Baby crunching forward and kicking legs all night

Someone please help… my baby will be 3 months in 5 days and has been kicking legs and crunching stomach all night long. For his naps I have to hold him through the crunching until he gets into deep sleep and then put him down. He wakes up about 25 minutes later crunching body and kicking legs. He doesn’t cry when he wakes up doing this. It seems so be like he is passing gas? He does this non stop from 12-8am all night long. I feel horrible watching him. I do believe he has silent Rex and we started medicine for it a few days ago. Is this related? Normal? Something he will grow out of? HELPPP

Re: Baby crunching forward and kicking legs all night

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    When my daughter had silent reflux there was definitely crying involved. I would hear her gagging even though there was no excessive spit up and it would hurt her stomach and she’d cry. I would call your doctor or nurse line. Are they swaddled? Could they be trying to roll in their sleep?
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