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June - What my Pregnant Self is Eating


Re: June - What my Pregnant Self is Eating

  • @chgilmore DH picked up these healthy choice 100 calorie frozen chocolate bars.  They are organic with cane sugar, which I feel better about doing than the fake sweeteners.  I wasn't craving them necessarily, but they are totally satisfying my chocolate fix when I need it ;)
  • kmw611kmw611 member
    @chgilmore eat that donut! I’m not a super healthy eater but more an everything is fine in moderation. We have no “off limits” foods in my house. So if donuts is what baby wants right now then do it. Maybe like a blueberry one because that makes it healthy, right?😂

    @BusinessWife those sounds delicious. 
    chgilmore[Deleted User]makingbacon
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  • @fuscok88 you're an enabler and I love it >:) maybe I'll go see what I can find when I walk the dog in a bit
    [Deleted User]makingbacon
  • kmw611kmw611 member
    @chgilmore I’ve got your back. I also have a really good apple cider donut recipe if you need it😉 homemade=healthier right? 
    [Deleted User]photographerwifechgilmore
  • @fuscok88 we are on a wavelength because I LOVE the apple cider donuts from upstate NY (where I went to undergrad) and WA state's kinda pale in comparison, so if you have a recipe that's good, PLEASE send so I can attempt them come autumn :)
    [Deleted User]
  • kmw611kmw611 member
    @chgilmore I grew up near Mystic, Connecticut and there was a cider mill that had amazing apple cider donuts in the fall 🤤🤤🤤. I might have to make some today. 


    In between typing that first part and finding the recipe in my recipe app I realized I don’t have any buttermilk or milk to make buttermilk or a lemon so no donuts today I guess 😢 
    chgilmore[Deleted User]
  • @fuscok88 omg thank you for this, I will save for later. you can make buttermilk by adding a bit of vinegar to regular milk!! (I think it's a tablespoon per cup but google it to make sure) the donuts can still happen I hope!
    [Deleted User]
  • kmw611kmw611 member
    @chgilmore I usually do make my own buttermilk that way because I never have buttermilk on hand but I don’t have any regular milk either 😭. The boys drink soymilk because DS1 had dairy issues when he was younger. He’s outgrown it but he still prefers soy. 
    [Deleted User]
  • @fuscok88 I have made dairy free buttermilk with oat milk and vinegar. I would think you could substitute the soy milk for oat milk. It’s a 1:1 replacement rate for regular milk in the recipe. I just let it set for 10 minutes before I use it. 
    chgilmore[Deleted User]kmw611
  • kmw611kmw611 member
    @makingbacon I wish I had seen this earlier. Trying it tomorrow. 
  • Who are all you ladies who apparently have DONUT PANS in your kitchen, and why am I not one of you yet?
  • Cereal is the only breakfast I can seem to stand right now. Not even dry toast makes the nausea better. And I struggle everyday trying to figure out what to eat 
    chgilmore[Deleted User]
  • kmw611kmw611 member
    @BusinessWife my SIL sells pampered chef so I have an obscene amount of kitchen gadgets/pans/tools etc😂 but I use all of them so I guess it’s justifiable. 
    [Deleted User]
  • @alexxajams I absolutely am right there with you, with the exception of doughnuts xD
    @BusinessWife I don't have any but I'm thinking about getting a pan! 
    [Deleted User]alexxajams
  • @livingoffpbjs kudos to you actually eating the salad though! I can't make myself eat anything that doesn't look good right now so it's a lot of, well, pbjs xD
    [Deleted User]angelz429
  • I just destroyed a large amount of nacho cheese Doritos. I have zero regrets at this moment. 
    chgilmorelexilougolden[Deleted User]kmw611
  • I have eaten everything today. A biscuit roll up that was intended to be for my son, cheetos, Pringles, leftover taco meat and cheese, 2 grape uncrustables, some deli turkey (yeah, I know) and some babybel cheese as well. I cannot seem to get full today! 😳
    alexxajamschgilmore[Deleted User]kmw611
  • @chgilmore it’s the only thing healthy, for dinner I had grilled cheese and beefaroni! I hadn’t had beefaroni since I was a kid! I instantly regretted it but with everything after a few bites I regret it.
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    chgilmore[Deleted User]
  • Sweet things like fruit sound good. I’m trying to hold true to a gluten/dairy free diet since I just had Endo surgery to remove it all, and those 2 things are inflammatory. I did have a blizzard last night which was SO good, but it’s not something I’ll treat myself to often. I also had GD with my last kiddo, so I’m curious if I’ll have it again. No aversions yet, so thats good! 

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    chgilmore[Deleted User]kmw611tessiesmom26
  • @alexxajams oh man cream cheese 🤤 
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    [Deleted User]
  • I’m trying to be so good doing dairy and gluten free but I’m having pizza tonight! Lol I don’t know if it’s a true craving or not but it’s been on my mind all day.

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    kmw611[Deleted User]
  • @alylove11 I was dairy-free for 10 months while nursing DS2. He was dairy sensitive, but thankfully grew out of it. It was amazing what has milk in it...even McDonald’s french  fries have milk in them! I’ve never gone gluten free, but I imagine both at the same time would be really hard. 
    [Deleted User]
  • Hummus with pretzels and red peppers. I ate half a container today. Or avocado toast, so yummy. I feel like I snack all day. DH bought me a ton of veggies/fruits at the grocery store this week and it's been awesome.

    [Deleted User]
  • I really don't have much of an appetite (which is unlike me), but I am making myself eat frequent small meals and hydrate a ton. I also feel like I get full SO much more quickly than usual...anyone else?
    [Deleted User]lexilougolden
  • @smithaus Even though I feel like I'm constantly starving, I get full so quickly. I had a small baked potato for lunch the other day, and couldn't even eat half of it before feeling nauseously full. I need to plan my meals better and have little meals throughout the day instead of trying to eat a normal breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
    lexilougoldensmithaus[Deleted User]chgilmore
  • I am hungry all the time and nauseated the rest of the time. 

    No real cravings yet, but things intermittently sound really good. Like last night there was an add for a strawberry salad (gross, I hate fruit in my salad), but the strawberries sounded delish. 

    My hubs looked at me like I had 3 heads last night. We had leftovers for dinner and the kids had individual Mac and cheese. Well my son had the flaming hot Cheetos Mac and cheese (mom of the year) and he said it was too spicy for him. I had left over skyline chili 3 way, so I tried it… the Mac and cheese had no flavor other than hot, so I put it on my 3 way for the extra spice 🤷🏻‍♀️ Again, not a weird craving, just something I tried because I like hot sauce on my 3 way anyway lol
    photographerwifesmithaus[Deleted User]chgilmore
  • @angelz429 at least they were fed! I’ve been feeling the same way! And I agree. The flamin Mac is pretty spicy, and I love spicy food! I bet it was good with the chilli though! 
    angelz429smithaus[Deleted User]chgilmore
  • @angelz429 yum skyline chili! I could eat mac and cheese every day. My digestive track is not in agreement though. :D
    [Deleted User]angelz429
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