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Weekly Randoms 9.20

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Re: Weekly Randoms 9.20

  • @modoodles I'm sorry, what is a pizza farm and why is this the first time I'm hearing about one?! sounds like a good time!
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  • @chgilmore @modoodles I have the same question. My ears perked waaaay up at the mention of "pizza farm" lol
  • @kaf1788 @modoodles I'm definitely imagining some rustic farm where they only cultivate and sell pizza-related items and then there's a make your own pizza bar with the freshest ingredients

    ...I just made myself very hungry
  • modoodlesmodoodles member
    edited September 2021
    @chgilmore it is an organic farm that sells wood-fired pizzas on Fridays and Saturdays throughout the summer and fall! They grow most of their own produce, pork, beef, and lamb, and what they don't grow they are able to get locally! They offer a limited menu each week, and it changes as the season goes on to use what ingredients are available! We love it! They also sell a variety of beer/wine/soda, have a fee picnic tables set up but most people just bring blankets or chairs and just find a spot on the grass. It is my favorite! 

    Spoiler has photo of their menu from this past weekend! We had the Aubergine Pie, the Iowa Margherita, and the Luscious. 😍

  • @modoodles your post has me drooling. That pizza farm... wow. Dreams do come true! Need that in Utah! I always love a good charcuterie board-- they are so beautiful and tasty! Sounds like an amazing time!
  • @modoodles shit that sounds AMAZING. 
  • @modoodles OMG well I know what I'm pressuring MH for later
  • @modoodles Cute pics!!! and man I wish I didnt see those pizzas, supposed to eat healthy this week since we ate terrible last week on vacation :/ 

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  • @modoodles that weekend sounds amazing! Such a nice outing! 
  • @modoodles I’m so glad you had a good weekend with your friend! I also agree with everyone else that I need one of those pizzas in my life. 

    I had my 20 week ultrasound on Friday. Everything came back normal, but they’re recommending delivery at 39 weeks because of my age (35). Has anyone else dealt with this? I’m fine with delivering early if it’s medically necessary, but everything looks normal/good according to the entire report, so why deliver early? None of my babies have come early, and I’d like to avoid being induced if possible. 
  • @makingbacon I’ve read that 39 weeks is actually the desired pregnancy length I think? I dunno what the medical necessity is. That would be a question I’d write down and ask the Ob for sure. 

    @modoodles I’m jumping on the jealous train

    AFM, we had a good birthday weekend for my 5yo (😩) and went to the beach on Sunday. The kids were lathered appropriately in sunblock and I missed half my body. So I’m burned the worst I have ever been since moving to Florida 7 years ago and I’m regretting my life choices today. 
  • @makingbacon I've never heard of 39 week induction due to age. 🤔 Strange!

    @angelz429 uuugh sunburns are the worst! Isn't there something about pregnancy that can cause you to burn more easily too? I had a July baby last year and and we went to a lake a few weeks before he was birn and even though I put on sunblock about 3 times during the 4 hours we were there I still fried. 🙄 

  • @makingbacon I haven't heard of any medical reason to induce early due to age. That seems like something I would get a second or third opinion on. Especially if the pregnancy is healthy and there aren't any underlying issues.

    @angelz429 I'm sorry to hear about the sunburn! They are always so painful! I always have to reapply multiple times throughout the day otherwise I burn like crazy.

    AFM I'm counting down the days until Friday. I fly out to Savannah for a bachelorette party and don't return until Sunday evening. Thankfully I took Monday off so it's a long 4 day weekend that I'm looking forward to.

  • @makingbacon Congrats on the 20 week US going well! My doctor hasn't mentioned that (I'll be 35 in 3 weeks) or the baby aspirin. Making a list of questions now!

    @angelz429 Glad the birthday went well! Birthdays are so fun. I'm fair skinned so I don't think I'd fair well in a place like FL. I've had too many sunburns in my life... need to invest in a full body bathing suit  :D   

  • Anybody got any good GTKY questions for today’s thread? I suck at coming up with them. 
  • @angelob88 enjoy your weekend in Savannah! It’s one of my favorite cities! 🤗 
  • @photographerwife
     How about most hated chore?
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  • @makingbacon - I’d challenge that. I’m 37 and the only reason they’ve talked about inducing me at the due date is because of IVF. 
    Me: 37 DH: 37 - Married 10.2015 ❤️ Canadian 
    DX: Endometriosis - Stage 4, DOR, RPL
    TTC #1 07.2015
    03.2016 - Natural BFP - MC 5w4d
    04.2016 - Natural BFP - Chemical
    10.2016 - IUI w/ Injections #1 = IUI Cancelled (cyst/no mature follicle)
    11.2016 - IUI w/ Injections #2 = BFP, EDD 08.2017 - It's a BOY!
    TTC #2 06.2019
    08.2019 - IUI w/ Injections #1 = Chemical
    09.2019 - IUI w/ Injections #2 = BFN
    10.2019 - IUI w/ Injections #3 = BFN
    01.2020 - IUI w/ Injections #4 = BFN
    08.2020 - Natural BFP - MC 9w5d
    11.2020 - IVF Retrieval - 3AB & 4BB
    05.2021 - FET #1 = BFP, EDD 02.2022 - It's a BOY!

  • @ninrms thanks! I’ll reference back next week! 
    @livingoffpbjs good one! 
  • The Boppy newborn lounger is recalled. 

