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Weekly Check-in w/o 9/20


Re: Weekly Check-in w/o 9/20

  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 4/30 8w2d


    Upcoming Appointments: I don't have my 1st appt until next week when I'm 9 weeks and its just over the phone, but 1.5 hours 😳. Waiting to see/confirm a heartbeat has me anxious. Supposedly after your first phone visit, they schedule your US for the following 7-10 days.

    How are you feeling?: I finally gave in and started the Unisom +B6 three times a day. The day I hit 7 weeks, it went from annoying nausea to dry heaving and gagging nonstop. I took it with DS3 twice a day from 7 weeks to 11 weeks and it justttt took the edge off. 3x a day has been a game changer for me and has allowed me to consume something other than a few carbs and has cut my gagging down to just a few times a day. The Unisom had me like a zombie for about a week, but I seem to be adjusting and am just regular pregnancy fatigued now.

    Rants/Raves: My skin looks like a teenager going through puberty! Its so bad. Makes me think I'm having another boy. All my symptoms are exactly as they were with DS3. I wish I could find a skincare routine that helps me out the first half of pregnancy bc this isht is the opposite of glowing 😬

    @minnie_yoga_mama DS3 uncircumcised. I don't have any particular beliefs that would lead me to choose circumcision, and his dad isn't either so it was a pretty casual "eh, for what?" kind of decision for us. 

    @winterviolethope I'm sorry that doctor was so insensitive. I'm not small--typically a size 16 in jeans. I didn't have any bad experiences in my previous pregnancy and no horror stories from previous general physicians, but I still feel the anxiety of the possibility at every appointment, like ever.

    @fameonmain2 I'm in the camp of large indoor events still make me nervous. I think it depends on how much you know the people too. Like, my dad has a really large family but every single one of them is vaccinated so that changes my comfort level (thinking ahead to the holidays) I think I'd also feel differently if I didnt have DS3 and it was just us vaccinated adults at home. Ultimately, its a tough, personal decision and I hope you can come to a decision you feel comfortable with. It totally sucks that we have to make these decisions still! I wish it would end. 
  • @amys614 my skin was PRISTINE with DD3, and it's such a wreck this time. Boys! lol 
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  • @amys614 we are twinning. My nausea and skin have been awful! I hope you can find some relief soon!
  • EST DUE DATE: Contention here: by my LMP 4/23 by measurements 4/25. New Cescerean negotiated date 4/15. Tax day??? I'm not sure if tax day is a great birthday. Plus that would mean we'd be around 38 weeks but on the tail end. Trying to negotiate for the following Monday the 18th but we shall see. Also that's Good Friday. I feel like a prescheduled Cescerean should be on non holidays?!? I just need to keep eye on the prize healthy baby safe delivery. But I'm a planner so my eye is twitching while I say that.

    STM 5 yo daughter

    UPCOMING APPTS: Surprise! I get to hang out at OB/GYN every week this month because my BP came back high. So had one appointment with my big blood draw this week like 6-7 vials. I am a hard stick and I was soooo happy my phlobotomist was the same lady from my first pregnancy. One stick no bruising barely felt it shout out to good staff. Next week I get BP taken again and NIPT! And then next week I qualify for nuchal scan so will probably do that as the week after is vacation!

    STATUS UPDATE ON THE FEELS: I'm not really an emotion driven person so this is always hard for me. Does feeling tired count as an emotion? Because I feel that in my soul.

    RANTS/RAVES: food. 

