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Ten Things Tuesday

What top ten things are you feeling most grateful for today? 

Re: Ten Things Tuesday

  • 1) Constant positive reminders from the Universe💕
    2) New work opportunities 
    3) Recent friend-like support from my sisters 
    4) Being able to uplift others in my life who are really struggling 
    5) Having a positive outlook recently 
    6) Access to quality medical care
    7) New neighbors who are so friendly 
    8) A comfortable home 
    9) Sun shining☀️
    10) Feeling healthy & being able-bodied 
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  • aukeevaukeev member
    @keikilove Love your mindfulness about others!

    1. DH. He is incredibly hardworking and just a really fantastic partner. 
    2. All four of my fiddle leaf figs have new leaves this week. 
    3. Had a big win for a client yesterday. 
    4. The community at my gym. 
    5. The flexibility of being self-employed. 
    6. Air conditioning.
    7. Zero-turn lawn mowers.
    8. Iced coffee. 
    9. My MIL. She really is great, and I (almost always) feel like I won the MIL lottery. 
    10. Iced coffee again.
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