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GTKY- How did you all meet?

How did you meet your significant other? What were your first couple dates like?


Re: GTKY- How did you all meet?

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  • @alexxajams I love that! how authentic :)
    @makingbacon ha! I love a good long distance story! the pizza was either all pepperoni or half cheese/half hawaiian :)
    @angelz429 oh man it doesn't feel like 2003 was when Signs came out! that's a cute story :)
    @fuscok88 AW!!! that is adorable! what a sweet sweet meeting, both between you two and between him and your son :)
  • @lexilougolden your pics are GORGEOUS! I love that story, swiping is fun lol. we had a "near miss " too - MH almost swiped left on me because I was making a weird face in my first picture! also...heck yes to that pizza hack
    @modoodles that is commitment to a date! love that it worked xD
    @JWatt5 high risk high reward <3
  • @livingoffpbjs I love the wild and free feeling in your story!
    @photographerwife when you know you know! age ain't nothin but a number, we were 20 and 25 when we got married after being engaged for like, 7 weeks. I love that you met over shared musical interests and bands, this is the kind of thing I used to write fanfiction about in like, 2007/2008 xD
  • It's fun to read how everyone met and see how similar most are.

    A mutual friend had a party before our large group of friends headed out to a Oktoberfest party. DH had entirely too much to drink and followed me around the entire night trying to make a good impression, which did not work! We ended up hanging out at our friends house sober and realized how much we actually had in common. I played hard to get for about a week while my other girlfriends tried to date DH. When I realized I actually liked him, we made it official. We've been married 12 years and are expecting our first baby now!
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