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Monday bitch fest 9.27

Re: Monday bitch fest 9.27

  • why. does. everything. HURT.
    Lie on one side? that side of my butt falls asleep.
    Switch to the other side? THAT side will fall asleep too.
    Prop up my lower back at an angle for assisted back sleep? too much tension in my lower back.

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  • My daughter has worn a mask continuously since the pandemic since having to send her back to school last September after 3 failed nanny attempts. 

    We have had decreased daycare illnesses which had been great. 

    Now, with the school leas enforcing her masking, and her classmates not being as great about masking, we’re back to illness every other week. 😩 she has HFM this time around and my son has never had it. This sucks. 
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    edited September 2021
    @angelz429 I would be so frustrated and angry! FL is a wild place :(

    ETA: I hope she feels better soon and that the cruise you mentioned gets to go as planned!
  • @angelz429 I’m so sorry! My son has a strain of HFM right now too (herpangina) that he caught at daycare (which he’s only gone to for like five days total—ugh!). High fever Saturday, but much much better today.

    I’m really hoping I don’t catch it because I read that HFM can cause complications in pregnancy, though I have NO idea the rates/likelihood. I also have no idea if I’ve had it before (I never went to daycare, and my mom said I didn’t have it, but you can be asymptomatic as a kid).
  • @ninrms sending healthy vibes your way too
  • MH went on a work trip and said he wouldn't be eating out (he's in a hot spot area too) and he did with coworkers tonight. Trying not to rage right now. We don't even eat out at home! Pregnancy hormones are wild...
  • @chgilmore @angelz429 Thank you for making me feel okay about not being okay!
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