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  • @winterviolethope Winter makes me think of the character from the Marissa Meyer novels, the Lunar Chronicles-and she is kind of like what @minnie_yoga_mama describes but ends up standing up for herself in the end! Ruby-I had a Ruby at school and she was a quiet troublemaker. Mostly friendly, a little mischevious, so that's what I picture. 

    Benjamin, Owen, and Nathan-I have taught at least one of every one of these names, though in no way have any of them been a dime a dozen kids like their names might suggest. My fave Ben was insanely smart and quietly brave. The Owens I know have always been adorably rowdy and ornery. And the Nathan I know is very rambunctious with an adorable smile. 

    Our name is only one, but still up in the air on middle names. Augustus will be the first name, and I want the middle name to be a combo of my bro and H's bro, and so far the only name I have that sounds like it was combined and isn't popular already is Bran-which I love because of Game of Thrones. I think it's too short to go with the other two names-Augustus is long, our last name is a three syllable Italian name. I feel like we may need a second middle name. 

  • Yay! I’d been thinking to resurrect this thread too! Because I need ideas people! Lol. But seriously, DH’s contributions are just to veto, or suggest names from his current favorite tv hero. He outright laughed at a girl name suggestion (Felicity Renee), saying, “no, I meant real names.” Then after apologizing, a couple weeks ago he suggested Hieronymus. “…like Bosch - the detective?” I asked. “Oh,” he said. “Is that where I got it?”

    This follows the suggestions of Jack Bauer, Jack Ryan, Bohannon, and Amos (The Expanse) from other pregnancies. 

    My goal is to have a name with a sound I like, and that flows with our last name, but also with a meaning that has some significance to us. At this point I’m giving up on a beautiful set of sibling names, consoling myself that there’s really only a few years of their life where people hear their names all together. Mostly given up anyways. 

    Currently we’re considering Jovan or Ivan for a boy, both are variations on John. I’m not totally sold though, even if I’m the one who suggested them, they have a different sound than our other boys. I’m also tempted to use Sebastian as a MN for my Dad. DS4 has one of my FIL’s names and at the time we debated using on of my Dad’s also, but I thought it would make the overall name too harsh. (In hindsight, it would totally fit DS4 because he’s incredibly driven). But anyways, my Dad said no, I’d rather you use Ignatius or Sebastian! (His GP names he never got to use because he only had girls. Also, no way was my mom going to have a son called Iggy 😆). 

    We’re team green so we get to battle it out on girl names too! DH likes the name Emily, he won’t use it but it’s one of few suggestions he’s made, so it sticks out to me. I’ve loved the name Sophie forever but he says I can’t use it either. And our formerly agreed on girl name has been taken. 
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  • @SmashJam Sometimes a short middle name sounds good sandwiched between two longer names because it breaks it up well so it’s not too much of a mouthful! I think Augustus Bran is a great combination! I picture an Augustus as auburn haired, good natured, and genuine, who likes to read and is naturally intelligent. He sounds like someone who would be kind and dependable.
  • To me:

    Benjamin is a quiet thoughtful type. Smart, well spoken.
    Owen is silly, loves to laugh. He's adventurous but not wild.
    Nathan - I'm a bit stumped on this one! I haven't known any Nathans so its hard to pull together a stereotype!

    Our little dude will be named Leo. We're still deciding on the middle name. My husbands middle name, which I would like to use, is Dee. But I don't quite like the flow of Leo Dee. Our last name is incredibly long and difficult to pronounce (my inlaws are from Laos). DS5's name is Simon Lee (after my side of the family).

    Ya or nah? Also what stereo types with Leo?
  • @SmashJam I like a mix of longer and shorter syllable names together. Augustus Bran alone does sound like it’s missing something, but it flows and sounds complete with the 3 syllable Italian names I’m making up in my mind. 

    @winterviolethope my very first impression of the name Winter is an image of ice sparkling in the sun - cold, but beautiful. Personality I would imagine on the serious side, and firm in her beliefs. 

    Ruby, I think of deep earth tones. Personality, a mix of quiet but social and cheerful. 

    @minnie_yoga_mama My H is a Ben so I can’t play that one, I’m too close! He’s both incredibly serious and thoughtful - and a huge goofball. 

    Owen is lively, a little mischievous, but good-hearted. 

    Nathan is quiet, thoughtful and smart. 
  • @minnie_yoga_mama

    Benjamin Julian -- Benjamin is a little rambunctious but sweet 
    Owen William- Owen is smart, funny but a little quiet 
    Nathan Bouchard- Nathan is athletic and sweet, a little shy but has a lot of friends 

    Me: 36 DH: 36
    Married: October 2011
    DS: January 2016
    DS: May 2019
    #3: April 2022
  • @SmashJam Augustus is hot! Is that weird to say about a baby? haha But, he WILL be hot -- especially if people call him Auggie :)

