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TTC over 40

starting new discussion as there hasn’t been anything here for a few years.  wondering if anyone is currently AMA and undergoing iui or ivf.  i’m 11dpiui, and pushing it at 45.

Re: TTC over 40

  • Hi there, I am not, but a popular website in DC (where I live) has an active ivf/fertility discussion and the TTC crowd is generally older than average, so may be helpful:

  • PS When I got my IVF workup at age 39, I requested to skip straight to IVF so as not to lose time with IUIs, etc. Thankfully my insurance allowed it. I ended up getting pregnant naturally but this was my plan, fwiw.  Best of luck! :-)
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  • Hi hun, I tried 3 iui's & 2ivf's at 45 after DNC but nothing. Don't be discouraged if God has it in His plan for us we will see the blessing soon. Stay positive & hopeful, I know it's easier said than done but possible 🙏🌹❤  right now I'm 48 and next weekend AF suppose to intruded but last week I had severe EWCM with light pink on it 3days in a row. Lower back pain,  cramps, burning nipples for a day, and niw insomnia 😫 staying hopeful with PCOS 🙏
  • thanks for the encouragement.  now on my 4th iui this time around, 6dpiui.  feeling some twinge cramping and lower back pain, guess we will see.  sounds like you had positive signs this cycle…hope you got positive news.
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