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GD Test

It’s about time for the glucose tolerance test. Yay…

I took mine yesterday and only squeaked by one point under the threshold, so I have to take it again. I am not happy about it. Quite disappointed. I have PCOS. I already restrict my diet, am on metformin, have gained the minimum weight in the recommended range, and exercise moderately for 50 plus minutes a day. My OB even said this to me yesterday, “oh you’ll pass it. You’re so skinny!” I HATE when she says that to me. It wasn’t the first time.

I was so looking forward the enjoying all the upcoming holiday food while pregnant. 

Re: GD Test

  • First off, I'm super impressed at your level of daily exercise! That's awesome. Fingers crossed that you pass and are able to at least indulge a bit during the holidays.  <3
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  • @katepattsea I’m also super impressed by your daily activity level! I try to get in walks when I can but that’s about it. Are you taking the 1 hour again or do you have to do the 3 hour? 
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  • Doing the 1 hr again. This time I’m not going to fast, but eat some eggs a couple hours before. They didn’t tell me to fast the first time, but I usually don’t have breakfast so I did my normal routine. 🤞
    Exercise is my stress reliever, confidence booster, and keeps depression at bay for me. @elksamm, walks are honestly the best. 
  • Ugh, good luck on the next round. I'm taking the 1-hr this morning, and the doctor already told me I am probably going to fail it? Even though in his next breath he said that I haven't gained that much weight...
  • @fifilala516 what is with these doctors and their unhelpful comments?! I hope You pass by a wide margin. Good luck and keep us updated. 
  • I just did the one hour yesterday and my results are online today.  It says I got a 150 which I think means I’ll have to do the 2 hour now- ugh!  I don’t mind so much it’s just my poor veins.  It already takes the hematologist multiple tries to get a vein (this time we were lucky and got one in two tries!) so doing multiple draws will not be fun for me or the staff! So we will see what my doctor says.  I see my OB next Friday.  I’m a big gal already and gained a bunch of weight so not too surprised.  I didn’t fast or anything before - just avoided sugar in the AM.  I didn’t want to game the system so we will see.  
  • Man. You guys get tested so early compared to what my doc does-28 wks. 
    I have 4 weeks of freedom left.  
  • @sarah_is_pregnant - my doc said anytime bt 24 and 28 weeks but since my OB appt is next Friday she recommended doing it before I saw her just in case.  I only did it this early bc my husband will be out of town for 8 days starting today and I need him in case I faint giving blood (happens a lot for me!) I’m assuming I still have freedom until my Friday OB 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • @sarah_is_pregnant Same! Mine isn't until 28 weeks. I got the sugar drink at my 24 week appointment. It is waiting for me in my fridge 😂😩
  • I failed the 1-hr. 3-hr, here I come. Also, I'm anemic (but I've always been borderline anemic) so that's fun.
  • Ugh @fifilala516 - I’m sorry!  When do you do the 3 hour?  I’m sure I’ll have to do it too so curious how it goes.  I was reading that the 1 hour is super easy to fail.  I guess better safe than sorry but still so frustrating.  
  • @karenmarie9 I am doing it next Tuesday - it was the earliest I could with my work schedule/what the lab had available. Also going to try and watch my diet for the next week in hopes I pass this one. Good luck to you too!
  • @fifilala516- thanks! My ob office just called and yup I have to do it too.  I’ll also be doing it next week when my husband is back.  Maybe I’ll do it Tuesday as well in solidarity, hahaha!  
  • Ugh @fifilala516 and @karenmarie9 I'm sorry you guys have to do it again. I had to do the 2 hour one initially... not fun. Keeping my fingers crossed that it goes well!
  • @karenmarie9 that would be neat to schedule for it for Tuesday like @fifilala516’s. Not neat? Doing to three hour test and having difficult veins!!! 
  • @katepattsea - they said I could get a butterfly and just leave it in for all the draws so that should help.  