    Me: 36 DH: 36
    Married: October 2011
    DS: January 2016
    DS: May 2019
    #3: April 2022
  • @Blondesweety444 Leo is serious but funny, keeps a small group of friends and is very smart 
    Me: 36 DH: 36
    Married: October 2011
    DS: January 2016
    DS: May 2019
    #3: April 2022
  • @SmashJam When I hear Augustus I think of a truly brilliant kid. But the kind that everyone loves. Like so lovable but also so smart!
  • @kiwi2628 so this is very random… and not baby name related… but have we crossed paths in the past on the bump? I have a N14 and a F17 and am a IF momma.. your name is so familiar and I feel like it goes with your profile pic… I could be crazy… that’s not out of the realm of possibility. 
    ******************** BFP Warning *******************
    I'm 29 and DH is 32 we have a MFI (low count) 
    IVF #1 starting in August. ER 9/5/13 23 eggs we are fertilizing 15. 9 frozen
    ET 9/10 - transferred 1 perfect 5AA blast
    7dp5dt BFP ~~ Beta on 9/19 - 77.4 Beta #2 on 9/21 - 357
    Low heartbeat on 10/7 86, lower heartbeat on 10/11 76, no heartbeat 10/14/13. D&C 10/15/13
    Tests revealed MTHFR c677t mutation, put on Folgard.
    FET #1 1/6/14 - 4BB blast - BFN
    FET #2 - 3/3/14 - 5AB Blast -- Beta #1 3/12 - 152 -- Beta #2 3/14 - 358
    FET #3 06/09/16 - 5AB Blast - Beta #1 6/18- 245 -- Beta #2 06/20 - 600
     PAIF/SAIF/PAL/SAL welcome!

  • @winterviolethope there was a character named Auggie on that CIA show that used to be on USA and I always thought he was super cute. Can't remember the name though.

    @Blondesweety444 I have a Leo second cousin who (as far as I know, they live in China and thanks pandemic, haven't seen them in two years) seems quiet, like to build with Legos, studious, kind.

    @bluecampanula that's a good point it sounds ok all together, it was really just first and middle together that was bugging me.
  • @minnie_yoga_mama I love the name Owen but I can't choose it because of Grey's Anatomy lol.

    My first son is William and we love the name, it's also a family name

    Bouchard sounds like a last name and a hockey last name so I'm a fan. 
  • @FishyMom if you stalk the IF boards then you might recognize me. I have an O18 and a F20. O18 I started trying in 2016 though so I was on TTGP the IF thread in 2017 starting in like April/May ish
  • @minnie_yoga_mama Benjamin- feels a down to earth kind of guy as a kid it lends itself to Nick names but as they grow up they can use a longer full version without the name seeming so formal.

    Owen- jaded, cousin named son Owen so to me he's little bit of a long hair casual kid trying to work out how to play outside longer and skip a bath.

    Nathan- seems like a smart but reserved name. But again Nick name Nate seems like casual version.

    @SmashJam   Augustus- I love the whole long name.But like the nick name gus better than Augie because anyone with a name like this who is even near Texas will be asked if they or their parents went to A&M.

    @winterviolethope Winter- This was my husband's number 1 choice last round with our daughter I was very against it. Not because it didn't sound pretty but because I never wanted someone to say, "Winter is coming" in a context I would not want to hear even as a joke. Maybe by the time she would be 16 or so that saying would stop butI just knew it would still bother me.

    Ruby - This reminds me of one of the sweetest people who was shy but with lots of talent on the great British baking show. 

    @bluecampanula Variations of John- Have you thought about Jack? I loved that name and if we had ever had a boy would have pushed for it. I like that it wasn't Jackson (or whatever crazy spelling) which is very over done here right now but also short and sweet and is a nickname for John that also seems less formal. Of the ones listed I like Ivan but was mixed last time by my husband. Then of course we had a girl anyway.

    Any thoughts when you hear Violet? Keep in mind our last name has one syllable. Her sister is Natalie. I managed to talk him out of Beatrix. It sounds ok but no one wants to be called Trixie then they are a teenager which was his preference of nick name.
  • @rbflei I love the name Violet and it would be one of my first choices if my surname wasn't Brown. Colour names are sadly out for us.
  • Most of the names it suggested didn't relate to me, although they were closer to my odd name preferences than most baby lists. Wow such an interesting quiz!
  • @taylorz8912 I love Parker for a girl. My son’s middle name is Rhys so I love that too… obviously that is the male Irish spelling but I think Reece is nice for a girl
    Me: 36 DH: 36
    Married: October 2011
    DS: January 2016
    DS: May 2019
    #3: April 2022
  • @rbflei Thanks! I like the meaning of John, neither it nor Jack fit my tastes much better than the others though. We also have 2 J boys as it is, and I really don’t want another to mix up lol. I feel like we’re mostly rehashing names from our previous lists that we couldn’t quite agree on then - like with DS4 I liked Eamon, DH liked Amos, and we kind of met in the middle with James. Which sounds enough like those other two that they’re off the table now. I think I’m just going to have to go through the books and websites and hope something catches my eye differently now than a few years ago. 
  • @robbenson actually, both Bouchard and Julian are family names! Julian is from my side, and Bouchard is from my husband’s side! (His family is French Canadian, hence all the French last names!)

