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Re: UO Thursday 9.30.2021

  • Cooking fruit should be a crime. Once it's cooked, it's ruined.
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  • @makingbacon can I ask how they were doing it at daycare? Because my UO stems from doing in home daycare and a kiddo being upset that my 1 year old "won't share." 

    A. He's playing with HIS toy, in HIS room- which is off limits to daycare anyway. 

    B. He's one. 
  • @makingbacon I mostly like uncooked fruit. But I love crisp with fruit and banana bread.
  • @makingbacon I’m trying to think of a time you cook fruit? Ok like pineapple pizza? Sure 100% on board with that. But what about dehydrated fruit? I love dehydrated fruit. What about fruit leathers? Those are technically cooked fruits too. Jams/jellies are cooked fruit too. 

    @modoodles whenever we had friends come over, we allowed our kids to put away 1 toy that they didn’t want to share at all - like no one could touch. Because kids get weird about people touching their things even when they’re not trying to play with it. But yes. Taking turns is a better way to share. 
  • @modoodles It's mainly been for DS1.  He's at a daycare center, and the phrasing used there is "sharing is caring." Shortly after that DS1 said no because he wasn't done playing with something (like we do at home with him and DS2), and they followed up with me about his sharing problem. When another kid wanted to play with something, the expectation was to hand it over so the other kid could have a turn, regardless of if he was done or not.  I get that they have to share, but who wants to give up the thing they're using/playing with before they're done? At least give him another minute or 2 before having him share it.

    @lexilougolden Once it is warmed up or cooked, I will not eat it lol.

    @angelz429 My main complaint is fruit pie, cobblers, etc. I also do not eat dehydrated fruit.  I will eat fruit snacks, but those are mainly fruit juices.  I should also probably disclaimer this with I have the palate of a 5 year old lol, so most vegetables are also not my thing.
  • @kaf1788 Agreed, some of the poses for baby have me scratching my head. All smushed up in a bucket? Of course! Haha. Hopefully I can find a photographer that does something more natural!
  • @makingbacon uuugh. I hate the "sharing is caring" line. I only say it with sarcasm when talking about germs and sickness. When I worked in preschool we had kids ask for a turn and if the child who had the toy wasn't done, we let them say how many more minutes they need (3/4/5) and then set a timer. It saved a lot of arguments and still gave the kiddo with the toy some control over the situation. 
  • @modoodles That would’ve been way better than what they were doing. I couldn’t figure out why he just had to drop whatever he was doing and hand over his toy. I wouldn’t like that, and I’m an adult. 
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