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  • @trailkinder hugs. Hopefully your doctor can prescribe something for you to help with nausea! If it makes you feel better, by week 13-14 it wasn't *as* bad for me. Was i still gagging? Absolutely. But it was only with really strong smells (like Bourbon Street. But who wouldn't gag there) 🤢) My nausea/aversions never fully went away, but they did get much more manageable after first trimester!
  • Any other mamas with chronic illness here? I have ulcerative colitis and have seen some pretty bad flares since getting pregnant 🙄 in all honestly, I feel like the majority of my symptoms are from the UC and not from the baby. 

    I’ve definitely still been nauseous and exhausted this go around, but I’ve been surprised that I’ve had fewer symptoms in general. I just hope I actually get that second wind in the 2nd tri they always promise me but I’ve never experienced lol
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  • @skc040512 I have some AI issues but fortunately for me they go away during pregnancy. I guess UC is one where it gets worse? Do you still get the wicked post partum flares too?? Sorry you're feeling so bad!
  • @pajamstagrams so glad yours gets better during pregnancy! UC tends to stay in stasis while pregnant, so whatever condition you conceive in you tend to stay in…I had recently come out of remission right before conception whomp whomp. My last pregnancy, it wasn’t too bad, so I’m hoping by being super strict on my flare diet, I can keep it under control! And ughhhh yes the postpartum flares are the WORST! That’s actually how I was diagnosed in between DD2 and DS 😂  
  • Update for my fellow nausea moms: I found preggie pops in stock at Walmart today! 
  • @tacosandtums I want to hear your review on preggie pops!
  • @pajamstagrams It does! I'm praying I'm not in the unlucky group of ladies who have it terribly throughout all 3 trimesters. I haven't tried b6 yet, so I'm hoping it will at least make it more manageable. I have a strong pain/uncomfortability tolerance, but tbh, I'm a wimp when it comes to nausea. 
  • @trailkinder I can’t imagine being a teacher and dealing with the nausea at least I can hide at my desk to feel miserable without needing to put on a tough face. My ob recommended b6 with unison at night but I have been trying to keep it at bay by having crackers popsicles and protein (like meat) when I can stomach it does help. Hopefully you can find something that works for you.
  • Ok so I don’t remember when pregnancy insomnia hit with my other LOs but good grief it’s already hit now. I swear, I’ll go to bed at like 9:00and just lie awake until 2:00. So that’s super helpful with the exhaustion lol. I sat down to fold clothes today and made the mistake of sitting on my bed to do it. I fell asleep in like 30 seconds and got nothing done 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Sorry for the bitch fest.
  • @brookejay06 okay so preggie pops taste delicious - like a sour candy- but definitely didn’t cure my nausea. 
  • @addsprinkles521 Popsicles! Yaaaaas! 🙌 My doc prescribed b6 and unisom today, but I swear, it might be placebo effect, but I think the seabands have really helped. Also, I've been making myself eat more through the nausea, and I think that is helping too. 

    Thank you ladies for all the advice and giving me a place to vent. I had a much better day today, but it might also be seeing that little bean on the ultrasound. 😍
  • @trailkinder seeing the ultrasound is such a happy moment!
  • My appetite is raging…so i eat and then feel immediately nauseous. 
  • @skc040512 omg, I’m with you. I can fall asleep but I seem to keep waking up at like 12 and then 3, and can’t fall back to sleep after that. I’ve been awake since 3:45 this morning so I just went to the gym instead of rolling around in bed. It’s driving me nuts and I’m so exhausted. 
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  • Finally had my first appt today and saw the little bean along with hearing the heartbeat! Now it finally feels real and so worth all that nausea and vomiting. Also, finally got a prescription for the nausea, (Zofran), really hope this helps.
    @and467 I feel you! I feel nauseous and then hungry but when I ear I have a hard time keeping the food down.
  • @skc040512 @b_1029 I am with you guys with randomly waking up. I feel like I didn’t have this issue until third trimester last time (though a lot of those times were to go to the bathroom)
  • Is it too early for pregnancy associated carpal tunnel syndrome and the like?? I woke up with numb fingers which was weird and freaked me out and sent me down a Google rabbit hole. My left forearm down to my pinky/ring finger is tingly which according to Dr Google is ulnar nerve entrapment, and now my right hand is feeling the same. I'm sure I just slept on it weird, and I know my pinky/ring fingers often go numb when I'm on my phone or reading my Kindle, so perhaps it's overuse? (I'm calling my Dr today to run thyroid labs just in case I need to up my meds and this is a hypothyroid issue since my toes keep going numb and I'm colder than normal)
  • @pajamstagrams could it be a relaxin thing?
  • @jandawg who knows! In my 1.5 hours of googling (that's also when I realized the dog had diarrhea in our bedroom (because I stepped in it), so we were up a while 😖) I didn't come across that, but it's surely possible. My low back hurts now and sciatica is back, so it's not a stretch to say it's affecting my other joints I suppose! And it does make me feel better that's it's on BOTH hands because boy, don't Google "left arm numb" because you'll convince yourself you're having a heart attack.  
  • @pajamstagrams My sister had terrible carpal tunnel with both of her pregnancies, and hers started very early, the best I can remember. I have already noticed a little more fluid retention in my hands personally, which I think can aggravate it, and may explain your other joint pains too. I'm sorry your sciatica is acting up! That is so uncomfortable.
  • 11 weeks tomorrow and the nausea has just started kicking in bad. Other that that, my energy is next to nothing the past few days, been feeling slightly lightheaded, and I’m an emotional wreck. I cry over such sappy things lol. At least the headaches are starting to let up so that’s something.
  • pajamstagramspajamstagrams member
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    Has anyone been feeling even more lightheaded and dizzy compared to, say 5-7 weeks pregnant?? In about the past week, I'd say it's gotten worse for me (~10 wks) and I don't remember that with Dbut it's been a couple years 🤷‍♀️

