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Big Fat Positive

When did you get your BFP?! I have yet to share with anyone. Need some baby conversation 😂

Re: Big Fat Positive

  • I am so ready to tell everyone haha
  • Hey!!!! I got my BFP on Monday Sept 20th!! I got a faint on dollar tree test, then a pregnant on clearblue digital for confirmation!! 
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  • When did you get yours?
  • Congrats!!! I got my BFP on 9/21!! The day of our wedding anniversary so it was super special! I’m dying to yell it from the rooftops 🤣 
  • Yay! 
    I got my BFP on 9/18! I’m so excited! 

    @koolmum I’m with ya. I need baby conversation too! It’s hard to not call everyone and start telling the whole world. Lol 

  • I got my BFP on 9/22
    @koolmum I am dying to tell everyone also! I think we are going to tell my parents next week. I just want to talk to my mom about it so bad. 
  • I got my first BFP on 09/23. Very excited for this new journey!
  • I got mine on 9/27! 🎉
  • mgmacmgmac member
    edited September 2021
    So I started to be suspicious at 8dpo and took a test: negative. I started to have early symptoms at 10dpo and figured I should try again: also negative. 

    Day of expected period (September 29) my BBT was up even higher and no spotting or anything so figured I will try one more time. The control line on the strip showed up right away but nothing else, so I left it and went and made tea. I remembered you’re supposed to wait 5 mins, so checked back and it was positive! 

    Went and grabbed a First Response on my way to work then ran to the staff bathroom to confirm and BFP right away! 
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