    @winterviolethope I think I've read two people have the same reaction to a similar statement from doctors. I'm sorry that made you feel bad about yourself. I know it's hard in the moment but you might want to let your doctor know how that made you feel. I know it sounds crazy but doctors are just people with specialized education. Sometimes they say insensitive stuff but I doubt your doctor ment to offend you or hurt your feelings. I'm a health care provider and I know I'd appreciate feedback so I didn't go around trouncing on people's feelings and I know if someone told me I'd be horrified and apologizing. If they get huffy then you really know they are not the right person but many times they just need a minute to dig themselves out of the hole they just made. Either way I'm sorry you feel bad that sucks.
  • @rbflei honestly, I have no interest in seeing her again. She was just the doctor who was supposed to give me the results of my NT scan -- not my normal OB. I made sure to book my anatomy scan at a different location with a different doctor overseeing. But, I let my OB know what she said. 
    And her coming into the room at all was a complete useless waste of my valuable time. I can see the results right there on the NT scan -- not sure why she made me wait in a tiny room for her for 30 minutes to tell me 1.3mm is less than 3. I just can't stand doctors who treat patients like they are idiots. 

    Me: 36 DH: 36
    Married: October 2011
    DS: January 2016
    DS: May 2019
    #3: April 2022
  • @jennykatedvm I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering if everything was okay! Glad you’re back!
  • @jennykatedvm Good to hear from you. Sometimes an internet break really helps. Sorry for the scare and glad babe is looking good.
    @rbflei At least 4/15 would be easy to remember! I hope you get a date you’re comfortable with. Forgive me but I can’t remember why they want you to deliver at 38w? 
    @amys614 Wow, what a long phone visit. What even does one talk about for that long I wonder?
    @fameonmain2  As others have said it depends on so many factors! Where I live (TN) you could not pay me to go to a big indoor wedding because our cases are out of control, hospitals are near capacity, and our vax rate is low. On the other hand I have family in New England still and so many people are vaxxed up there they aren’t seeing a big surge.

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 4/23 / 9w4d (but they will come out by 4/1)


    Upcoming Appointments: ultrasound tomorrow with my regular OB.

    How are you feeling?: I am so anxious to see that these babies are alright. 

    Rants/Raves: I have a home doppler, I used one with DS2. I haven’t been able to hear the babies so far (I thought I might have heard one yesterday but they’re so little it wasn’t super clear and very brief, couldn’t find anything today).  Realistically I know it’s too early to reliably hear them - I think with DS2 I didn’t even try until he was about 11w and he was an extremely robust little guy. I just want to be able to know they’re ok.

  • @fameonmain2 ultimately do what feels right to you! But I’d go, especially if your husband is already going. I tend to make those decisions based on what I’m most likely to regret the most later down the line.
  • @zamoraspin2 He said he likes his measurements better than the US tech who did the 2nd US and that puts me 2 days later so I'd be exactly 39 weeks his measurements and 38 weeks 5 days by her measure. Also the nurse did a double pump on my BP reading which made my BP look like it was 130s over high 90s and I'm a geriatric pregnancy so I'm sure he wants that baby out. It's interesting because I've heard him say several times he likes to do a very early US because the dating is more exact and the smaller the baby is the more accurate the measurements. Last pregnancy he said the 32 week US was usually not even close to correct with weight estimates.  I always find that interesting because so many of you mentioned not having US till like minimum 8 weeks and some still haven't had any. Difference in providers it's just so interesting what changes and what stays the same place to place and provider to provider.

    Grats on the twins hope you hear those heartbeats better soon!
  • @rbflei Ah  gotcha, so they’re aiming for about 39w give or take. Dating is such a weird thing. DS2 and this twin pregnancy were both via frozen embryo transfer so we could not be more sure of dates. Because we work with RE’s before graduating to my regular OB they do first u/s at about 6 1/2 weeks. With DS2 (a picture perfect 5AA PGT tested embryo) he measured three days behind at our first u/s. He caught up and by 10w he was measuring ahead 3 days. He was born at 39w (on purpose because I’m also AMA and he was measuring big). I can definitely believe  by later ultrasounds it’s hard to tell gestational age because he was like the size of a full term baby by like 34/35w. The twins both measured small the first two u/s but then had almost caught up last week (which makes me think measuring may have been off because they were like 10 days bigger in 7 days).
  • @zamoraspin2 so fascinating the embryo transfer process. Thanks for the background information.  Always a lot to learn. 
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