    It’s one of the things sitting unopened in my hallway. I’m trying to figure out if I want to send it back or still keep it. 
  • @angelz429 I would return it. It's was recalled for infant suffocation deaths. Honestly it's a small number overall but 1 accidental death due to a product is too many in my opinion. Always better to be safe.

  • @angelz429 honestly we used one for Samson and I didn’t like it enough to be worth the risk. It was really just a place to put him when I had to do something quick. I have a spare bassinet now so I’ll just use that.
  • PSA to do a quick ring check if you’re one of those people who never takes them off (like me). I decided to take mine off today thinking I was being proactive and it took like 30 minutes and a looooot of dish soap to get my wedding ring off. Really thought I was going to need to amputate 😅
  • @angelz429 I would probably return it... better safe.
    @kaf1788 Good thinking! I need to check more often!
  • My neighbors are redoing the outside of their house. They have wood paneling and all I hear is a LOUD drilling/sawing sound. Times like these are hard to work from home. Can't concentrate at all. Maybe I need to take the day off and go shopping :D
  • @makingbacon Thank you for the update! I hadn’t heard of any of that. I hope you’re able to get your hands on some studies. ❤️

    Does anyone know about drinking roasted chicory in tea? I bought Trader Joe’s fall tea, and the second-to-last ingredient listed was roasted chicory. I can’t seem to find anything reputable about it as a tea (def not okay to consume the root itself, in large quantities, it seems like?). I saw somewhere—Healthline?—that “food amounts” are okay.

    I just want to enjoy a warm calorie-free fall drink 😩
  • @makingbacon I'm sorry your dr is giving you the runaround. I'd be livid if I asked for data or studies that backed up a claim and then found that asking for more information softened that dr's approach. like what, being challenged suddenly makes the claim less valid? either it's true/valid or it's not, and the answer would be in the data, and I'm sorry you aren't getting a straightforward numbers-based answer to your question.
  • @makingbacon Thanks for sharing that information. I feel like either my doctor is totally chill/unconcerned or I don't know what? She hasn't mentioned any of the AMA things you have (baby aspirin, early delivery, etc.) Maybe because I hit that point in a few weeks? I don't know?! But definitely want to talk to her about those things and read up on articles regarding them.
  • My mom and I were talking yesterday about how you can sometimes sense the baby's personality while pregnant, so she asked me if I had any kind of intuition about it yet. With no hesitation I said "oh she's a little sh*t, I'm in trouble" xD
  • @ninrms I’m not sure how much chicory you can/can’t have during pregnancy. From what I’ve found, there’s very little research done on it with pregnancy, so there isn’t a current recommendation. It wouldn’t hurt to ask your doctor though. 

    @chgilmore I was really frustrated when she backed down and added a couple disclaimers that really don’t apply to me. I’m at the point that if they won’t treat me like a person vs a number willingly, then I guess I’ll dig my heels in and make them treat me like a person. Also my luck, I will dig my heels in and then naturally deliver at 39 weeks lol. 

    @lexilougolden My current doctor is really fixated on my age. At my 6 week PP check for DS2, she wanted to know what my future reproductive plans were because my eggs were getting old. I was newly 34 at that point, and she was told as nicely as I could manage that I didn’t care to hear the spiel. I was newly 35 when I got pregnant this time, and I’ll still be 35 when I deliver. So at this point, I’m not sure how much extra stuff I’m being signed up for is necessary or not. 
  • ninrmsninrms member
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    @makingbacon I wish I could remember where I read an article about AMA and how the 35 cutoff is pretty much BS, and resulted from basically the idea that they “needed” a cutoff SOMEWHERE. But, for reasons exactly like you explained, often most women after 35 are not particularly high risk and it’s an outdated way of thinking. (I don’t know anything about inducing because of AMA though.) I’ll see if I can find the article.

    Edited: Here’s the article. https://www.google.com/amp/s/slate.com/technology/2020/08/fertility-cliff-advanced-maternal-age-outdated.amp

    It focuses most on fertility, but does address other risks. And the very last paragraph exactly addresses your thought, @ma@makingbacon, which is that your doctor should be treating YOU, individually—not as a statistic. 
  • @ninrms Thank you for sharing! The points made in the article March really closely with my numbers and risk questions today, and how I left feeling like a number. I made the mistake of reading my appointment report tonight, and she put “recommended delivery at 39 weeks” without any notation of my concerns and questions. So that was discouraging. 

    @chgilmore I missed your comment earlier about your baby’s personality, but it made me laugh. DS1 and DS2 were both like that during pregnancy, and they are both still super ornery now. 
  • Lol just drew myself a nice hot jacuzzi bath with my fancy new Epsom salts and about five minutes in my two year old came in demanding I get out and that it was his turn for a bath 🙄. Guess who won that argument 😂😂. Pregnancy was much more fun the first time around
  • @kaf1788 that bath sounds very lovely! I hope you get a chance to replicate that in peace soon 
  • @kaf1788 I hope you enjoyed your 5 minute bath lol. Fingers crossed you can take a longer one next time. DS1 and DS2 would’ve been throwing color tabs in the water and telling me to get out, too. 
  • @angelz429 That's too funny. I just had my first craving for pickles and we're out.  Boo. Major role mistake.  Though my jalapeno ranch pretzels are satisfying my salt craving.  
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