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Weekly Randoms 6.28.2021

Weekly randoms? I didn't see one started yet, so here we go! 
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Re: Weekly Randoms 6.28.2021

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  • @makingbacon that sounds so hard to have your mom so hyperfocused on your sister’s pain that she misses how scary and sad and painful RPL has been for you. 

    @chgilmore hope you and everyone else in the PNW gets a little cooldown tomorrow. That heat is out of control! 

    AFM, I’ve had to do covid tests for both kids and still waiting for occ health to clear me for work tomorrow, and if not it’s going to be such a nuisance getting patients rescheduled. I know it’s not covid because I caught this cold from DD2 who also infected DD1, both of whom are negative. Summer colds are such a pita and I have a million and one things to do before we leave on vacation this weekend. 

    Truly random fires over here because I’m too nauseated to sleep. Shouldn’t have taken my vitamin on an empty stomach at bedtime. 
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  • kmw611kmw611 member
    @makingbacon I’m sorry you’re struggling right now and haven’t had the support or excitement you should from your Mom. I hope when you do share your news your mom and sister can be excited for you ❤️. 

    Over here it’s 3 hours past my 2yos bedtime and he is still awake kicking walls and making a general ruckus in my boys shared bedroom. I’m amazed DS1 and my husband can sleep through it considering DS1 is in there with him and my bedroom shares a wall with theirs on the side DS2s bed is on. I can’t sleep until I know he is asleep because he’s a mischief maker and would end up in the refrigerator or pantry getting midnight snacks/making a mess. 
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  • @modoodles It is quiet and I've never been on a bmb board before :D I've looked at other months though and they do have a lot of activity! We'll hit our groove. Pool party sounds wonderful. Hope it all goes well! @tessiesmom26 the beach sounds fun! I'm with you though... no energy to do things on my own. @gardenvariety88 The 4th sounds fun! I hope you have enough energy for the family coming! I get anxious for friends coming over (we haven't told any of them) because my symptoms are worse at night.
    @fuscok88 Cute sign! Love it!
    @chgilmore The heat is terrible! I'm in Utah and feeling the desert wasteland vibe right about now. We actually are in a bad drought and can only water our lawns once a week. Scared for what the rest of the summer will look like. @makingbacon That's so hard. I'm sorry that these feelings are tied to sharing such happy news.

    AFM We planned a 4th of July getaway with my SS for this weekend. Tubing, pools/slides, cabin. I'm excited but my symptoms have been really extreme lately and I hope that I can have an enjoyable time.

    tessiesmom26kmw611chgilmore[Deleted User]
  • @tessiesmom26 I've been having the same dilemma about taking DS to the beach as well. I thought he would be super portable and easy to travel with...and well he's not. The thought of lugging all that stuff down to the beach so I can chase him around for 20 minutes before he's ready to leave makes me not want to do it. Hopefully you can find someone to go with so you can all enjoy it!

    @chgilmore My first thought today when I saw the headline about Portland setting a record with 116 degrees was that you must be miserable! Hope you are finding ways to stay cool and eating lots of ice cream!

    @makingbacon Yay for graduation! Sorry your mom is being difficult. I totally respect you being so considerate of your sister's feelings but that has to be so disappointing to not have your excitement acknowledge either. Here's hoping she has a better reaction than your anticipating!

    @lexilougolden I'm keeping my fingers crossed. My SIL who is visiting is the first person who figured it out the first time around so I feel like I have to be on my toes even more. Luckily eating addresses most of my nausea ATM so fingers crossed! Hope all your symptoms stay in check so you can enjoy time out on the lake! (assuming it's a lake)
    tessiesmom26lexilougoldenKatzalia[Deleted User]
  • @gardenvariety88 we did eat lots of ice cream! and we went out to a movie last night in the very cool AC :)
    @lexilougolden I am very scared for wildfire season in the next month if the weather keeps acting up like this
    lexilougoldengardenvariety88tessiesmom26[Deleted User]
  • @livingoffpbjs

    My A12 bmb still has 60+ very active members. One of those girls was in my wedding, and we have had meetups all over the place. Minneapolis, Chicago, Austin, Nashville, and on the East Coast there in an annual get together. 

    My J20 bmb has about 25-30 active members and I've met one of the moms, but we just started planning a large meet up for the summer of 2022. 

    I also feel like this is a pretty small group and I'm hopeful for more soon. 
    smithaus[Deleted User]
  • My J19 Group definitely started slow but is still going strong on Facebook now. But the ladies who have had another since then have all said their next bump groups were much smaller. Maybe more competition of Birth Month group options so less people are coming to the Bump? Idk but am selfishly glad it's a little slow because I don't think I could keep up with a ton of posts right now!

