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  • We are still working on a middle name for Violet.

    My husband is into Kira I'm just ok about it.
    Our last name is one syllable so I tend to like a longer middle name. I was contemplating Madeline but not in love with that either. With our first we had the middle name picked before the first and did Natalie Matilda which I still love. Nothing feel right so every few days one of us texts a name randomly to each other like Clementine. But lots of meh. Need some inspiration I think I need to read more but who has time?
  • @rbflei sometimes constraints help me. I could tell you what you'd "need" numerologically? I mean, I don't think it actually matters lol but I found it helpful in picking a middle name for DD3 because it narrowed down our options  :D 
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  • @doxiemoxie212 I'm game for that sometimes just working around new rules does get you somewhere new. What information is needed for that?
  • @rbflei okay so each letter has a number. Basically A=1, B=2, then you get to J and it restarts at 1, S and it restarts at 1. Make sense? So I just need the numbers of your last name, doesn't even have to be in the order they actually are. I'll just look at Violet + the 4 numbers of your last name and tell you what she'd be "missing" and what the letter options are to fill in those gaps. I think there's actually even a website I used with DD3 if I can find it that you can tell it it needs to include certain letters or something.
  • We are struggling so much with a name! We do gravitate towards more unisex names, so we have a Finlay (boy) and an Emerson (girl).

    Our top few picks right now (we're having a boy) are Bowen (nn Bowie or Bo), Beckett (nn Beck), and Huckley (nn Huck - because I really want a Huck and a Finn lol). Thoughts? Recommendations? 
  • @doula-mama I really like Beckett and Huckley from your list!

    some of our others that didn’t make it just for ideas:
    Lincoln (Link maybe?)

    Also a really good way to just scroll huge lists of names is to watch credits after shows and movies. That’s how we got DS5s name (Simon). 
  • @Blondesweety444 Thanks! I liked Lincoln too, and my husband vetoed it :( I've started paying attention to all the random names you see (especially characters and credits on TV, or authors when I'm looking at book lists)... I really hate naming kids haha!

  • Thank you all! We are thinking Emmett for a boy, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t one of those names that have transitioned too far to girl. I guess my other issue is with the nickname Em, then Emmy, which I definitely think girl. 
  • @doxiemoxie212 Ok so last name is 8133

    This is kinda fun.
  • @doula-mama, Elliot might be another that fits your description. 
  • @rbflei Okay so Violet is 496352 and your last name is 8133 so she's missing 7s, so her middle name needs to include a G P or Y according to numerology. (There are some other things people look at with numerology, but not usually until you know the baby's actual birth day so not very relevant for name planning.)
  • @doxiemoxie212 Not guaranteed but her planned C-section is April15 the so it won't be past that if it helps.
  • @rbflei you'd really need the exact date for it to matter. You could go into labor earlier than that, so there's no guarantee it would be that date. 

    If it is that date, though, then she needs to prioritize 7s for sure (because she'd be on a 7 birth path - I'm on a 7 too!), so I'd recommend having at least two 7s in her name.
  • @doxiemoxie212 oh this is fun I actually love restrictions and working inside that. Thanks!
  • @rbflei maybe Peggy hahahaha that would be like ultra 7s
  • Omg Doxie imma need you to do mine next
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