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  • And last pregnancy I just used a normal lotion with cocoa butter and was able to get away without stretch marks! I should probably start doing that again 🤔 
  • Yeah, stretch marks mostly are genetic. 

    I took a lot of baths last time with rose hip oil and jojoba oil, etc., but no one in my family has stretch marks despite my mom gaining 80 lbs in her pregnancy with me (started off at 100 lbs so lol significant) and I gained 45 lbs of belly and boob. 
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  • wow! That is pretty impressive.   Everyone in my family has CRAZY stretch marks that seem to never fade and they all said we're pretty painful, so I was sure I was doomed.  Even the men just from normal growth spurts.  I don't know how I've lucked out so far, but I'm not changing up my routine just in case!   Now if only I could find a way to avoid the hair loss, acne, and weird dark spots that pop up all over! 
  • @monstera13 that's exciting! We got possession of our new place on Tuesday. I've been cleaning it, getting it ready to move in. Unfortunately the previous owners didn't even wipe a counter so it's gross. I was hoping to move over there on Saturday, but will have to wait until next weekend.
  • @miss_lynn9 How exciting for you too! Hope the cleaning goes faster than you expect!
  • @monstera13 my friend came over to help today  (we both put our kids in daycare starting yesterday and we both start back at work from maternity leave on Tuesday) we cleaned for 30 minutes and talked for 3.5 hours 😅 going to have to be more productive tomorrow. 
  • @monstera13 and @miss_lynn9 congrats on the new houses!! Also @miss_lynn9 that lotion sounds like it smells delicious!
  • Day 3 of daycare and my DD caught something. She's 15 months old so she is a pure Covid baby and has been in her bubble her entire life. My friends son is 11 months old and also started daycare with her on Wednesday. He got sent home today because he was throwing up. She was her happy playful self until 6 when she threw up and shes she's thrown up 2 more times. She's never been sick before. 😭
  • @miss_lynn9 Poor girl! It’s so hard to see our kids sick, especially when they’re too young to understand why 😩
  • @miss_lynn9 I'm so sorry!  It's so horrible when they are sick. Mine hit 15months today too, and we've been totally isolated this whole time.  It's been so wonderful but really weird having her not get sick a single time yet!  My older one was sick all the time.  
  • @todzillamom it has been very nice that her and I haven't been such this entire time lol. I'm going to have to get used to it. She's thrown up 6 times in 4 hours. I really hope that's it.
  • @miss_lynn9 Oh, that is so hard! Poor baby. And poor mama! Thinking of you!
  • @miss_lynn9. I don't think you have to get used to it, seeing our babies in pain is total torture, no matter the age.  I cried like a baby every time mine got sick, still do, and my oldest is almost 15! I just wait and do it where she can't hear me! If I remember that age right, I relied on a lot of cool washclothes and popsicles made from mostly water, breastmilk/formula, or Pedialyte, and junky late night TV.  Sending good thoughts for speedy recovery, you'll get through this! 
  • Thank God for our sous vide. I never thought I'd care at all but not smelling meat cook when already nauseous is a major life improvement for everyone. 
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