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  • purpleyepurpleye member
    edited October 2021
    My previous 2 births have been over 24hrs. I do get very exhausted as I don't get to sleep from the start of labour as they are close together from the start.

    1st dilated till 9cm med free then ended up in c section. 2nd one was med free but not by choice by the time I wanted medication I was 9cm up. This time I want to go med free but at the same time I am too scared of labor. Though I am prepared for long labor I am kinda scared of the day. How do I stay calm and focused. Planning to labour at home till the end which I didnt get to do the last two times. By the way I am a 2vbac mom
  • @purpleye Look into hypnobirthing or the Bradley Method. What helped me was a lot of imagery, positive affirmations and phrases I could easily repeat to myself over and over when I needed to (“I can do this,” “my body is relaxed and open,” “every wave brings me closer”, etc), and I really needed DH to be on board and with the plan so he knew what I needed and what I didn’t without me having to ask or instruct him. It kept things really peaceful and steady even when I felt out of control, especially while I was transitioning, which made me panic and lose my mind for a few minutes. 
  • @legallullabies people love to say negative things against med free. I don’t know why. Just know it can be done and the rush you get when you do it is amazing
  • This is all so  encouraging! I'm a FTM and want to go med free if possible. So far I've had a straightforward pregnancy with no complications, so if that keeps up, I'm hopeful. Still researching different methods and coping strategies. My MIL gave me a book on the Lamaze method, which she swears by, but I'll be researching more modern techniques as well. I've heard good things about the Bradley method but don't know much about it yet.
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    Married May 2019
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  • @kiwi2628 thanks, I appreciate it! I'm fairly certain this is the right route for me. 
  • @missa_lyssa We used the Bradley Method with our first and I plan to do it again for this one! I’m a believer.
  • So today, I bought up the subject of a med free birth with my midwife and what I need to be looking into despite only being a little under 17 weeks. She says our area has training on Lemaze, hypnobirthing and the Bradley method. I know a few of you that mentioned these various techniques, but my question is that in your own research and decision making process how did you decide which was right for you?
  • @legallullabies We picked the Bradley Method because I did not want a doula or anyone else in the delivery room besides DH, and he was totally on board with being an involved support person. The Bradley Method depends on a hands-on, ever-present support person, with specific techniques directed towards them, so he was able to have concrete plans in place for what we needed. It seemed different to me in that way from others because most of them focus mostly on what the laboring person needs to be doing. I didn’t look too much into hypnobirthing but I think I will this time— my friend has had 4 med/intervention-free deliveries and swears by hypnobirthing.
  • @legallullabies at least in NYC where we were for DD3, it seemed like most of the classes were eclectic on some level - like we took probably what's closest to a Bradley method class (and it was intense, like eight 3-hour classes), but it definitely wasn't purely Bradley method. I'd prioritize looking at Yelp reviews, etc, because ultimately you'll get the most from the class with the best reviews of the teachers, etc, and if you end up needing a doula your instructors will be the best resource for you. 
  • @legallullabies, I am still researching but am leaning toward the Bradley method for many of the reasons @aloha_mama mentioned. I haven’t taken any classes at this point. I just got several books on Bradley and Lamaze from the library, and so far Bradley has just clicked and made more sense to me. Depending on how prepared we feel after reading the books, we might not do an actual class. We’re both pretty used to learning on our own from books.
    Me: 30 // Hubs: 31
    Married May 2019
    Baby #1 due April 19, 2022
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