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Ten things tuesday 9.14

Re: Ten things tuesday 9.14

  • 1. lattes
    2. feeling first real kicks today
    3. MH, just generally
    4. snuggly fur babies
    5. getting to WFH
    6. warm blankets
    7. autumn weather
    8. lemon water
    9. candles
    10. pumpkin spice things
  • 1. Cooler temperatures
    2. Telling SS of baby-- that it went over way better than I could have hoped for
    3. Events to look forward to
    4. Comfy clothes
    5. Hugs
    6. Nice neighbors
    7. Family gatherings
    8. Movie nights
    9. Soup
    10. Pumpkin everything

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  • @chgilmore Yay for baby kicks! I've heard if you drink/eat something really cold it can get them moving. No idea why that works...
  • @lexilougolden oooh yes for pumpkin everything! I've also heard that about cold drinks. I'll try that when she starts going at it more consistently, today is was like a switch turned on from the moment I woke up
  • @chgilmore isn't that crazy? One moment nothing then the next you feel movement! Mine is a wiggler! Though my husband has only felt him kick once.  
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