation with my annoying dh.**

    Last night MH asked me how long I wanted to try for before giving up… I was like uh, I don’t have a limit…? And he goes well I thought you don’t want to be pregnant during the summer? And I was like actually, opposite- I’d love a fall baby. I was like why? Do you want to start pulling out again???….. Like I don’t get it  I don’t know what he was trying to get at? If he’s getting discouraged? Or is changing his mind? While it’s been 5 months, I feel like 3 of those don’t even count and one worked… so like what is he saying?? Annoying.


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  • @pinkkillersheep Ugh, I've been woken up early from the dog so many times. It really is the pits, but I am hoping that this sick/mental health day is a nice relaxing reset for you! As for the "safe during pregnancy" thing, I get that as well. I don't think that it's that they don't know, it's that they don't want to be liable for doing testing on pregnant woman. 
    @paytonpedro I'm sorry that you are spotting. Still holding out hope for you! As for a wavering DH, I feel you so hard on that. Mine was going back and forth a lot lately too and it's gut wrenching. When we were going though my MC he mentioned that if this happened three times, (arbitrary number) that he wouldn't try again. I feel like making stupid comments like that make me more anxious than I already am. I hope you guys are able to come to an agreement and have more conversations about it.

    Month/Cycle: 3/3AL

    CD/DPO: 17/5

    Timing: "good"

    Typical LP length: 13/14

    Testing: still waiting

    R/R: I'm so glad it's Friday. It's going to be a busy day at work as I have to meet a Tuesday deadline and have Monday as a holiday, but I am SO looking forward to a three day weekend! 

    CS/Q: My temp did come back up, so I am thinking yesterday was just a fluke cold thing. My temps are still all over the place though due to the sickness, so there is no real clear pattern. I think at this point, only time will tell.

    Me: 34  DH: 34
    Married 10/28/17
    Our TTC Journey
    TTC #1 February '18
    Team Green turned Team Blue 10/15/18

    TTC #2 January '21
    BFP June '21
    MMC/Blighted Ovum that led to D&C July '21
    Jan '22 - started IF testing
    BFP Jan '22
    MMC/Blighted Ovum that led to D&C Feb '22
    BFP May '22

  • *lurking from wto*
    @pinkkillersheep on the flip side... Tylenol is now unsafe in pregnancy?? That's something that just popped up recently. Sometimes it feels like every recommendation is just a crapshoot. Even when not pregnant. How many times have I read about the great benefits of coffee or why decaf is better/worse for you. And oh no! decaf does have some caffeine in it so it's not the best for pregnancy either. Good grief.
    *TW* History:
    Me: 34 DH: 35 | Together since 2007 | Married July 2016

    TTC #1 since 7.2017
    Dx: low morph (1%), ANA positive, low decidualization score, high TSH and testosterone, histone antibodies

    IUI #1-3 all BFN
    IVF #1 | 6.11.19 | 24R, 17M, 15F, 6B, PGT-A tested - 5 normal, 3 girls & 2 boys
    FET #1 | 9.10.19 | BFN "I know you, but we've never met. I'm with you, but I don't know your name"
    RPL, Receptiva, & ERA testing | all normal/negative, recommended going on gluten and dairy free diet for next FET
    FET #2 | 3.31.20 | Opted to cancelled due to pandemic, continued diet and tried naturally over the summer
    2nd Opinion with another RE | 8.20.20 | Not immune to measles (received 1 dose); SA results similar to 2 years ago; decided to move forward with FET #2 redo at start of next cycle
    Surprise natural BFP! | 9.22.20 | MC 10.23.20 at 8 weeks
    TTCAL naturally | starting 11.22.20

    Initial consultation with Reproductive Immunologist | 9.14.21
    Decidualization score biopsy | 10.1.21 | abnormal - low score of 1; endometrial scratch recommended and progesterone supplementation
    Saline sono | 10.15.21 | normal
    Bloodwork | 10.21.21 high TSH, high testosterone, positive for anti-nuclear antibodies and histone antibodies
    BFP! | 11.3.21 | EDD 7.14.22 B) | biopsy provided same effect as endometrial scratch; added supplemental progesterone and estrogen, prednisone, levothyroxine, and MTX to maintain pregnancy
    DS born 7.19.22 after induction

    TTC #2 begins in 2023
    Consultation with RI | TBD
  • @pinkkillersheep - ugh, that's terrible! Out cat and dog will do that sometimes and I try my best to ignore them! Get some rest!

    @paytonpedro - sorry you are spotting. still sending out positive vibes! That is a very frustration with your DH, like what is he really thinking?

    @tessiesmom26 - not cool when deadlines are moved up! hopefully today will go fast for you!


    Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD/DPO: 24/11

    Timing: -3, -1, +1

    Typical LP length: 12 (?)

    Testing: I said I was going to wait until Monday, but I think I am going to test tomorrow! I've been having some symptoms that are really making me wonder!

    R/R: Happy, happy Friday!! I really want some pizza!

    CS/Q: Had a temp spike this morning, that's about all i've got. 

    Me: 34 DH: 33
    DD: 07/19/18
    EDD: 06/22/22
  • @tessiesmom26 mh said the same thing after our mc. We have very close friends going through ivf and he said he would never go that far either. Which really hurts because I’m sure you know the deep desire and it won’t just go away. It’s so hard to know what he’s feeling. Like he acts sad or sends a sad face when af comes but then says stuff like this.
    butttt, yay for the 3 days weekend! I hope you can finish what you’re working on and enjoy your time off!