    @alynicole30 my nausea/gagging got worse around the 9 week mark, which was sooo much later than with DD! You'd think by 11 weeks yours would be getting better, not worse! 😖 Bummer!

    Edit typo
  • @pajamstagrams I was super lightheaded/dizzy around week 10! Almost every time I would get up from the coach or bed I had to take a second. I haven't noticed it as much the past couple of days as I head into week 12.
  • I’m 9 weeks and the nausea + exhaustion are coming in strong. I kept thinking, “I’m not even tired! And I have a toddler! This is amazing!” …. Well.. that’s over. She watched a lot of Daniel Tiger today. 
  • @brookejay06, Daniel tiger has become much more commonplace in our house lately. I just don't have the energy to say no right now... How old is your toddler? 
  • Currently in week 8 and I’m happy to say I didn’t throw up 2 days now! I think with me changing a few things like eating my strawberries or crackers first thing, sitting up for a good bit after I eat and also sleep on higher pillows. The nausea is still there though so I keep snacking.

    Other symptoms I have are excess saliva, acid reflux which is a killer right now and I have been running to the toilet a lot today🥴 also my throat got basically burned from the previous days of throwing up all day.
  • I continue to be so tired starting right around 6:45pm that DD now just assumes that Mommy needs to take a nap every night after dinner. Today I even sat on the floor to do a puzzle with her and she said, "Mommy want to lay down?"  :#
  • @Bababatty DD calls me out like that all the time now 🙈 "are you tired mommy?"  
  • @pajamstagrams :lol: Should we feel guilty or relieved that they get us? ;-)
  • @brookejay06, he just turned 3. I've tried to get him interested in other shows but he just wants to watch Daniel tiger... Definitely not the worst show out there, I guess. 
  • @Bababatty, does your daughter know you're pregnant? We haven't told my son yet and I'm hoping he's a little more sympathetic when we tell him... Waiting until the 2nd trimester to tell him though just in case something happens. 
  • @Bababatty haha idk. She doesn't seem to change her behavior, still climbs all over me, so I guess I don't feel guilty 😂
  • Halfway to 11 weeks! Can’t tell if my belly is starting to pop or if it’s still the bloat… anyone else feel like they’re starting to show yet? 

    Also (gross) has anyone passed mucus? I passed some last night and called my doctor freaking out because it seemed like a lot and thought it was part of the mucus plug, but was told not to worry it’s completely normal. 
  • @brookejay06 @runninginva I have a 21 month old and I was way too excited to see a new season of Cocomelon out. Between being tired and nauseous and the cold we all caught this week there was a lot of extra tv time 🙃
  • @abelchatovski totally normal to be passing mucus in the first tri! You produce more as your cervix changes, and your body is also flushing out bacteria/producing more mucus to keep bacteria out. It’ll taper off in the 2nd tri usually (although some women do just have more all through pregnancy)…I never passed my mucus plug with any of my other 3 so you may not even see that 
  • @abelchatovski I was feeling the same way last week! I couldn't tell if it was bloat or a small bump and still can't fully lol someone on here gave me the tip to suck in and if I could it was mostly bloat. I can suck in, but only slightly so maybe it's a combo of both 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I also had mucusy discharge mostly around week 8/9 that has since tapered off, but my doctor said it was perfectly normal after doing a check during my exam. 
  • @abelchatovski @karisahamdi at this point, I agree, it's probably a combo of bump/bloat! I definitely can't suck all mine right now, and, at this point (10+ weeks) you've might have had some organs (mostly intestines) being pushed slightly out so that plays a part too I think. The uterus itself is still below the pelvis though until 2nd trimester, so that would only be part of your "bump" around your underwear line. I definitely notice it being slightly "fuller" and firmer than normal, and pants fit tighter there now.

    If you Google "organs shifting during pregnancy" a pretty cool 4 second clip shows up that shows how everything gets squashed by your uterus as your pregnancy progresses! 
  • @pajamstagrams whoa that's such a cool clip! As a FTM it blows my mind what our bodies do to make room for the baby.
  • @runninginva Technically she knows I'm pregnant because we've told her, but she's only 2 so I don't think she gets it. 

    @pajamstagrams LOL but that's the best! She's still playing "with" you and you get to lay down. 
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