    @rbflei I love Violet!!! I wanted to BE Violet in the Boxcar Children book series when I was little, and put all things purple in my bedroom to try to make it look just like Violet’s purple bedroom in the story! So when I think of a Violet, I always think of her character. I imagine a Violet as dark haired, sweet, quiet, but friendly, and very kind!

    @bluecampanula My childhood cat’s name is Ivan— we have a thing about naming our pets “people names” in our family. 😆 We all call him either Ivanhoe or Ivan the Terrible, after the historical figure because he likes to terrorize the other pets. Ivan the Terrible as a namesake may not come up too often in his life, but just something to consider when weighing name options!

    @Blondesweety444 I love the name Leo! Strong, short, and impossible to mispronounce or misspell! I don’t have too much of an initial impression aside from that though— I suppose I’d imagine a Leo as friendly and social, who makes friends easily and with anyone!
  • @minnie_yoga_mama Lol. That is true. Our connotations are balanced out because we’ve known one little Ivan, who I suppose was so adorable because he did always have a mischievous little twinkle in his eye 😆
  • @missa_lyssa Those are two great, solid options! Nora Margaret is gorgeous, and I envision a Nora as an intelligent, strong, well spoken, serious but confident, literary reader who is wise beyond her years! Felix Pascal sounds like a European name to me, and I envision a curly sandy haired boy with a mischievous smile, a happy disposition, and a personality that makes everything fun and joyful!
  • Ivorytower2Ivorytower2 member
    edited October 2021
    Ok I am just catching up with this thread and did the DNA test and lol! So many of the odd names here are the names of kids I know so now I’m thinking all their parents must have come up with their kid’s names using a quiz like this 🤣🤣 

    Of the names you guys have mentioned, I like Willa, Ruby, Winter, Owen.

    I don’t know any kids names Winter or Owen! I definitely like names that are unique but not super weird and “defining”. My kids names are somewhat unique, but I feel really badly for kids named Alabama and Apple. 

  • momof222momof222 member
    edited October 2021
    I have Hazel Renee picked out for a girl and Oliver Francis picked out for a boy :) I already have a daughter named Liliana as well!
  • @rbflei I love this. What a great idea! And lol to your awesome scrabble shark grandma-in-law. 
  • We have three girls currently:
    Isla June 
    Halle Elizabeth &
    Stella Kate

    we found out a few weeks ago it’s a boy and we surprisingly didn’t care to use any of the names we previously liked for a boy lol
    I’m 99.9% sure we are going with
    Ledger Byrne (Byrne (burn) is a family name and husbands middle name) 
  • Right now I’m feeling Judah (definitely) and Nellie (maybe). No middle names yet, though. 
  • We are going with Oliver. My husband is very excited to call him Ollie.
  • bluecampanulabluecampanula member
    edited November 2021
    @robbenson DH wouldn’t let me use the name Oliver with DS4 because the little boy of an acquaintance had it as his middle name. MIDDLE NAME. Sometimes I think it’s amazing any of our kids have names. 

    I’m currently leaning towards Ezra for a boy. DH said something positive, if also noncommittal, so I’m also just leaving it all for the moment, so he doesn’t get scared away. 

    And I just don’t even know about girl names, I have a list going, but I have a hard time believing this one will be a girl and DH can’t seem to think about girl names at all… so if it is, I just might take the option the midwives offered last time of not naming our baby right away. Oh man, if people are annoyed by team green - just imagine not telling the name for a week, or more, after birth 😂

    We still have nearly half a year to decide, right?
  • @robbenson I love the name Oliver! That’s my DS11. He won’t let me call him Olli anymore, though. ☹️
  • I've been stuck on a girl name since DS3--Aubrielle Rose. I'm open to others, but just not coming across anything else I love like that. I'm 99% certain on Rose. Its my mom's maiden name. She and I are both middle names of Marie, but I think this would be special. Hopefully daddy will go along with it. He seems to be willing to let me pick the girl name since he knows Ive had this picked for so long. We had the hardest time agreeing on something for DS3--Mateo. Fx. 
  • I really like Serena for a girl, but DH said he would think of Serena Williams every time. 🙄🙄🙄
  • robbenson said:
    We are going with Oliver. My husband is very excited to call him Ollie.
    That’s my son’s name and we call him Ollie too!
    Me: 36 DH: 36
    Married: October 2011
    DS: January 2016
    DS: May 2019
    #3: April 2022
  • Thoughts on Emmet or Emmett? And would you think boy or girl? 
  • @babya422 I would definitely think a boy if I heard Emmett. 

    Me: 36 DH: 36
    Married: October 2011
    DS: January 2016
    DS: May 2019
    #3: April 2022
  • @babya422 I prefer the two Ts version, and I tend to think boy for that name. But I also like when girls have traditionally “boy” names. 
  •  I feel like gender fluidity on Names is fine especially boys names for a girl. I do think boy first but that's because Emmett always triggers my hours of forced 1990's Cowboys football watching by my father and I can't think of anyone but Emmitt Smith.  But if you are thinking for a girl that could be an awesome way to flip it. But I agree about the spelling with two Ts as since if it's the traditional spelling that creates a lifetime of saying only one T over and over.
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