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Weekly Check-in w/o 9/13


Re: Weekly Check-in w/o 9/13

  • @zamoraspin2, I agree with the ladies above, 2.5 and up seem to understand better. With my last pregnancy my daughter was about to turn 3 and we got a couple of books that talked about her being a big sister. I think when they are younger than that we can explain that there is a baby in the belly, but they won’t realize it until the belly starts growing. It is helpful to point out babies when you go out and telling her that you are growing one in your belly. Just keep talking about it and they will know something is going on. My little one is just 15 months so we just include her in the conversations with DD4 and she just copies her sister (listening to the belly). They eventually catch on something exciting for the family is happening. That’s really all they need to know. I got a couple of big sister books from Amazon. They were pretty much the same. 
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