    Is anybody doing a Sneak Peek Test to find out gender? I honestly don't care that much and don't think I would raise a girl any differently than I raise a boy (and he wears "girl" clothes like 50% of the time) but I feel like I need something to make this pregnancy feel more real! I barely even remember I'm pregnant right now until I start puking.
  • @modoodles I lvoe that one of the girls was in your wedding! Thats so cool! Our group was starting to plan a big trip for us all to meet up but then, covid    :'(

    @kaf1788 Sneak peek test? What is that? Im planning on getting an elective ultrasound at 15 weeks to find out :D 

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  • @livingoffpbjs It's an at-home blood test you can take and then mail in for analysis that can detect the baby's Y chromosome if it's a boy. (so if you have Y in the bloodstream it's a boy, no Y it's a girl). I did it with my son and it was accurate! Works as early as 8 weeks
  • @kaf1788 I'm not doing that at home but I'm working with my insurance and midwife team to get preapproval for the MaterniT21 blood test that does identify gender (and the three main trisomies) as early as 9 weeks :)
  • @chgilmore oh I plan on doing the NIPT too (but I think my doctor usually does it at 12 weeks... I don't have my first appointment until 10) I just have no chill and want to do it NOW  :D
  • kmw611kmw611 member
    @kaf1788 were not doing any early result tests because my entire family likes to guess which is fun so we’ll wait it out. DS1 has decided baby is going to be another boy and also that he’s going to be named Daniel. No idea where that came from but he will not let it go lol. 

    My M19 group is intermittent on Facebook but has several steady messenger chats for more constant interest based communication. I’ve met up with one other mom from that group who has sadly moved away since COVID but there are a few who’ve moved into the PNW since COVID so hopefully as things open up we can do more.

    My first appointment yesterday was great. I’m really loving my midwife. We did adjust my due date, on paper at least, to 2/6 based on my period still being irregular since my miscarriage and that I think I ovulated late this cycle. 
  • Somehow I managed to avoid this board all week. 🥲

    @modoodles hope your kiddos birthday goes well! I love hosting parties. But they are hectic. 

    @tessiesmom26 gl with the beach! That sounds fun! 

    @gardenvariety88 ooh gl with mil and sil! I don’t know if I’d be able to keep it secret if they were staying over.

    @chgilmore I don’t know how anyone does it either. I only work part time on the weekends a I barely made it last week. I don’t know how I did it with my first. And sorry the weather is so bad. It stays hot like that where I live but we’re prepared. I can’t imagine it being so hot without ac in all of your buildings! 

    @fuscok88 sorry you didn’t get to see your dad. That plaque is super cute though! I bet he loves it! 

    @makingbacon I’m sorry the situation with your sister is difficult. If it were me, as someone who has been through it. I would just want a text so I can deal with my emotions on my own, in my own time. After my last loss a friend sent me a message about being KU. And I was devastated. I wasn’t able to talk to her for weeks. I can’t imagine if she has told me in person. I’m sure your sister will be happy for you. But it’s hard to be happy for someone else and still be sad for yourself.

    @livingoffpbjs I do feel like it’s a little small here too! But after being on ttgp I kind of like it! I haven’t been on a bump bmb before but on my sons birth group there were a ton of ladies. So much that I felt like it was hard to keep up and actually engage. And with these symptoms being so strong, im not sure with how many more I could keep up with! But I know that’s just me being selfish. Hopefully everyone will stay active. 

    chgilmore[Deleted User]
  • @photographerwife I feel you on liking the smaller group, especially coming from TTGP xD it is also hard to engage with some of these symptoms and not a whole lot going on baby-wise
    photographerwife[Deleted User]
  • I was active with my A19 bmb but when it switched to Facebook I couldn't keep up. I no longer have the app on my phone and couldn't tell you the last time I logged on. Personal choice for my mental health, so much noise and negativity. Not in the group just in general. I do still follow a few on Instagram and love watching the kiddos grow up along my 2nd.

    [Deleted User]
  • @photographerwife I plan on texting her again this time, so thank you for your advice. I agree that I think texting for DS2 was a way better option than calling like I did for DS1. I thought I was doing it the "right way" by calling the first time because I mistakenly thought it fell in the "news you should always call about" category. She sounded hurt, I felt awful, and then she ghosted me the remainder of my pregnancy. In my gut, I understand why she ghosted me, but it still really damaged our relationship. I was high risk with DS1, and I was terrified I was going to lose him, too.  My mom took my sister's side, and maybe I'm being selfish and this is where RPL and IF don't overlap, but I needed my sister. She didn't even realize I was high risk until our aunt mentioned it in passing after DS1 was born.  So we went from talking every day to no communication for 6-ish months.