    @ajsanders-2 thanks for the positive vibes! I’m sending them right back your way! Best of luck testing tomorrow!! I hope you get your pizza today lol. 
  • Month/Cycle: 1/1 AL

    CD/DPO: 17/4

    Timing: good

    Typical LP length: 12ish

    Testing: WFAF

    R/R: My boss took me out to lunch today which was really nice. I have been beyond discouraged at work lately (personnel issues, upper management problems, etc), so it was nice to feel appreciated. And yay for it almost being the weekend!

    CS/Q: Nope


    @pinkkillersheep Don’t feel guilty! It sounds like you need the day to rest up.

    @paytonpedro Ugh, I feel this post. Twice now while TTC my DH has backpedaled with uncertainty and it is gut-wrenching every time. I hope you’re able to have an honest conversation with him to uncover what his hesitation is really about.

    @tessiesmom26 Yay for a three-day weekend! Have something fun planned?

    @ajsanders-2 Hoping to see you disappear tomorrow!

  • @paytonpedro Sounds like a not great night for you, I’m sorry 😞 This is such a weird and emotional time. Hoping you have some fun distractions planned for this weekend.
    @tessiesmom26 Happy Friday! Enjoy your three day weekend!
    @ajsanders-2 Everything crossed for you tomorrow! 🤞 
    @abjm0325 Glad you’re getting some appreciation at work. I feel like the whole country is burnt out, so it’s nice when you get a little bit back.
  • @paytonpedro & @abjm0325 - you all are the sweetest! seriously love this little community!  <3
    Me: 34 DH: 33
    DD: 07/19/18
    EDD: 06/22/22
  • @pinkkillersheep - thank you! we must have been posting near the same time so I didn't see yours! 
    Me: 34 DH: 33
    DD: 07/19/18
    EDD: 06/22/22
  • @pinkkillersheep ugh sorry about your lack of sleep! I hope you didn’t feel bad for long about taking off of work, we allllll need to do that more. Enjoy your weekend!

    @paytonpedro ugh I’m sorry he approached the conversation in that way. Maybe he was just truly concerned that you didn’t want to try because of the summer? Hopefully y’all can come to a consensus. 

    @abjm0325 aw sounds like you had a nice work day! What a great way to roll into the weekend. 

    @ajsanders-2 sending soo much positivity your way for tomorrow!

    @tessiesmom26 oh I’m glad your temp came back up this morning. I hope your day wasn’t as hectic as you thought it’d be!
  • Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD/DPO: 21/3

    Timing: -4,-2,-1,0,+1

    Typical LP length: 13

    Testing: at least 10 DPO 

    R/R: we are looking at a house today in our desired neighborhood, and it’s got tons of space. It checks several of our wishlist items off, and it’s way under budget! But it’s a *fixer upper* lol. Like pink carpets and lots of wallpaper and appliances that look like they came from the 70s. Wish us some clarity as we look at this house and decide if we want to make an offer!

    CS/Q: got my crosshairs today 👍 

  • @abjm0325 that’s so nice! I’m glad your boss made you feel appreciated! Have anything good? (I’m such a foodie 😅) 

    @pinkkillersheep we will be out at my family’s land camping until Tuesday so I’m excited. But not excited to have my period in a camper. Meh. 
    We also have to pick these m f-ing potatoes. Ugh. I swear if we can’t get them out this weekend I’m done. Lol!!

    @singing_koala yay for crosshairs! Crossing literally everybody part I can for you guys today! Did you go look yet? Sending all the positive vibes!

    In response to my annoying dh- meh. I’m pretty sure I know what his hold ups are and I thought we got past them, which we obviously did, but apparently they’re still in the back of his head. I don’t think I’m going to bring it up again and I’ll just let it rest here. But I’m thinking about not trying next cycle only because we already have birthdays around when the predicted dd would be based on lmp and idk how I feel about that. I guess we’ll see. 
  • @paytonpedro Thank you so much! The house actually ended up being a huge bust lol. Literally everything has been in the house since the 60s. And evidence of flooding in the basement. It was bad. An easy no for me!

    And I hear you. We have a ton of April birthdays in both of our families, so I would really rather not have a due date in April.
  • @singing_koala Yikes, sounds like you dodged a bullet on that house!

    @paytonpedro We just went to Subway because it's near our work, but it was good to get out of the office and to not have to pay! Hope a mini break from TTC (if that's what you decide on) will be a good reset for you and your H.
  • Well y'all - since this is the last one I posted on, I wanted to say thank you for the positive vibes. As i got my BFP on Saturday! I looked at the graduation post and that states have to be active for 3 months :( but that's OK. Thank you all for the positive support and I send you all the most positive vibes! I'm sure I'll be lurking around to keep in touch! 
    Me: 34 DH: 33
    DD: 07/19/18
    EDD: 06/22/22
  • Well y'all - since this is the last one I posted on, I wanted to say thank you for the positive vibes. As i got my BFP on Saturday! I looked at the graduation post and that states have to be active for 3 months :( but that's OK. Thank you all for the positive support and I send you all the most positive vibes! I'm sure I'll be lurking around to keep in touch! 
    Ditto to what @inthewoods23 said. We try to keep the dailies a safe space for anyone having a hard TTC day. Most of us lurk the BMB intros to see where people disappear to. 
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    i was wondering why this was at the top

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