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May 2022 Moms

Product spotlight: maternity gear essentials

What gear (anything but clothes!) did/do you find essential to your pregnancy? 

Ex: maternity pillows, sea bands, allll the ginger, compression socks, belly support bands, etc. 

Re: Product spotlight: maternity gear essentials

  • QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow U Shape, Cooling Pregnancy Pillows for Sleeping, 60 inch Maternity Pillow for Pregnant Women, Pregnancy Body Pillow Reversible with Sateen Cotton Breathable Cover

    I love this pregnancy pillow so much that I even started sleeping with it outside of pregnancy when I was having some neck issues. 
  • A Pregnancy Pillow by Cozy Bump– The Best Pregnancy Pillow for Sleeping Prone, Pregnancy Body Pillow, Maternity Pillow, Pregnancy Bed, Pregnancy Gifts, Prone Pillow

    I had this with my last pregnancy, it is like an inflatable mattress with a hole for your bump so that you can lay on your belly. Disclaimer, mine did get a leak at the end but I think it was from DD and the cat playing on it. I have some lumbar disc issues and it was really a lifesaver for me late 2nd tri when that really flared up. I would stretch out on it to decompress my lower back a couple times a day, and even managed a couple of 30 minute naps on it. 
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  • +1 to the U shape pillow. Unless you NEVER toss and turn, you want the U, not the single sided one. I switched sides every hour so it was definitely a necessity. Did DH like it? Absolutely not. 😂 They definitely fit on a king size bed, but may be tight on anything smaller. I traveled with mine multiple times because I needed it so much, and it was worth the hassle and bulk. 
  • @pajamstagrams YES I had the c-shaped one during my first pregnancy (snoogle? I think it was called) and it’s just not the same because you have to flip the pillow every time you flip which I also did about every hour. The u-shaped one is a game changer. 
  • I have the snoogle and i love it. I normally only go from left side to flat on back so it works perfect for me. And i love wedging a part of it at my knees since i feel like it helps my back 
  • I also have the snoogle and love it. I tweaked my back the other week and contemplated breaking it out this early to stop me from twisting in my sleep. In a pinch last time I also wrapped it around me postpartum and it worked very well as a breastfeeding support pillow. 
  • +1 for the snoogle - I've been thinking about it this week though DH is dreading its return lol.
  • I really appreciated the belly band towards the end while I was doing things like walking the dog, for extra support. Mine was borrowed from my friend so I’m not sure the brand, but there are a ton of options. 
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  • @b_1029 yeah I had to wear a belly band to work out starting in 2nd trimester, and then I would wear to work once I got bigger. Was nice to take the load off your bladder/hips. 
  • @jandawg my DH is not a fan of it either but once i get out of bed in the morning i see him cozy right up to it 🤣
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