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  • Ok I'm pretty sure I remember this with DD, but holy crap do my pits smell worse when pregnant 😳 I need to remember to put deodorant on at night as well. (Not willing to to back to antiperspirant for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it took so long to detox/de-stink when I swapped 😂😂)

    Anyone else have stinky pits, particularly if you don't use antiperspirant like me?
  • @pajamstagrams how king did it take you to switch? I’m on my last antiperspirant right now and have a natural/clean one to switch to next.
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  • @pajamstagrams I'm feeling pretty stinky these days, not helped because I had switched to an AHA deodorant from Kosas which I apparently can't use during pregnancy. I just picked up some unscented Tom's which seems to be doing okay.
  • @and846 probably a couple months tops? I don't remember, it was back in like 2016-2017. But it feels like a long time haha. 

    @jandawg glad I'm not the only one 🙈
  • @And846 Earthly organics has a pit detox that I’ve heard good things about! It’s supposed to shorten the time for detox. Mine took about 3 months (just detoxed naturally but it was during shutdown so it’s not like I was going anywhere anyway lol)
  • @skc040512 oh gosh, i didn’t realize there was a true detox period when going from junk to natural products. I may have to rethink the start period for this so i can be at home during the stinky period.
  • Starting week 13 and the nausea kicked in after eating too much or too fast. My logic is that my body bump os going up and not out (tall/long torso) and squishing stuff. What have y’all done to curb the nausea?
  • Eat small frequent meals, find foods that make you feel better (for me I like crackers, popsicles, and bread), they say eating protein if you can helps too. I would keep track of what things trigger your nausea and just stay away from those things for a little bit and slowly reintroduce them (or eat faster/more in your case) when you feel comfortable with doing so,
  • @and846 don't let yourself get hungry, eat whatever sounds good, regardless of "healthiness", and avoid smell triggers (opening the dishwasher/fridge/trashcan). 

    For me, bending over makes it worse, so I avoid chores that involve that movement (which is like everything haha). 
  • @addsprinkles521 and @pajamstagrams
    Thank you! I’m going to start tomorrow off with more awareness of what triggers the nausea and eat more small meals! 
  • Still super nauseas all the time.  I feel terrible from about 1/2 every day until I go to bed. My 2 preschoolers get home from school at 1 and have so much  so it has been a rough few weeks.  I reached out to my midwife to see if there is any anti-nausea medication I can try.  Anyone taking anything for nausea?  Does it seem to help?  
  • Can anyone suggest help for bloating? I'm in a perpetual state of bloat and nothing helps. At first it stayed in my lower abdomen but now it's my whole torso. To the point of pain sometimes. Dr says it's normal but I'm so uncomfortable all the time. I can't let out gas the one way either. Nothing there. I'm super burpy but that doesn't alleviate anything.
  • @eevee4 try to figure out if certain foods are causing the bloating and avoid them. I’ve noticed that any “gassy” foods make me incredibly uncomfortable, so I try not to eat them. Onions and garlic are the worst for me right now!  With my second pregnancy, I became “Temporarily lactose intolerant” which my OB said can be common in pregnancy.  I couldn’t have dairy without feeling super bloated and gross.  
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  • @eevee4 try eating smaller meals too. I know my bloating is worse when I eat my normal size meals. Also, if you have any sugar alcohols in your diet (like xylitol) they can be very bloaty as well. 

    @aca12017 I took diclegis with my first, and it kinda worked, but opted not to bother this time. Reasoning in spoiler because it's long.  

