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WTF Wednesday 6.30.2021


Re: WTF Wednesday 6.30.2021

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    @bailey_baby the only reason anyone tried to educate is because you specifically asked
     questions in your post about natural immunity vs vaccines. It you look back, you were given the suggestion of looking for a provider whose beliefs more closely aligned with yours. You don't know me well enough to determine if I'm a decent human being or not, but that's fine. I could turn that around and say decent human beings don't come and whine about not getting to have their husbands with them (when it is within their control) to people who didn't actually have that choice. That is insensitive and self centered. 

    I'd also like to add that I have very close friends and family who haven't received the vaccine. Their body, their choice. But we aren't free from consequences of those choices. 
  • Any questions I asked were hypothetical. I'm sorry you didn't pick up on the nuances. And no, I didn't have a choice since I found out the news that he couldn't be there only two weeks before my appointment...which definitely wouldn't have given him enough time to be fully vaccinated. 
    As I said before, I'm sorry you had to have a COVID baby. But your experience does not diminish my own feelings. You don't know what I've gone through to get here. And you're right that I don't know you. I don't know the kind of person you are. But based on how you speak to people and how you refuse to acknowledge another human's own struggles and instead tell me that I'm "whining" paints a pretty good picture. Is this thread not specifically for venting? 
    @angelz429, I totally understood the intent of your response! Sorry if I came off defensive. And thank you for acknowledging my struggles! I really, REALLY appreciate it. 
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  • @bailey_baby I can tell you're very upset, so I won't engage or invest any energy past this response. 

    To "defend" myself, however- in my very first response to you I said, "I'm so sorry," and "I'm not saying it doesn't suck." 

    I was empathetic but also logical. You are right- I don't know what it took for you to get here- and you don't know what it took for me to bring my rainbow baby here last summer. The baby you said you're sorry I had to have. 

    Good luck with whatever your next steps are. As I've said since the beginning, I do hope you are able to find a practice that will let you do whatever you want regarding husband and the vaccine, or you are able to resign yourself to the policies of your current office. 

  • @modoodles, as you've said, this conversation doesn't need to continue. But..."the baby you said you're sorry I had to have." Really? Wow. You call yourself logical but then make escalatory comments like that? I'm pretty sure you know exactly what I meant in MY initial comments. I'm sorry you had to go through the trauma of having a baby DURING COVID. Obviously.
  • @bailey_baby (((hugs))) So much of what has gone on this past year and a half is just awful, and unfortunately I'm afraid we will be feeling the repercussions for some time to come... I hope you're able to find a way to have your husband participate in your visits. <3
  • Thank you @BusinessWife I really appreciate the empathy and understanding! ❤️
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