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Successful unmedicated V-bac

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Dear Bump- community!

It's been over a year but I remember how encouraging I found posts in this thread. Every birth and every birth story is different, but I had my V-bac and am very happy about it. Minimal tear, fast recovery, could take care of my toddler son right away, went home less then 24hrs after admission. They only kept me a night becausethe placenta had grown into my c-section scar and I lost a fair amount of blood. Baby girl was fine. I also progressed extremely fast which is why it was a completely unmedicated birth as I never even had the option to choose anything else. It was one of those movie scenes where I was screaming "I want to push" and they were trying to get me from triage to the delivery room on a stretcher. I had doctors recommend a v-bac and some speak out against it (mainly out of routine and convenience it seemed), but there were no medical concerns and I am so glad I kept saying I wanted to try a v-bac. I went in with low expectations, just wanted the baby to be healthy. I think it's a good mindset to try it with. I want to encourage everyone thinking about it, that's all. Believe in yourself! It has been a very wholesome experience. It'll be different for you, but I am so glad I did it. Good luck!

Re: Successful unmedicated V-bac

  • Congrats! I had an unmedicated VBAC in 2019 and I’m planning another for January! 
  • I am hoping for a vbac this go round! I was in labor 16 hours with my son! My water had broke at home and I went to the hospital was progressing by my sons head was tilted up and to the side. Turns out he was stuck and facing the wrong way. Im hoping baby girl will be a little more cooperative.
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  • hazelmaushazelmaus member
    Crossing my fingers for you. I keep haring this, there's just not much that can be done if shoulder or head get stuck funny. Let me know how it went! I will try for another one this summer, too. 
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