    For one, my nausea was worse last time, and would keep me up at night. I'm not having MOTN issues this time. Also, my nausea has always been worse in the afternoon/evening, which by that point the diclegis had worn off so I just didn't see the point this time around. I can't up the dose or take in the day because I get too sleepy 🤷‍♀️ 
  • @eevee4 I second the cutting out “gassy” foods (broccoli, sprouts, garlic, onions, dairy, etc tend to be the worst for most people) and smaller meals. I’d also suggest potentially adding a fiber supplement. Sometimes bloat can happen if you have a bit of a backup. I’ve always had to supplement fiber more during pregnancy than any other time. 
  • @aca12017, yes. My ob told me I could take Unisom (otc) to help with nausea. It's actually a sleep aid, so I take it at night, but I have noticed a difference in the morning. Now, I'm not sure if it will help with your afternoon nausea because I've usually gotten my nausea back by the afternoon. It might be worth a shot, especially because my ob told me the side effects are worse with the prescriptions she could prescribe for nausea. 
  • @runninginva @pajamstagrams
    Thanks!  My midwife suggested unisom and B6.  I couldn't find the unisom at CVS but am trying the B6 for now.  Hoping it helps a little.   I am struggling with fatigue too so I really don't want to take unisom during the day.  They said they wouldn't do a prescription unless I wasn't keeping anything down or was losing weight.  I haven't gained anything but I'm not losing either so I'll try the B6 and just deal with it till I hit the other side.
  • The congestion has kicked in full swing and it’s SOOO annoying. Also this morning when I brushed my teeth I noticed my gums were bleeding a little. This happened to me with both previous pregnancies and I was hoping to avoid it but… alas. Thanks, extra blood volume. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • trailkindertrailkinder member
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    Anyone else seriously light headed in the morning? I have to sit down 5 or 6 times when getting ready for work because I feel so funny in my head. 
  • @trailkinder yes, I've been feeling dizzy on and off - it's really jarring! 

    Also not loving the ridiculous sinus congestion..
  • @trailkinder yeah and it’s totally normal, too. Another lovely side effect due to extra blood volume!! 
  • @trailkinder yup it was happening more often, but now it's only once in the morning when I first get out of bed. I need to lay back down for a second and remind myself to get up slowly. 
  • It feels way too soon for insomnia. I SLUG through the day dreaming of bed but now that I am lying here, I’m all…. Who invented post it’s? Was covid made in a lab? What will I get my husband for his 40th next year?  I should
    go to marshalls and restock on pumpkin candles before the season ends. I need to grocery shop. *Makes mental Costco list. And so it goes….. 
  • @aca12017 +1 on the unisom and b6! It helps. Kinda. Lol
  • @tacosandtums I’m falling asleep alright but this is the 3rd morning this week I’ve been wide awake before 4:30…. I want my 2 more hours of sleep!! 
  • @tacosandtumsi get insomnia as soon as the stick turns pink lol. It's the worst.
  • My insomnia hits like after the 2nd or 3rd time I have to get up and pee at night so it’s usually always sometime around 3AM and then I just can’t go back to sleep. Sucks. 
  • Insomnia train here, too! I was up from like 3:15-6:30 this morning (my kids usually sleep late on thursdays because they have church events that keep them up late wednesdays). I basically slept from 11:30-3:15 and from 6:30-7:00. Someone come give me a caffeine IV
  • MrsLaLaBugMrsLaLaBug member
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    Speaking of insomnia… I must’ve jinxed myself. It’s 2:40AM here and I can’t get back to sleep. 😩😤😫 So I’m sitting up in bed watching Forensic Files having some ginger ale and crackers wondering wtf happened to my life. 😂😂😂
  • I am 12 weeks today and thought insomnia was later down the road lol. I was so wrong, it's so annoying to get up in the middle of the night to pee, then needing to eat and staying wide awake for at least 2 hours! To top it off, my nausea is still around and I was hoping for it to vanish by 12 weeks. 😣😣
  • I take unison before bed during pregnancy because it helps me sleep deeper so I don’t have so many vivid terrible dreams. Maybe that would help the insomnia ladies? Or Benadryl?
  • Today I learned the baby does not like sweets. Anytime I eat candy I am 5x more nauseous. At least that will help me avoid candy for the next few days….
  • @wiscobabies I take one 25mg unisom with a b6 about 2-3x a day, then at night I take 2 unisom and skip the b6. I still struggle to fall asleep. I miss melatonin sleep…
  • @MrsLaLaBug that actually sounds fun 😂
  • @wiscobabies I might have to try it. I’ve never had to take it for nausea but this is bizarre. I’ve never had insomnia like this before sometime in the 3rd tri. I was up 2.5 hrs early 4/5 mornings this week and then last night was up from 1:30-3:30 (and I get up for work at 4:30 on the weekends)… no bueno 
  • Annnnd it’s 3:07AM and I’ve been up since 2:30. I just want to go back to sleep. 😩 
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