    Ugh y’all I’m terrible though, my blood test also came back I was borderline anemic so they recommended iron supplements.  Went to CVS to get them and the darn Reese’s peanut butter cups were buy one get one free.  So yes, I bought some.  Really hoping it doesn’t come back as a positive GD test bc I clearly have no will power. 
  • @karenmarie9 I just had some maple and brown sugar oatmeal for breakfast, so... Did you get the Slow Fe? I'm back on those too. Stock up on Colace because the iron really stuffs you up!!
  • I need to get iron pills too but I'm just so meh about it. I know that's probably not good... maybe I'll get out to Walgreens when I feel better. At least the prospect of picking up some peanut butter cups makes it a little more worth it, haha. 
  • @firewife_911 that’s fantastic news!! Beautiful number. I’m going to try to manifest that for my second test! Lol
  • Congrats @firewife_911! That's great news.
  • Congrats @firewife_911 - that’s awesome!
  • nik012nik012 member
    You all are on here worried about the one hour and three hour. I did those at 19 weeks and failed both. 🙂🙂 I love sugar and have had to change my diet, but surprisingly I have managed with no pop and chocolate. 15 more weeks! 
  • @katepattsea I can't believe your doctor would say that to you.  Being skinning doesn't mean you won't have GD--it's a hormone thing.  having a higher BMI does increase the chance but also doesn't mean for sure.  sometimes people say the dumbest things.  

    I thought i was already anemic because i was bruising all the time so i had them draw blood last time but it all came back normal.  I assume later on i'll have to take iron since i did the first pregnancy.  Not doing GD test until 28week appointment since i already did an early screen and passed.  

    It's interesting to me that clinics have so many different ranges.  My clinic will let you pass if you have <125 i believe but make you do the 3 hour if you are over that.  where other clinics will let you go to 140.  I guess whatever keeps that baby safe!

  • @blackhottamales right?! She should know best about this considering she diagnosed me with PCOS and prescribed me metformin for it, so should understand how hormones effect insulin resistance and blood sugar levels. Not weight or how one’s body composition looks. Urgh.
    Wow, less than 125? I don’t think I’ve heard of such a low threshold. Keep us updated on the next test you take!
  • Has anyone who has to take the 3-hr done so yet? I did mine this morning and honestly, it wasn't that bad. My only complaint was that my arms hurt after 4 blood draws. They let me wait in the car and just come back when the hour was up, which was preferable. 

    I preferred the flavor of the 1-hr drink (orange) to the 3-hr (fruit punch), but honestly, I enjoyed both. I may be a weirdo.
  • @fifilala516 LOL! I did the two hour, and time flew for some reason. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed the drink (I had lemon lime) but it wasn’t too bad. I was just kinda happy to have a destination to go to outside of the house that day 😄
  • I was going to ask how it went @fifilala516.  Glad to hear it wasn’t too bad.  The earliest appt I could get was this Monday.  My doctor told me to ask them to leave a butterfly needle in so they don’t have to keep doing new draws.  Hopefully they can do it.   I was going to download squid games and watch it during the 3 hours.  Or maybe a good movie.
  • @fifilala516, I'm glad it went well. I do my 3 hr tomorrow (Wed). I do not do well with blood draws at all, so I'm really anxious. I may use @karenmarie9's suggestion, but I'm not sure if that would be more uncomfortable. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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  • @fifilala516 that's great news! Congratulations! Hopefully I'll join the club with you! 🤞
    DS: 3-6-15 💙
    Baby Girl Due: 1-1-22
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  • @fifilala516 - congrats!!!!  And good luck today @magalina_h !!!!! 
  • Only have 1 more to go! The needle sticks haven't been too bad each time.  I switched to my right arm after my first 2, because the left was getting sore, but that one hurt way more! I am SO hungry.  Can't wait to go eat!!
    DS: 3-6-15 💙
    Baby Girl Due: 1-1-22
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  • You are doing so great @magalina_h !!!! Home stretch!
  • Yeah, @fifilala516!! Get it! 🤞for you @magalina_h!
  • 1 HR test on Friday. They gave me the red fruit punch to drink 45 minutes before arriving which works well.since its a 30 minute drive. Also I've had it in the fridge for the past 3 weeks which makes it a little more tolerable. 
  • @AshleyGemini24 oh that's nice that they gave it to you in advance! My drink was tolerable, but I really wish they had refrigerated it, it would've been SO much better. 
  • @Lisa3379 you didn't get yours ahead of time? I got mine at my 24wk appointment so I was glad to be able to refrigerate it too. 

    And the lab had the 3hr glucola refrigerated for today too, which I appreciated
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  • @magalina_h Nope! When I arrived at the lab they took my blood, handed me a room temp drink, then I downed it right there. 
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