    [Deleted User]chgilmore
  • KatzaliaKatzalia member
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    I honestly can’t remember when my previous bmbs picked up? I was active in May14 and there was drama with someone trying to get money from the group, and then the bump imploded at that time and a core group of us went to some other (non-fb) platform that was super annoying and that was right around the time I went back to work and had no time. And my D18 group is still pretty active on fb, such a great drama-free group of ladies. It’s slowed down a little bit as more are having another baby, but still really solid. 

    I am just grateful that everyone here seems nice & supportive of each other even if we’re all tired and nauseated and juggling all the life stuff. 
    [Deleted User]lexilougoldenangelz429chgilmore
  • Also I hate the bump app but only ever log in from my phone. Expect random typos from me but I promise I’m not just lazy, thumb typing and this dysfunctional app isn’t a great combo. 
  • @Katzalia random but I have a D18 baby too! Due Date was in January though so I only ever engaged in the J19 group!
  • I only work half days on Fridays but they told us to log off two hours early for the long weekend. I was feeling so woozy this morning I didn't actually log on until 9:30. I guess I'll consider my half an hour of dawdling on the internet on my work computer sufficient for the day!

    Meanwhile, I had big plans of cooking up a few different kinds of muffins with hidden veggies to force some nutrition into my toddler. He's an EXTREME picky eater and we are waiting for a Feeding Therapist to have availability but in the meantime he is impossible to feed. Would rather go a full day without eating than eat something he deems unappealing (which changes on the daily. There's basically nothing we can serve him that we can be confident he'll actually eat). The idea of cooking is making me feel soooooo gross though. I can't wait for first tri to be over.
  • +1 for not doing fb @angelob88 I do hope we can try to maintain an active PG here down the road, because I lost my first BMB to another random platform, and my second BMB to FB.  There are like, three of us left! 😂 I can't say I understand why everyone always seems to start a nice thriving community HERE, only to leave. 🤷 But now that the group is filling out, as nice as it is to see, it makes me guarded about getting too engaged honestly, because if history is any indication, I won't even get to find out when most of your babies are born. :/ Which is a real shame.
  • Tonight is opening night, and I'm off work today.  I need some rest!  Tech week has been nonstop, and we have four show opening weekend.  It's a lot!  But so much fun.  DH has been a little salty about it, coming home super late from all the rehearsals, but mostly he's been a good sport and a huge help.  I think he'll be taking the girls to visit grandma Saturday, since it's two shows and there's probably not much point going home in between.  Wish me luck!
  • modoodlesmodoodles member
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    @BusinessWife good luck with opening weekend! 

    For me, I enjoy getting to know people here early in pregnancy, but then appreciate the transition to a private FB group. I start here because it is a smaller group than a huge random fb group, and I can discuss things here that I'm not ready to share publicly. It also gives me a chance to engage in a more structured way than a fb group would. Then later when I'm ready to share more details of my life FB is much more user friendly and private than the bump is. 

    Edited to add: I like the anonymity on TB, but once I feel comfortable I like the simplicity and privacy controls of FB. 
  • A random - when are you all telling your families/friends/circles about your pregnancy?  This is my first and I will wait until the second trimester to tell our larger network, but I don't think I can wait that long to tell our closest family and friends.  

    I know there is no right or wrong here, just curious (and antsy!)...
  • @smithaus I started telling my family and friends after an ultrasound confirming heartbeat. I told my best friend the day I found out because she’s staying with us right now and there is no way I couldn’t tell her. But our moms and immediate family know and our close friends. But they are people that we would include in anything, our infertility journey, loss. Etc. and people we want to celebrate with regardless. I’ll be more comfortable sharing with the public after my first trimester, most likely. 
  • @photographerwife That's how I have been thinking about it - the people I would trust with the news no matter what happens can find out sooner than later.  Thanks so much for sharing!
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    @smithaus we won't tell anyone outside our house until after I start showing/am unable to hide it any longer. This is our 3rd and we told pretty much everyone who asked us about another that we were done, happy with our 2 girls. I don't want to deal with the "I thought you were done" pokes. We've made it clear to one another that DH will have a vasectomy done after this one so we're going to secretly enjoy this last pregnancy between us for as long as we can.

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